Cave Dwellings: City Council …1 / W. Center St. Witch …0
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

City Council …1 / W. Center St. Witch …0

  Last evening I donned a fairly conservative  outfit, actually put on some eyebrows and lipstick, and headed down to the Sandwich City Council meeting. Don’t they realize that this seriously cuts into my cocktail hour??

  I picked up Den’s 91 year old Aunt Neenie, who lives one house West of us and took her along…more for moral support that anything else…I was a little concerned when she had to “haul ass” up into the high steppin’ GMC, so I got out and gave her a little push to help.  Ah yes, we were a pair, Neenie and I…Just watching our antics getting in and out of the truck was worth the trip.


I ‘m not going to bore you like the city council meeting  bored ME….The train horns were first on agenda, and there were about 12 neighbors who showed up for the “entertainment”…Suffice to say,  nothing really got resolved.   I was singled out to speak first.  I wonder why???…I sat at a microphone and felt like I was being drilled by the US Senate …( same type of crowd…) But I had my notes, yes I did. After I did my speaking and sat back down, I was suddenly struck with a KILLER headache that almost took me down.  We were sitting in the FRONT row!!  Imagine the headlines in the Sandwich Paper…

Wicked Witch of West Center Street Overcome At City Council Meeting…Her Last Words…”I’m Melting…I’m Melting!!….”

I dug some Ibuprofen out of my purse and managed to choke them down without water… Several other of our “disgruntled neighbors” sat at the mics for the bitch session, but I really didn’t pay that much attention..I was in some serious pain! Here’s MY theory about why the headache… My dental appointment wasn’t the “piece of cake” I had surmised…and the magic needle stuff had suddenly worn off…in the middle of the council meeting.!!! (Or perhaps the meeting set it off!) My head felt like it was a pulsating entity all it’s own. As soon as our part of the meeting was over, Neenie and I hightailed it back to West Center St.   My head still hurts today! No wonder the dentist’s nurse called this morning to see how I was…They KNEW this would happen, those evil tricksters!!



So….the saga of the train horns continues.  It was pretty depressing to know that even if they put a “No Train Horn” zone on each end of Sandwich, we still have 4 crossings going through town that they will blow at…And they are required by the National Railroad Administration to blow their louder (now 110 decibel) horns 20 seconds before each crossing…Which is ALL the way through Sandwich….This means we will just have to live with them. BIG WHOOP… Full Time Rv’ing is sounding better all the time! Wicked-The-Musical-wicked-257198_800_600…That would be me..above in the black hat, now known as The Wicked Witch of Center Street…The good witch is trying to warn me not to go to the council meeting, but, alas , I wouldn’t listen.

You may notice there are no recent photos on this blog…and it is a relatively short one, at least for me…I STILL have the damn headache hanging on…That will be the last time I let a 12 year old dentist talk me into his “recliner” for  “just a little work”!!! I’ll blog again Friday..hopefully in a better frame of mind!! 


  1. Sounds like it might be easier to figure out a way to begin to enjoy the sounds of train horns!! Going to a dentist and a city council meeting on the same day would give anyone a world class migraine!!

  2. You might not have gotten the results you wanted due to Railroad laws etc. but you at least let these folks know you are interested in your community and you won't just sit back and let just anything happen. You were heard.
    I agree with work/politicians all in the same day. You are a tiger!!
    I hope your head stops hurting and you feel better quickly.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. "Last evening I donned a fairly conservative outfit," WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!! No wonder you were stressed out with a number 47 Exedrin headache. I certainly wouldn't like a train horn in my Sandwich either. Might want to think about dusting off that, 'House For Sale' sign. Remember, the only way to get out of a Sandwich may be to hustle your Pickled Buns & Ketchup with the Mustard....Oh, Relish the thought. And no, I'm not going to touch the word....Weiner!!

  4. WHAT?? Oh, sorry for screaming when you have a headache...let me try again...what?? A conservative outfit? No wonder nothing changed. You should've worn a micro mini skirt with some fire engine red drawers! That would have gotten them to open their eyes to the problem...among other things ;) Sorry your head is pounding. Could it be from the bunny turban you wore yesterday? :)

  5. Should have been a pic here of Aunt Neenie sitting in the truck! :) I'm impressed that Aunt Neenie wanted to go to the council meeting. Even in her 90's she is interested in her community. Go for it...Aunt Neenie!