Cave Dwellings: Spending a July 4th With” Sosa the Fearful”…
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Spending a July 4th With” Sosa the Fearful”…

  Our July 4th was fairly uneventful…I guess I could call the squirrel trapping escapades of McGuyver pretty entertaining, though.  BEHOLD!!!!…the Squirrel/Raccoon/ small animal trap!!


 100_7257 100_7258

Absolutely humane, fair (KINDA), and…..somewhat funny….no…downright hysterical (she said with smugness).  McGuyver got tired of the entire squirrel population of Sandwich having 3 squares a day at the expense of our birds…and ours, I might add. We acquired a live trap, so he began his assault on our many McSquirrels.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not sadistic in any way, but I found it pretty hysterical watching those little buggers sniff their way into the cage to get the pretty sunflower seeds, and then BANG!!!! They would trip the cage entry panel and down it would come behind them….GOTCHA!!  After that, Dennis picked up the cage, and with a rather evil smirk, gave them a lift in the back of his truck out to the edge of town…He let them go in a remote area with a couple trees, far enough away from our house that they would have to hail a cab to get back…Thus far he has caught 8 of the hungry little rodents.  I think he pretty much has the whole family, Mom, Dad, Kids, G-Maw and G-Pa..maybe a few cousins too. All I know is, we go through less seed….

   It seems Sam Sosa has a few problems besides his bad dental issues…He apparently needs some ankle surgery. 


When he sits or stands still, he looks like he is standing at what I know as “first position” of the “ballet positions”..(Take it from an OLD , VERY OLD former ballet dancer…This dog should take it on the road…or at the very least, learn the other 4 positions)… Maybe he is trying to click his heels together….no, he isn’t that talented. He does do one trick, but I am not thrilled with it.. I do love Sosa, but I find it offensive when he drags his behind on my carpet…PULLLLLLEASE!!!!

And while we are speaking of legs, ankles and the sorts….100_7261 

…..McGuyver was the original model for stick people drawings…It really sucks when your husband has waaaay skinnier legs than you do.  Today he was working on our satellite set up for the Hiker…It seems that when we got HD service for the house, we had to change the satellite set up in the camper so it would still give us standard definition from our round satellite dish. (Why it should matter what shape dish we use, I do NOT know.)  I understand zip, zero, zilch about this stuff, but after a few tries, trusty McGuyver had us all ready to travel with our Hiker and TV service…Imagine that.

100_7260 100_7259

  Last night Terrie, Tim and their 3 kids drove to our house and we all walked over to “Big Fluffy’s” house just about dark for the Sandwich fireworks display..Fluffy (Den’s brother-in-law), lives across the field from where they were setting off the fireworks..Taylor was really in the patriotic spirit…and seating was at a premium, as you can see…

100_7264 100_7265

  It was a bit of a challenge, balancing Sosa on my lap with one hand ( who was quivering like a leaf in the wind)…AND..holding my camera in the other hand to get off a few pictures..But, hey, I have been known to balance a Rum and Coke in one hand and ride my bike with the other, just to get a sunset picture at HICKIWAN TRAILS RV PARK . Here are my humble results of fireworks, July 4th, 2010, Sandwich, IL….

100_7283 100_7292 100_7285

100_7315 100_7318 100_7326


Not bad for doing a balancing act while holding a trembling paranoid and panic stricken Sosa on my lap.  I kept telling him that this experience was part of his “therapy”…He needed to “own” the fear…Dr. Phil taught me that.


Just for the record…I didn’t do too bad with the Rum and Coke trick ……

(Kudos to Picasa and Al Bossence  for helping me create this photo!)

Thanks for checking in…See ya in a couple!!!!


  1. Glad to see you made it throught all that and came out with some fine looking pictures.

    Our dogs just hate the fire works.All wimps.

    I tell Annie our lab thats she is a disgrace to her hunting breed.

  2. Glad to see you were there to comfort Sammy Sosa, and take great pictures, we were so wipped from the morning trimming we never made it to the town next door to watch, first time in several years we missed. Rigg's was pretty good through all the noise which went on past midnight, After the first couple of big bags which he ran to the back door and barkd at, he evidently tired of the diversion and ignored the rest. Maybe my son taking him out when he was shooting to acclimate him to gunfire helped, but Labs are noted as bird dogs so maybe they aren't naturally afraid. Just noticed it getting close to 05:00pm, which is Miller time around here, maybe I'll move closer to the fridge and put my saddest look on my face and Donna will take pity on me and hand me a High Life Light. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. The fireworks pics are great & Mr. Sousa definitely deserves some credit for his physical input. That's quite a stance he has & no I am not suggesting he may have some gay tendancies........:))

  4. I never really thought of his sexual identity as an issue regarding his stance....I think he lost that when he had his kahunas removed! It IS however, a ballet stance...Maybe a tutu is in order for Christmas....

  5. Get the boy a tiara and tights! He's definitely either a "switch hitter", or he's "switched teams" altogether.

    Love the fireworks pics!!

  6. I was kinda thinking he switched teams but the tutu and tiara might do the trick.
    You did a great balancing act!! Those pics of the fireworks were great!! Glad you had a good time.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  7. Great post, especailly the parts about Sosa. What a cutie! Great pics, too. I'm impressed by the desert sunset!!!

    Have a great week.