Cave Dwellings: “Up On The Roof….”
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, July 23, 2010

“Up On The Roof….” I go…jumping headfirst into the new version on Windows Live Writer…I should be able to figure it out, right?…I’m alive, and I’m a writer wanta’ be. Here goes nothing!!

  I decided a good way to get myself out of the ol’ camping withdrawal would be to pay some attention to the Hiker..She has been sitting on her pad, getting absolutely NO attention from me.  McGuyver has been doting on her since we got back…cleaning the fireplace, fixing the wiring for the TV, putting together a new HD satellite receiver…I, on the other hand, have only washed the rugs and piled them up inside the camper door.

  It was a pretty hot day, and I figured I may as well involve the garden hose in this project.  The Hiker was a sad sight, what with all the black streaks from her runny mascara, (crying from neglect)…I filled my bucket with RV washer stuff, added a little bleach, and climbed up on the roof.  This is no easy task for a little ol’ 62 year old who has an aversion to heights.



At this point I must warn you…DO NOT CLICK TO ENLARGE !!!

100_7478 100_7480

Actually, it was the perfect day to “play in the hose”.  The roof of the Hiker was pretty groaty (is that even a word?).  McGuyver put my wash bucket and long handled brush on top for me..He knows what a klutz I am using a ladder and carrying stuff.  After I hauled my sorry behind up to the top of the ladder, I then made a precarious step onto the roof…(I’ll just be  that was quite a view from the street.)  McGuyver proceeded to toss me a scrub brush to use on the edges…just in case I wanted to…Mighty big of him, I’ll say.

I don’t want to give you the impression that Dennis never scrubs the roof…he does.. Today I figured it was a good way for Donna to catch some rays AND get some work done at the same time..After about 2 hours, the roof was done ( and I was melting). But, OH NO, I couldn’t be satisfied with a clean roof and dirty sides…. I decided I hadn’t had enough punishment yet.  I climbed down and proceeded to wash the rest of her. Washing an RV is akin to “diapering a dinosaur”..Before I climbed down ( which was another interesting mess of legs and arms), I had Den hand the camera UP for a few shots from aloft…







Why is it they have to put an icky, nasty yellowed plastic stove vent cover on a nice, fresh white HitchHiker??…Can they not SEE that that thing isn’t WHITE???…IT DOES NOT MATCH!!!This is almost reason enough to trade it in….

Our 3 grandkids were going to stay over with us that same night.  It was Tim and Terrie’s 15th wedding anniversary, and he was taking her for dinner and a tattoo.  Yes, you read it right…(she didn’t fall too far from the Radical Mom tree). She got the “tat” on her ankle,( to look like an ankle bracelet), with all 3 of their kid’s names..Come to think of it, she got some really cool stuff for their anniversary…dinner, a new tattoo,,AND…. an I-phone!!  I thought crystal was the gift for your 15th wedding anniversary..I think mine was styrofoam…just kidding ,Den. 

The rugrats hit the door about 3PM….and I was well armed with frozen ice pops, popcorn, pizza, deviled eggs, french fries and cherry coke…( I never said I was a health food freak!)


You may observe that one of the children has dark hair, and looks nothing like the other 3, who are of German dissent… Remember Sesame Street??…”One of these things is NOT like the other..” That would be our neighbor, Jessica, age 10..She magically shows up when Peyton (age 10) does …(It’s a known fact girls mature faster, right?? ) Notice I left Dennis outside for babysitting duty…yea, right.


Left is Sister Mary “Campbell” Margaret, who escaped from the convent to join us for breakfast…Everyone, including Grampa, got into the waffles, sausage and scrambled eggs…If  any of these kids ever shows up with high cholesterol, I’m going to be the first one they point the finger at I’m sure…

And so it goes…another exciting???? day in the life of Cave Dwellers…..
I actually made it through Live Writer without uttering ONE profanity…Day’s not over yet…


  1. Congrats on your first post with the new version of LW - it looks perfect from here!

    It takes a lot of work to completely wash a 5'er - it looks great though. Time now to take her out and get it dirty again!

    Cholesterol heaven around your place - I'd love it!!

  2. I see the temp. on your side bar is at 89 and I see Dennis sitting with a fire??

    Is he drunk or did he have a heat stroke or did he hit his head??

    And you looked like a good roof washer.

    Have fun...

  3. Dennis will light a campfire if it is 110 degrees and he has to sit in his birthday suit..No, he wasn't drunk....just a good start!

  4. Success on using the new version of live writer! Now you got a really nice clean fiver and time to go out and mess it up.
    I do agree, they put yellowed covers on white rv's and it doesn't seem to go together.
    Take care and be safe.
    Mike & Gerri

  5. I'll bet you got some extra train whistles today while up there on that fiver.....:))

  6. Hehe! Al's right!! :) You are one hot mama! I'll just bet McGuyver handed you the scrubber so he could see your booty swing :)

    That was A LOT of work!! Too bad it hasn't inspired me to do anything to ours. When you guys meet up with us, bring your scrub brush and a bucket...then you can "show me" how it's done while I sit back and learn.


  7. I've just completed reading all of your blog...keep it up!!!

  8. great job on your maiden voyage with 'live writer'..looks good as did you on the roof of the hitchhiker!..have fun with the grandkids!!..and upping there cholesteral level..thats what gramma's are for!