Cave Dwellings: Dutch Oven Cookin’ courtesy of Chef Dennis..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dutch Oven Cookin’ courtesy of Chef Dennis..

   Lately I have been thinking lots about how much fun we have when we are in the Hiker and “easin’ on down the road”.  Maybe it’s because I am bored with the same surroundings…maybe it’s because I’m tired of cleaning 2 stories…or maybe it’s just because I miss that lifestyle soooo much.  Don’t misunderstand…I love my home and family.  But once I was exposed to the Nomadic life of RVing, it was like being bitten by a travel bug…and that bite is itchin’ really bad right now.

  Because I am in a bit of a snit, I have been looking at some of the photos we have in our archives.  I came across our fun time at Canyon Lake, TX, when we ran into some old friends, 2 couples we had met the year before, one from Minnesota and one from Wisconsin..”Ya Hey Der!”  Dennis did some pretty fine Dutch Oven cooking for our breakfast.  We had a sausage, onion, cheese, egg casserole!  This was December of 2007, before I had been bitten by another lethal bug…the blogger bug. The weather was cool and misty, but that didn’t stop all of us from starting with Bloody Marys at 10AM…

  I have no idea who these 3 women are..well….maybe I do….

We were hard core RV’ers, and no amount of cold and rain could deter us from our plans.  Dennis built his fire in the firepit and by the time we had downed our drinks, it didn’t seem so cool and damp.  Maybe one more, and then the coffee pot could go on.  Dennis had his Dutch Oven breakfast casserole under control…and it was smelling delicious!!


  I really love this campground.  It is called Potter’s Creek, and is an Army Corp park right on Canyon Lake (which is the Guadalupe River, dammed up), North of San Antonio.  It is only about a 40 mile drive to see the Alamo, the River Walk, and the Missions.  They have a couple camping areas up in the trees, and several along the lake.  Potter’s Creek has become a regular stopping off point for lots of Midwesterners on their way to “the Valley”.  If you are a Winter Texan, you likely have been to the Valley (South Texas)….It is too crowded for Cave Dwellers, so the closest we get to the Valley is Falcon Lake State Park, North of Roma.



I will now pick my “happy face” up off the floor and put it back on. The smile may be a little crooked, but give me a few more minutes of camp memories and I will look like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland…Hey Al!!!!You could be The Mad Hatter!!!

  OK, I think I am done venting now, and I do feel better! In the future I might post some more photos we have taken before we began to “blog “our travels…. Thanks for listening…Now I can also cancel my appointment with the shrink!!


  1. Hey Donna....I would love being the Mad Hatter. And the madder the Hatter the bigger the splatter. No matter, lets just get at er!!

    Know what you mean by the 'travel bug.' Although we have a really nice place here at home it just drives me nuts sitting around month after month in one spot. Absolutely hate it but I am only one of two decision makers here & there isn't much I can do about it:((

  2. We're taking care of our travel bugs by planning a week here and a couple days there along with going to the lake in between, that should kepp us and the trailer busy till we are on the road. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.