Cave Dwellings: Mimi In Grouchland…Please..NO MORE ELMO!!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mimi In Grouchland…Please..NO MORE ELMO!!!

  Friday night here in Indy we had a storm…ALL night long!  When Den went outside Saturday morning, the toneau cover over our truck bed looked like LAKE TONEAU!!  (Is that how  you spell that?? I used to think it was “Tonto” cover, as in The Lone Ranger!)   The weight of the water even bent the metal bows downward.  Den started the truck,  backed it up , then stopped really quick…There was a small sunami of water that slopped up and out between the bed and cab.  And by the looks of the weather channel, our yard back home in Illinois will be tall enough to be classified as a tropical rain forest.

Our days with Aiden are numbered now…We have had a great time inside and out (and being TURNED inside out) with him. 

100_7110 100_7111

He is quite a character…I already notice a few “McGuyver-isms” beginning to surface…He loves to pound his plastic nails into his plastic table with his plastic hammer..(Thank God it all IS plastic)…


We discovered that Chris and John’s dog, Sara, enjoys a “backyard” salad for breakfast.  I haven’t decided if I should tell Chris how fond Sara has grown of her new plants that she just put in their backyard…..and Sara enjoys the salad without dressing, so it seems.


  She also finds them very comfortable to lie in while snacking on them……

Chris called Saturday morning and said the wedding in Cabo was beautiful…how could it NOT be???  The wedding was on the beach, of course.  Actually, Chris and John were married on the beach at Long Boat Key, Florida in August of 2005.  They spent their honeymoon at Key West, accompanied by Hurricane Katrina…

  In the last 5 days we have watched an Elmo Festival of DVD’s.  I have watched Elmo in Petland, Playland, Pottyland, Happyland and Grouchland…(and I now understand why Oscar the Grouch is soooo grouchy!  I have only lived on Sesame Street for 5 days, and I am becoming a touch grouch too!)


We have also become experts at Legos,  Mr. Potato Head,  and remembering to keep the ice maker/water dispenser on their refrigerator door LOCKED!.  Proficiency in pacifier reconnaissance,  Diaper Genie emptying, and “under the couch” ball retrieving have become second nature to Mimi and Papa.  But if I never hear the song “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” again, it will be toooooo soon.  Personally, I don’t find spiders cute in the slightest,  even if they ARE itsy bitsy!


  So now it is Sunday, and our replacements will stroll through the backdoor about 2AM tomorrow morning.  At that time we can hand off the Desitin, baby monitor, baby wipes, and liquid Tylenol to THEM.  Tomorrow morning we will wave bye bye, blow kisses and, yes, shed LOTS of tears….Then we will jump in the GMC, point the GPS North and listen to peaceful, uninterrupted radio, without the throngs of “Sunny Day,  Keepin' the Clouds Away…On Our Way To Where The Air Is Sweet…  Can You Tell Me How To Get…How To Get To Sesame Street?”…OH YES, I DEFINITELY CAN!!!!


  1. Ah yes, Sesame Street, but wait then you have Thomas the tank engine, and then Transformers more than meets the eye, the autobots, and energons, and who knows what else, it's just starting for you,But how could yo live without grandkids, love every minute you get. Be safe out there Sam & Donna.

  2. We feel your pain you would think at 8 it will change..Not... just more and longer.

    But on the way home you will think how nice it was to be there.