Cave Dwellings: It’s Hot as the Keys..Why Not Go There???
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

It’s Hot as the Keys..Why Not Go There???

Ho Hum days in good old Sandwich Illinois….I figured as long as it was going to be HOT here, just like the Florida Keys weather …I may as well “wax nostalgic” and pretend I was there again. These are  some pictures taken in August, 2005, when we still had our Cougar..

This was where we stayed on the way to the Keys, in LaBelle, Florida.  We had just left Fort Myer’s Beach for our daughter’s wedding.  This is an Army Corps campground on an inland waterway coming from Lake Okeechobee.  It was empty, except for us.  Maybe it was because it was Florida…in the sweltering heat…It was, however, one of the cleanest parks we have ever been in.


These were taken at Long Key State Park, about half way between the mainland and Key West..We are right on the Atlantic Ocean. They were still trying to clean up from Hurricane Dennis…me too..  From here, we left the Cougar and drove into Key West to spend the day with our daughter and her husband…HEY, THEY INVITED US!!!…Didn’t you want your parents with you on YOUR honeymoon??




I loved Key much history there…so many bars….And yes, that is a real lizard on the counter hanging over the outside counter. (clik the pik to feel like you’re in Jurassic Park) I think he had been over served…he was drooling on the sidewalk.  I know the feeling. The guy hanging out in the doorway of the The Green Parrot Bar was my cabana boy for the day…he was quite the “looker” and followed me all over the island.



These two newlyweds were our tour guides while we were there…We must have eaten 5 dozen raw oysters (with saltines and chili sauce..that’s how they serve them).  I’ve had never had them raw, but surprisingly really loved them..and they are a natural condiment with a cold beer. Or else the cold beer was the main reason I “really enjoyed them”.

..This was our sunset that evening at Long Key State Park.  We had a super time… I LOVE Key West and would go back in a heart beat…I HIGHLY recommend that state park….Just watch for the sand fleas…but what fabulous views….Also be wary of Hurricane warnings…I think I mentioned in a previous blog that we left the next morning being chased by Hurricane Katrina. Fastest exit the Cougar ever made!

ALLLLL RIGHTY THEN…I am feeling better already.  Have you noticed that I really don’t give a hoot how you are feeling?..If you are bored to tears, or falling asleep, I don’t care..…It’s all about me. I needed a little “injection” of the Florida Keys ,and like one who is addicted to travel, I just got my “fix”…I sure thank you for being there with us!! Wasn’t it fun??  Sorry about the oysters…


  1. I know what you mean I have been to the Conch Republic and love all the partys and the bars.

    Going back is close to the top of my bucket list...hey lets get everybody together and all go..

  2. Hey, I can totally understand your need for a fix!! Thanks for letting us tag along!
    We are sitting here camp hosting and the first 6 weeks were great BUT now we are getting bored and hitch itch is really getting to us.
    Oh well...we signed up.
    Your pics were great....beautiful place! Thanks for sharing!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Haven't been there yet, but your pictures sure make it look appealing. Thanks for sharing!

  4. They let you hang with them on their honeymoon??? What did you do? Load them up with booze until they gave in? hehe!

    I can see why you picked Florida for your fix today. Nothing beats a beach vacation. So tell me again why we're in the mountains? LOL!


  5. What's an Oyster & the only keys I am familiar with are my car keys. Yep, been to Florida half a dozen times & sure know about the humidity in the summer. Kelly actually lived in Florida one time for awhile. Right on the beach too. Maybe during the next Hurricane evacuation down there when all the people are herding north out of the area I can slip down & have myself a nice look at the keys when nobody's around. Hurricane Schumuracane!! And ya, I's all about me & nobody else. Yahouie Louie:))