Cave Dwellings: Slow Couple Days, But I Found A Purpose….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Slow Couple Days, But I Found A Purpose….


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Wednesday the heat go up to “NO FUN” degrees.  I refused to look at the thermometer on our deck. The humidity was right up there, and so was I…on the ledge again.  I just don’t get it…I used to be able to sit outside in the hot sun for hours, loving the summer.  In the past few years I have turned into a steaming shrew who runs from the sun and heat like a vampire runs from daylight.   I sat at the computer on the pretend leather seat for a while, and when I got up, I almost had a puddle on the chair…Looked a little suspicious.

  Bogie went home with the kids Wednesday afternoon.  They had a great time in Hayward, and booked a room at the resort for next year.

  I told you we had a couple slow days…This is how slow they were…Have you ever really looked at those “word verifications” they ask you to type  in when you comment on a blog?? Who the heck makes them up? I decided to give meaning to a few of them, and use them in a sentence..

1. FLOTSISM… Nellie and Jonathan’s dog has a bad case of flotsism.

2.  CLICA….I clica the TV controlla to changa the channela.

3.   ENTALL….Entall of us goin’ campin’, just some of us.

4.  FORTIN.. I can hold my breath fortin seconds.


OK, I’ve embarrassed myself enough for one day…I TOLD you it was a slow couple days….


    About one week ago, after another sleepless night of train horns, I decided to take some kind of action.  I know a lot of neighbors are upset over the change in the train frequency and the noise of their horns on our street.  While I was in a “snit” , and feeling very much like the “Wicked Witch” of West Center St., I hoisted my mean, sleep deprived self into the GMC and went to see our Mayor.  I do know our Mayor.   I went to high school with him, and have known him most of my life.… He also knows how I feel  about the trains from a “letter to the editor” I sent to our local paper last fall.

I’m sure he wanted to become invisible when he saw me come in the door, and I’m also sure he knows  that lots of other people in town feel the same way I do.  Our Mayor, Tom Thomas, told me to get some of my neighbors together and come to the next city council meeting.  I don’t think he realized that I would do just that.  I was also not surprised when he told me that the train horns HAVE been notched UP a few decibels in the last 2 years…AHA!!!! I KNEW IT!!! So….. I peddled my bicycle up and down West Center Street this afternoon (in the 93 degree heat, I might add), knocking on doors and handing out notices of the meeting. From what people told me, I think they may need a few more chairs……


100_7417 100_7418 100_7419

Left is our Tiger Eye Sumac, middle is the home of the Wicked Witch, and lastly is my Blue Hydrangea that ended up pink…Go figure…Thanks for reading!!!!


  1. If you want some more information the UP railroad is installing a new set of crossing signals that have a set of smaller horns installed on them pointed at the cars and then the trains themselves don't have to use those big train horns,UP uses 3 chime horns, Antrak uses 5 chime horns, see the difference. The City of Sandwich will have to partner with UP railroad in paying for new grade crossing signals before they will install it and then the FRA will have to give them permission to make it a no horn zone. Go to the Federal Railroad Administration website, and also the National Transportation and Highway safety website, get your ducks in a row before you go to the Council meeting. so be well armed as they will be ready to plead poverty. Hope this will help you in your fight. By the way I have a set of Leslie S3L chime 3 chime horns from a Santa Fe Passenger engine that was scrapped in my garage, the were used when this was country to call the boys in for supper, I'll take a picture and you can put it on you wall and throw darts at it. Be Safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  3. If it was me and as hot as it is with out a/c I would tie my self to the train track naked and let them run over me...

  4. If you have watered your hydrangea with Miracle Grow that is why the color has changed. If you tie yourself to the tracks naked, Oil Can Harry, Chain Saw Dennis, & Snydley Whiplash for sure will come to your rescue. If not, Sam W is gonna be mighty upset with you for messing up one of his nice shiny trains!!!

  5. I'm still trying to figure out how loud horns turned into being "tied naked to the railroad tracks". Hope you have fun trying to "fight City Hall".

  6. Oh wow! I don't think City Hall should mess with a lady that is as hot as you are. Go get'um girl!!

    Your plants are beautiful. I think the color of the hydrangea depends on the acid level of the soil or something like that (if I remember correctly). I do think it is very pretty just like it is. :)

    Good luck with City Hall!!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  7. Hey hot momma! I'm back :) I've missed reading your blog, and as usual, you made me laugh out loud.

    Now just a word of advice. When you go down to city hall, PLEASE strap the girls in. You want them to focus on the horns honking, not the headlights flashing.