Cave Dwellings: Broad Ripple Village, Indianapolis, IN
Cave Dwellings

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Broad Ripple Village, Indianapolis, IN

   Thursday morning I took Aiden to his “Music Class” at a place called  The Riviera Club.  This is a private club you can join that has 4 outdoor pools, 2 indoor pools, a fitness club and social activities..It is a pretty awesome place, and Aiden attends a class to introduce toddlers to music, musical instruments, singing and dance.  Usually his Mommy takes him every Thursday morning, but since I am the “stand in” mommy, I got the pleasure…Papa dropped us off and picked us  up 45 minutes later.  Aiden had fun…Mimi was exhausted.  We hopped, ran, stomped, clapped, sang and stood like a frog..(you don’t want to see Mimi in that compromising position, trust me.  I wasn’t even sure HOW a frog stood anyway! Now I know…no wonder his knees are permanently bent!)  


The young lady who is the Music Class teacher is a real sweetheart.  That’s her on the right…If Papa had known how cute the teacher was he would have wanted to be the one to take Aiden to Music Class.

  I took my walk yesterday through Broad Ripple and went on the walking/bike path called The The Monon Trail .  As I said before, there are lots of open air restaurants around …

100_7089 100_7097

100_7091 100_7088

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  Below is a photo of Chris and John’s house on Rosslyn Ave., just off Broad Ripple Blvd, the “main drag” of Broad Ripple.

100_7104 100_7102

  On the right is a view, looking down the Monon Trail…..

Well, we are at the end of our 3rd day of “Mimi and Papa Do Indy”….Tonight we were suppose to meet John’s mom, Jan, and his sister, brother-in-law and kids at a Mexican restaurant on the Monon Trail for an early dinner.  That isn’t going to happen.  As it turns out, Aiden has caught a bad cough and slight fever, so Mimi and Papa made the obvious decision to stay here.  He isn’t “gravely” ill, but we aren’t so stupid as to take a cranky butt, slightly winey and sick kid out to dinner…not to mention that Friday night in Broad Ripple Village is bumper to bumper people out for dinner and a drink.

  By Sunday, Den and I should be frazzled, harried, exhausted, over-wrought, mentally and physically drained, and….TOTALLY WIPED!!! Below is a photo of Den, hard at work relaxing of their front porch..Aiden MUST have been napping.


See ya’all Sunday…..zzzzzzzzz


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. A little exercise, some pictures and time with the grandkids! Happy Father's Day!

  2. I'm trying to picture you squatting like a frog singing a pretty tune :) Nope. It's not looking good!