Cave Dwellings: Turning “Blahs” into Blogs…Not Easy
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Turning “Blahs” into Blogs…Not Easy

  The usual random thunderstorms blew through again.  Dennis decided to see if he could outrun the rain on the John Deere…Dennis won.  We have a competition mowing event with our neighbors..when one neighbor “breaks the seal” and mows the others try to keep up…


On the right is our East side neighbor’s yard.. they have a trillion roses!

It was a very hot and steamy Saturday.  About 5PM we showered and tried to get gussied up for date night.  I say “tried” because pulling on clean clothes over a clammy body was almost laughable.  Within minutes of stepping out of the shower, we were still dripping.. We finally decided to pull a fan over and we dressed in front of the fan.  It was a tad difficult for both of us to be “in the airflow”… therefore, it worked fine until you got away from the fan and became a limp, sweaty lump of flesh yet again.  As I have said before, we have no A/C.  Yes, I know …we are always about 3 steps off of the norm ,and way behind the times in lots of things..This seems to be our nature.  I really don’t mind being without air conditioning until I try to “fox up” after a shower.  My make-up job quickly begins to melt, and I resemble the Joker from Batman within minutes….



Sometime in July, our little town is going to have some excitement ..well, it will seem exciting to US!  The Catholic Church in the photo below is being moved…. lock, stock and pews, to a location on the North side of Sandwich, about 3/4 of a mile away.


  Dennis is very “torqued” for this occasion.  He used to help Lyle Hyatt & Co.  , the house mover in town, who has the job of hauling this heavenly building up the road.  Rest assured that Den and I will be “front and center” to watch.

I think Den secretly misses helping these guys.  He got involved in “house moving” about 10 years ago.  Everett Hyatt, who lives in Sandwich and is a family friend, asked Den if he wanted to help out every once in a while. I was not really fond of the idea of a 58 year old guy crawling around on his hands and knees under a moving house, but, not being one to rain on “McGuyver’s” parade, I smiled and said,”Have at it, Hon”.  Secretly, I tried not to visualize where he was and what he was doing when he helped, but I KNEW it had to be somewhat perilous. Now a days, Everett has his son basically doing the grunt stuff along with other able bodied men.  If you click on the link I put in for their house moving company, you will find an article about Hyatts moving a 2,000 sq. ft.,  3 story historic home in Aurora, IL.  I took this article from the newspaper..very interesting. Alas, it seems that moving an actual house is really a “younger” man’s job.  I will post photos when we have house “lift off”..(no, really?) 

  Well,  I just proofread this blog and it seems that reading this blog is about as interesting as cleaning a toilet.  Ya gotta hold your nose and just do it, if you get my drift.  Nevertheless, I will not give up trying to make blogs out of blahs….I’ll see what I can come up with Tuesday…


  1. Moving that church should, indeed, prove interesting. That is a LOT of grass to mow!

  2. Girlfriend...when you start blogging about your bowel movements, THEN you can start worrying about the contents of your blog. Until then, I LOVE your sense of humor, and your blog is on the top of my list!!


  3. Interesting.... we were able to watch the whole process last year when one of the cottages had to be moved back from the lakebank 10 feet. It was a looooong tedious process for sure. They used hydraulic jacks, winches etc and slowly pulled it on big beams. Believe me, we soon lost interest. But.... now the County ( which by the way drilled a muncial drain thru our clay hill and destabilized it ) has decided it needs to move all 15 cottages back 30 FEET. Looks like we will be getting a BIG lesson in cottage moving. One is a 100 yr. old two story building..BIG taxpayers money being spent, (Most of it insurance paid probably.) The pipe they put in was too small, water on the outside mixed with clay..... not good..We lost land, trees, our steps to the beach..... still not sure if it has stabilized yet. Have to decommision drain and build walls to shore up hill. One cottage was within inches of going over. Talk about LAKEFRONT COTTAGE !
    We could sure use McGuyver here !

  4. Looks like Denny and I have about the same amount of grass to cut,that looks to be 2 acres worth. We go through the same things here when it's blog time,not nuch doing in bustling Dardenne Prairie, Just like the other days closet cleaning, but someday we will be free and on the road. Just hope the house sells. Oh yeah Rigg's said thinks for the kiss, and was it ever sloppy, I swear he has the biggest toungue Iv'e ever seen. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.