Cave Dwellings: Rain , Rain, Go Away!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rain , Rain, Go Away!!

   I am getting a little tired of this rain here (this here rain??..) whatever…Our ground is like squish, and my garden is impossible to get into without hip boots.  I did get some nice radishes this morning, the had to hose off my legs, feet, hands and shoes before I could go back in the house.  I looked like I had been mud wrestling sans the bikini, than God.… Our little Wren got so wet, he sat on our deck railing with his wings all fluffed out, trying to dry them out.


I told you we had a problem with our fireplace/heater in the Hiker.  It had blown out our surround sound for our TV…I didn’t?? Well, I now I did.  At any rate, once our electronics geek friend, David, fixed the receiver, (Thanks David), we had 2 choices.  We could either hang the receiver some place other than where it had been, just over top the fireplace, thus risking another “heat” blowout …or…we could figure a way to cool and vent the fireplace opening…(I say “we”, which is a joke,of course.  WE didn’t do jack squat)…McGuyver found a little blower fan online, ordered it, and installed it himself.  The installation was a bit “edgy”, to say the least. After much sawing, drilling, wiring, hammering..and lots of sawdust…we , I mean Dennis, had installed our cute little fan..The proof is in the test run, and we have yet to do that.  Me, I’m not worried,  I’m betting on McGuyver.

 100_7061   100_7058

  Tomorrow we are leaving in the morning for Indianapolis.  We are staying with Aiden until next Monday so his parents can go to a wedding in Cabo.  Remember the days when WE used to go on trips and leave Grama and Papa at home with the kids??  When did that cease??? Where was I when that pattern reversed??  I am really excited to see him, truly….He is the only grandchild that lives a distance from us…

Aidens shoes

He is much bigger than when this photo was taken.  I am going to attempt to blog from Indy on our laptop…I will take the Kodak docking station to hopefully add pictures..The way my luck has been going ,my blog will turn out to be text only, if that even happens!! I have been having major problems with my pictures lately.  Seems like the ones I want for my blog that I load onto Kodak Easy Share end up as jpg files, not actual photos…Now that really aggravates me!!

Here is Aiden’s father, John Wolff…..Ya just gotta love John Wolff…. He never fails go make me proud.  Seriously, he is just about one of the funniest and nicest guys…We are pretty lucky that both of our son-in-laws AND our daughter-in-law all have a great sense of humor..It’s a MUST HAVE in our family.


…Took these one day when the thunderheads looked like an explosion to the North of our house…I love clouds…I love weather….I love to photograph them both…

OK…So I will now finish packing our bags for our trip to Indy..Den is mowing the grass like a madman..trying to beat the next shower…I shall try to blog from Indy on Wednesday….(KEY WORD…TRY!)


  1. There goes that McGuyver again! He's handier than a pocket in a shirt. You guys have a safe trip tomorrow!


  2. Hey that is a great idea for a computer fan, I put one inside my fridge to circulate the air, Hey Dennis have you ever put one in the back of the fridge outside, if you have let me know how you did it and where you put it. Thanks. Have fun in Indy, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.