Cave Dwellings: Ominous Skies On the Way Home ……
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Ominous Skies On the Way Home ……

  Just a very short blog about our weather on the way home from Indianapolis this morning…We left Indy about 8AM.  Just about 20 miles South of Remington the Western skies got very stormy, which makes for some pretty neat photo ops! Now all I need is Al’s expertise…and his damn camera!!

100_7127 100_7129




….When did we sign on for “Storm Chasers?”..Glad the Hiker wasn’t hook on!


…Thought we got far enough North to escape the bad weather….but this is what we saw dead ahead… You know that saying,”just bend over and kiss your ____ goodbye”?…I was assuming the position in the front seat of our truck..not pretty.

100_7134 100_7136


   We were feeling a little like Don Quixote….in a storm…. Wasn’t he loony tunes?? My pucker factor was 8.9 on the Richter…and I was now SURE we were loony to head into this puppy…

100_7141 100_7140

100_7142  100_7144

OK, now we are NOT having fun…people were stopped under overpasses and driving with flashers on (I meant TRYING to drive)…We edged up I-65 in driving rain and wind for at least 45 minutes…I had to peel my fingers from the “sissy bar” over my door when we finally stopped at a rest area..


…. We finally jumped off Rt80/94 and back on the rural Illinois roads and the skies still looked like choppy waves over the knee high cornfields…

WHEW!! We made it home about 11:45…Den thinks he’s gonna mow grass….Should I tell him about the radar coming across the Mississippi River???


Kudos and hats off to all of you storm chasers out there….I would need a change of clothing for every funnel cloud…


  1. Looks like a wild ride home.Its been like that here for weeks.Glad you guys made it home safe and not end up blown to Ohio.

  2. WOW, neat-o stormy skies. Some people have all the luck!!

  3. Hopefully you guys will be getting the sunny 90 degree weather that we are supposed to have for the next four days, Illinois is right next door to Missouri, were next door neighbors. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....