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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blogging…..By the Seat of My Pants….

I am ferclempt (not sure what that means, but I am that) …I am forlorn…I am panicking…and I am pissed off!! My camera (my very best buddy after Dennis) has decided to shut down until we provide it with a new battery…THE NERVE!!!! I feel like my friend just shut me down….However, I can do this..I know I can..a blog with ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH  photos…AL , talk me off the ledge!!!

  Ok, ok, I think I have a handle on this problem…Adjust and overcome..Take deep breaths and just let your fingers do the talking..

  Hmmmmm……OK..yesterday we did lots of work in the yard…That was something that was really in need!  I reluctantly did this, considering the fact that I had to go waaay out in the back of our yard to pull some of the weeds, and the trains blowing the crap out of their horns as they were almost bearing down on me out there...(I long for the quiet of a good campsite)..I donned one of my more risquee’ outfits ( for backyard viewing only) for my “tiptoe through the thistles” ..Geez…How the Hell did the Ark people clean up all of the weeds after 40 days and 40 nights of rain???

After about 3 hours of kneeling on my kidney shaped foam knee pad ( you ladies know the ones), I foolishly decided to get out the dreaded electric hedge trimmers.  Our bushes by the back deck were beginning to resemble one HUGE hedge, imagine a unibrow with branches.  Dennis hates when I use those hedge trimmers. He would like to have the paramedics on speed dial when I begin to wield those babies.  He is afraid I will lop off one of my digits,or the extention cord,or the hose,…… or worse yet, one of the Hughesnet cables (just because I knicked on ONCE) …Oh ye of little faith!!

  Tuesday morning I made a list of “to do’s” for McGuyver.  It was a one item list …ORDER ME A NEW CAMERA BATTERY!  I have to admit, I am an Ansel Adams“wantabe”, and I miss my camera.  I also miss hiding behind trees and bushes, sneaking around birdbaths scaring the birds, creeping up behind the garage amongst the asparagus...all the fun , stealthy things I do to get a decent photo. It makes me feel like James Bond in a tube top.  Den found a battery on Ebay and ordered it.  My luck it probably won’t be here in time for our July 4th Parade on Saturday morning.  The parade route goes right around the corner by our house.  A good old fashioned small town parade would be a real boon for a blogger..IF I have a camera!

  Here are a couple pictures from my archives…Admit it…you knew I couldn’t complete my blog without a picture or two…



These were all taken at Falcon Lake State Park, North of Roma TX…a birder’s paradise….

Well, I have given it my all. I am drained and strained from trying to come up with witty things and no pictures so that you can better understand my rantings.  To make things even worse, my Wren pair have moved OUT of their little love nest.  Maybe it was too close to the feeders, maybe we gave them no privacy for “together time”…or….maybe it was the fact that McSquirrel used their birdhouse to jump onto and catapult from it onto our feeder. Yep, I’ll bet that was it…ya think?????

  More Thursday….maybe I can draw stick people and upload them in lieu of photos…


  1. Not sure which camera you have but are they re-chargeable batts that won't re-charge no more. I have day's when I don't have any new pics so I just go back in the files to a year or two ago for the same month & dig out some stuff. Nobody remember's seeing them before anyway. Today will probably be one of those 'file pics' days. We have 4 cams here in case one dies. Now would ya call that overkill or what. And here's the kicker....just this morning I'm online looking at that Panasonic Lumix ZS7 that about half a dozen other bloggers are raving about. Sometimes I just got no sense nowhere!!

  2. Wow now that is about as bad as running out of toilet paper, Hope you have fast delivery service, that's one of the reason's the Canon that Sam is looking at looks so nice to him, it come's with AA rechargeables, that in a pinch regular AA's will work, no special battery pack like in his one scanner that the only place in the world that carries it is Scanner World in New York. His other scanner takes AA's, he learned after the first one. Yeah a train nut need's two radio's at once. plus the camera and video and two tripods.You think you are serious. Have a great day once your battery comes. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. You could always come out to this campground and STEAL a camera. I'll even help you. What else are we going to do with all our free time? All your practice sneaking behind trees and bushes will come in handy.


  4. Is there a full moon? You and Nellie should never be in the same state at the same time..Please for the rest of us.

    Love the new pic at the top..

    Stay thirsty my friend (saw it on tv don't get it)

  5. Hey look...I'm double commenting too. Oooooh, I'm so scared the blogger posse is going to come after me (insert an eyeroll for the full effect).

    Oh, and we do have skype though to tell you the truth, seeing other people in their stained robes and threadbare jammies on camera is such a turn off!


  6. Sneaking up on things to take pictures --- reminds me of our stay at Hidden Valley Ranch Campground out of Deming, NM. I was out wandering one morning. saw a deer standing stock still over there about 100 years. No decent zoom lens, so I stealthily approached, quietly, slowly, taking a picture or two as I got ever nearer. The deer didn't move. I finally came around a corner, oh so near the deer. That's when i realized he was a decoy! A statue! Boy, was I ever decoyed by that one!

  7. Just caught up to your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. Lots of fun!
    My problem with the camera comes in when I go out and find something really neat to shoot and realize I didn't put the memory card in...well actually Mike didn't put the memory card in.
    I really like Al's idea of having a file of pics to use when you just have nothing. :)
    Love the bird pics!! Good color!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)