Cave Dwellings: “I…..LOVE A PARADE!!!!”
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, July 3, 2010


  First of all, I would like to thank the United Postal Service for delivering my new camera battery BEFORE the July 4th parade!!!  I was in shock and awe when the mailman dropped the padded envelope in our mailbox yesterday.    Even our temporary little watch dog ,Sammy Sosa, couldn’t keep him from our mailbox…

100_7191 100_7192

…A face only a mother could love…and it is very apparent that Sosa has NO dental insurance..I tried everything to get rid of the red eye, but to no avail. Maybe it’s because Sosa actually DOES have red eyes…the little demon!!

  Today is a beautiful day for a parade…Sunny, 84 degrees…perfect!  Actually, we get to watch the parade twice.  All of the floats go by our house on their way to the Sandwich Fairgrounds, which is where they gather…and then we walk to the corner and watch the parade come down the street…Who said small towns were a thing of the past!!! ( Actually,I believe it was myself..)

Oh, and … Nellie and I think she could be one of my own..(do we act alike??)…Take a good look at my other daughters….hmmmmm..DON’T THINK SO….. Unless she is the result of one of my flings with Johnny Depp…(seriously, I’m not even sure where these blondes come from…L’Oreal???)





We grabbed our lawn chairs, coffee, sunscreen and cameras…and walked the 100 yards to the corner..We could see, and hear, the firetrucks, lights and sirens announcing their arrival. Sosa stayed in our house..He has a HUGE problem with thunder, loud booms, sirens, and ….fireworks..I can hardly wait until tomorrow night when they do a great big ol’ fireworks display about 1 block from our house at the Sandwich Fairgrounds…Do they make earplugs for doggy ears??


 100_7200 100_7206 100_7214

100_7219 100_7221 100_7238

(You know by now to clik the piks for a better peek)

Ya just gotta’ love the Shriners, (I swear they have a drink or two before they climb into those itsy bitsy cars..)…and our local High School and Middle School bands….


100_7245 100_7239 100_7226

A local hero walked along, and of course the local farmers were there to show off their great old tractors…local little league baseball and t-ball teams…..


…and the spectators were….

100_7194 100_7204 100_7195

Left to right, our grandkids and friend , Dennis and GOOD friend, (ya need to keep a cop on your good friend list, at least WE do),  our nephew, Scotty (in the wheelchair), Scotty’s Dad, Ronnie (we call him Big Fluffy), then another of Den’s friends , and… McGuyver himself…

100_7193 100_7234

Our daughter, Terrie and husband, Tim……Den’s cousin, Linda , and her 91 year old mother, Juanita (Den’s Aunt “Neenie”, as we call her). Aunt Neenie lives one house away from us…As you can see, this is still somewhat of a small town where everyone is somehow related ,either by in-laws or out-laws…There are not many of my family left, and what there are , do not live near here

  Well, you have now seen our local July 4th parade…somewhat.  It lasted one hour..The kids picked up about 3 bags of candy that was thrown from the floats (and provided by the local dentist, probably).  Tonight is “date night”, which means I get slightly dressed up for the mere promise of a cocktail and carry-outs…Hey, I’m cheap AND easy..

  If last night is any indicator, our neighbors will treat us to firecracker sounds, bottle rockets, and M-80 blasts again.  Sosa will try to get into our bed with us….again…Dennis will kick him off…again…and he will end up sleeping UNDER the bed..It seems to me that any dog with a face like Sosa’s shouldn’t be afraid of ANYTHING!!!!


  1. What a great parade! And there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with small towns ... as long as there is a city within reach where you can get good medical coverage, special shopping etc.

    In a small town, anybody can be in the parade, everybody can watch the parade. If you aren't IN the parade, you know everybody who is.

    We're missing our parade this year, but last year we both helped to decorate, and rode in the Knights of Columbus float.

    Thanks for shaing your day.

  2. I love a parade,the town next to us has one just like yours, Now they stopped letting you drink a beer while watching so coffee it will have to be. Did I tell you that Dardenne Prairie is so small, we don't even have a town drunk. so we have to take turns....You have beautiful daughters, I would only have hoped that if we had ever had any they would have looked like Donna and not me. Course MOST of her life she has been a blonde, but I know she has been helping it along now for several years. I just had to duck out of rolling pin range. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. What a terrific parade! There is nothing better than a small town and the people that make it special. What a great time to get together with family and friends.
    You all have fun and enjoy the weekend!!
    Happy 4th of July!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Nope, nothing wrong with a small town alright. I'm from a small town & look how messed up I am. With all the 'normal' city folks out there we small town people are needed to run interference with their 'normal' thought patterns. Last time I saw a long colorful & slow moving parade like that was in front of of the Porta Potty's at our local cornfest & beer belch!!

  5. I tried posting a comment like 5 times tonight. Mom, are you disowning me again? ;) if this one won't post, I'm crying myself to sleep tonight.

  6. Hey! It worked :) now I can tell you that after seeing your beautiful blonde daughters, I can tell I'm definitely from the johnny depp fling. I obviously inherited his dark hair and little boobies!