Cave Dwellings: IS IT NOVEMBER YET????
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


  I am going through my “yearning for travel” phase again.  This happens usually after I tiptoe through the archives of pictures we have taken with our Hiker.   Sometimes it can take days to affect me…but sometimes I am instantly put into a downward spiral, and have trouble turning the corners of my mouth from down to up.  I figured I might just as well roll with it this time…and include you, our wonderful, helpful, understanding, fabulous followers as part of the treatment…Indulge me, while I share a few(sob, sob) camping spots and memories…


Grenada Lake, MS. Army Corps….on right is Den standing on the old Natchez Trace…

Me at the Maritime Museum, Rockport, TX…and the next two were taken at Oysterfest at Fulton, TX…



The mission at Goliad State Park, Goliad TX…the campground is on the mission grounds….


Dennis relaxing at Lake Georgetown, TX..and here was our view….

Ah yes…(sigh)….me in one of my many “uniforms” I don just before cocktail hour…Oh yes, I have many such ensembles…I wear them here at home too..surprise, surprise…

OK, I am either going to slit my wrists….OR…don my summer “uniform”, get a cocktail, relax outside and give the Hiker a big kiss….I MISS THE HIKER!!!!

Note the difference between my winter “uniform” and my summer one…



We had a little storm come up about grilling time, so Den pulled the Weber in the garage and we ended up having our cocktail hour tailgating just inside the garage , out of the rain…

100_7344 100_7351 100_7350


Thanks for reading all the way to the grilled chicken…I did notice that I have gained a few followers ( though you might have just bailed on me after this blog)…anyway..I need to to thank all of you who are brave enough and crazy enough, (my kind of people), to care what the heck the Cave Dwellers are up to now…..


  1. Love the Mickey Mouse cup with your summer uniform.

    Your waiting for November and were waiting for maybe 2012 trade you.


  2. I feel your pain girl. Here we sit camp hosting and just today I told Mike I was getting a bad case of hitch itch. Oh well, we'll be through soon and heading north toward the Black Hills (plans are always on jello).
    Hang in will be November before you know it. Until then keep the "happy hour" spirit alive and well.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Thanks you guys...I feel better already!!!!!!

  4. These long summers seem to drag on for so long sometimes but we'll soon be at the half way point. I would love to get out of here in September when the weather is still good out in the Rockies. If it wasn't for Kelly's job, we could do that, but.........Am wondering why you guys wait until November before heading out. Weather's usually getting snarly up our way by then. We generally try to get out of here shortly after mid October if we can. Just think, 6 months from now you will already be half way through your winter already............

  5. hi Donna and Dennis..we found your blog through the crazy girl Nellie! you happy hour uniforms..sort of like that around here..may as well be comfy!!..we are assuming that since you are willing November to come really fast you must be one of the snowbirds who escapes the winters??..lucky you!!..have a drink for us and we will have one for you!!!..our poison..PARALYZERS!or as the americans call it.. A SMITH AND WESSON!! kaluha milk pepsi and ice..yummy!!!! should try it.your micky mug will like it!!!

  6. Hey ma! Snap out of it! You know I have a plan for you...and this is a good one. You and mcguyver load up a few things in the Hitchhiker, and do a little weekend trip at your local Walmart. You can even have a little picnic next to the stop sign in the parking lot. Forget something back at your sticks n problem! Go inside and buy another. You can even wear your uniform in there. I've seen lots of people doing it. They'll just think you're a teenager.

    For right now, go in your bathroom and flush the toilet. Watch the water swirl around and disappear. That's something that will put a smile on your face, because you sure don't get that kind of view in an rv!


  7. Why don't you look at a map and find a campground halfway between Sandwich, St Louis, maybe along I-55 and then we will all make plans for a August weekend, that will give your Hiker a chance for a quick roadtest before the main event. Don't want to rub salt but one more week till we head out for a week in Indiana. We will dedicate the first cocktail hour to you guys, Sam doesn't have a uniform as he spills his drink all over himself.Ha Ha,Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  8. Thanks to all of you for helping through my doldrums...How did I NOT have a blog until last winter?? How did I get along without all of you?? I wouldn't even mind the WalMart idea, Nellie, but they get a little testy when you pull our your slides,awning, chairs, grill...make a campfire on their asphalt..AND stay the weekend!

  9. Ya, wish we were back in Arizona hiking and taking pictures... (forget the news!)... Just enjoying the company of great people...