Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, July 11, 2010




In the above photo is Terrie and Tim’s adopted shelter dog, Bogie, A.K.A The Bogster, A.K.A The Bogerator..A.K.A HEY YOU!! She showed up Saturday morning with her jammies, food and treats..You know what that means…the Cave people are dogsitting yet another Granddog.  Bogie is a shelter dog that Terrie and Tim adopted last year..Somebody abused her by beating her in the head and ears..thus,…. she is deaf as a rock. She is a sweet dog, but try calling a deaf dog…NOT! I had to stomp on the floor to get her to look

  What I knew, but didn’t mention on my last blog, was that Terrie, Tim and their kids were going to “surprise” the rest of the family by traveling to Hayward too.( I know you need a program by now, but try and stay with me on this one….) The reason they gave that they couldn’t hook up with the other group on Friday was SUPPOSEDLY that they were going to spend the day at Great America.…of course, they lied..The Heisers haven’t been to Hayward since their 3 kids were born, and are not expected in Hayward at all, so their showing up will be a huge surprise.  This is gonna end up being a “Cave”apalooza in the Northwoods.   ( Why is this whole thing so damn hard for me to explain?? Even I am confused!)  Dennis and I are, for all intents and purposes… a kennel. That much I do understand..  Personally I think it will be good for all 3 of our siblings, spouses and kids, to get a little family “bonding” done….WITHOUT the watchful eyes of the two original Cave People who began all of this proliferation!

   Friday evening Chris and family, Jess, Joe and family, and Den and I, ended up at Kelly and Cindy’s for a cocktail hour….

100_7370 100_7376 100_7377

L to R..Kelly and Cindy’s deck, Chris and Jess, (Chris’s friend), our son Kelly…I know…I can’t believe I gave birth to him either.

100_7381 100_7372 100_7379

On the left..the LOVE of my life,…next is Jocelyn ,Jess’s daughter, and Aiden (we obviously are gonna have to watch these two),  partying on the deck..and of course, you remember Sosa..

100_7387 100_7385

I would love this popcorn machine in MY house…and the other pic is Kelly’s tattoo on his arm…It is the Indian, Crow King..I love it! Hey, I have 2  tattoos myself…Those of you who are shocked that I have a tattoo , raise your hands…I don’t see any hands yet!! .. See! You do know me, after all.

We stayed about an hour at Kelly’s and Cindy’s house, then Jess, Joe, Jocelyn and baby Joey came home with us to spend the night…Chris, John and Aiden stayed with Kelly and Cindy. (Just to remind you, in case you ‘re totally lost here,  Jess and Joe are Chris and John’s friends from Indy who are going to Hayward too)…It was an evening of drinks, laughs, kids, pizza , ….and……fireworks and train horns…Jess put Joey to bed in  Aiden’s crib , and then we ate pizza and hit the sack too. Someone in our neighborhood had some left over sonic booms, and apparently 3:00AM was launch time..I would like to have launched a rocket from one of their orifices!  And , as usual, the train tracks ran right through our house all night…  Sleep was illusive, if not impossible to find…This is not a good way to attract house guests…

  Saturday AM, we were all up at 5:45. Den and I wanted to see the group off.  I did the Eggo toaster waffle thing, and a few sausage, cheese English muffins with coffee, and milk in sippy cups. (I’ll take my coffee in a sippy cup,  please.) Then….”Bye Bye!..Have a great time!…Drive safely!”….GOD I’M TIRED,  but I knew we were not done yet ..

100_7389 100_7391 100_7390

At 8 bells AM, exactly 1 hour after these pics were taken, the Heisers arrived, delivering Bogie.  Here was the covert part of the operation.  We were accomplices because we were dogsitting Bogie.  They HAD to let us in on the scam..  The  Heiser family left our house at 8:30AM to take the 7 hour drive North to Hayward …. WHEW!!!!! I would laugh if they somehow crossed paths on the way.

I love all of these kids, bless their sweet little hearts, but McGuyver and I are somehow not unhappy here with the Bogster.

So…now you have FINALLY finished the epic novel, “Cave”apalooza . The story of the Cave children’s disorganized, extra covert, surprisingly confusing vacation.  Chevy Chase was not involved, but he would have fit right in.  And just for the record, I suspect Bogie will sleep better than we do while she’s here, what with Burlington Northern plowing through our bedroom all night long…AND… if anyone lights one more sonic boom at 3AM, I know the Sandwich Police Chief…and we now have the SWAT team on speed dial!!!!


  1. I'm worn out reading all that.

    I can see now why you need your cocktail hour(s).

    Also it make's me sick to hear how someone can treat an animal and do thing's like that.They need their @#$%^ cut off....

  2. That deaf dog reminded me of the movie, Mr Holland's Opus where his deaf son sits on the speakers to hear the music.There's an idea duck tape one of your walkie talkies to Bogster and then call her on that but make sure the speaker part is next to her body. Okay just kidding, She is such a pretty dog, I am showing Rigg's her picture and he is salivating so I guess that means she's sexy looking.You guys have fun while the kids are away. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I am worn out..trying to figure it all out!!!..sleep well!!..nothing like when family comes to visit and then they LEAVE!!!

  4. Anyone mistreating an animal needs to be immediately dispatched from the planet......period!!!!

  5. Whoa!!! I'm so confused! I think I got so tired that my brain just stopped working. I'll just trust that you know where everybody is and that you KNOW everybody.

    Bogie is just adorable! I can't believe anybody would mistreat a sweet doggie like that. They should I can't even think of something horrible enough.

    You all take care!!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  6. Ok, I think I got it!! I took notes and made a flow chart. If anyone needs it, let me know ;)

    One of these days, you're going to find Mr. Stink Butt at your doorstep. I'm wearing a gas mask as I type this.

    Love having you stop by my blog every day, mom! I told Jonathan he has a long lost dad too. I guess this means we will actually have to meet someday...ANOTHER family reunion! Hopefully this one won't be as convoluted...hehee!