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Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Fine Art of Empty Headed Blogging..At It’s Best…..

  Today was a pretty quiet day…for Dennis. That’s because I  wasn’t around..I went shopping at 9AM and didn’t return until 2PM….I left Den home, guarding the computer by having a marathon day of “surfing the net”, reading RV forums, and playing some serious Spider Solitaire.  He wouldn’t say it, but I think he secretly likes it when I “disappear” for a few hours…Wait just a minute..He TELLS me he just sits in front of the computer…How do I know he isn’t bringing in the “dancing girls”, busting out the disco music and “getting down”???

Where do you suppose I was when I took the next picture?? Clue: I was behind the wheel of the GMC, getting some money. No, I wasn’t holding up a bank….but……



……Would you believe I was at the drive up window of our bank??? Yep, our branch bank is surrounded by a cornfield.   Ya just gotta love rural Americana!!  I like this drive-up because it’s much higher than the others, made for big rough and tough trucks.. and it is easier  for short me to reach the little canister thing .  Even at this window , I have to open the door and hang half way out of it to reach that stupid tube money holder!  I try to get as close as possible when I pull up, and I imagine myself ripping out the entire drive up if I turn too sharp when I pull away. That would be just my luck.


I think this little bird is an Indigo Bunting, unusual for our area…and…Do you think we have enough firewood??? FYI, there is another stack behind that one by the bricks…and just as big.


You may notice I am bouncing around with pictures as much as I am segueing back and forth with random thoughts. It may seem that I am somewhat bipolar…. somewhat sane, then nuts…thoughtful, then manic. I do have some issues that would probably warrant commitment . Fortunately, I think it is just a bit of cabin feveritis…..IS IT TIME TO PACK YET??? 



I must apologize to our followers for not being very demonstrative of how very much I appreciate all of you staying with me. I am also lax in doing a shout out to you all. Today is one of those days when my imagination is flat as a pancake.  Right now our life is about as exciting as watching paint dry. As promised, here is an update on the progress of the train car restaurant.


They have begun digging underneath the train, uncovering an old brick foundation.  Dennis says he thinks they will pour a new cement one . Also, not the concret steps and front door are now gone. I think the main entrance will be around the front of the train car, where the bar entrance was when it was Kelly’s Bar and Grill. I can’t wait for this place to be restored!!

I think I told you I spent most of my teenage years living in a cemetery. (This could account for my very strange sense of humor.) Well, I took a bike ride out there a few days ago and got some pictures .  I want to organize and post them in the near future… I have some old photos that I scanned to show what it used to look like when I lived there.  As for today…I am spent, boring, HOT….and in need of a tall, cool one….No, I didn’t mean Dennis, although he IS both of those things….I promise I will try to be more creative in the future….I am not sure what the definition of a “blue funk” is …But I think I am caught up in one….

Here is a shout out to our loyal and fearless followers….The Bayfield Bunch, John Souva Jr., Mark & Teri, Kenny & Angela, Bob Nilsen, Sam and Donna, Maryann & William, Jerry & Suzy, Rick,  Nellie & Jonathan, Rick & Paulette,  The Warners, Margie M., Marion Parker, Eileen Fitzpatrick, Susan Bidniak, and our newest brave souls, Happy Trails, FD5, and Hembree..If I left anyone out….chalk it up to dementia.

If  you read this to the bottom, you are probably in need of a tall, cool one too!!!



  1. Good Lord, woman! Did you say you lived IN a cemetery??? That would account for the multiple personalities currently possessing you. You wouldn't happen to be related to Stephen King?

    Can you tell me again about that gianormous stack of wood out there? When I saw that I literally laughed out loud! Jonathan said, "what" and I said, "It's blog mom again!" hehe! Nuff said, right?

    Well, I for one, don't care if you have anything to really report to us. You could write about the migration of the Indigo Bunting...I don't care! I just like hearing from you, and on days you don't blog, I miss you!


  2. You lived in a cemetery? Please, tell us more!

    This post was a lot of things, like you said, but it was far from boring! Great to see you blogging again!

  3. Hey Donna, We are only home a couple days and the thought of another trip is in my mind, Donna gets 4 weeks of vacation and we only used one on the last trip, maybe if you guys could get a couple days for a short trip we could meet, I'll bring the paint and we can all watch it dry while enjoying a nice cold cocktail. Your blog is always fun for us, Sam always worries about boring the crap out of people, but that's the nature of blogging, Dardenne Praire is the Sandwich of MO. Not much excitement,they did drill a whole under the street with one of those machines to pull some cable, most excitement all week in this town. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  4. Thanks for the invite to camp...I can't see us getting away anytime soon. Seems we are booked in every week or so for one thing or another..Then Dennis will be in the fields early this year helping combine corn...Is there nothing he won't try??? Maybe another time...We're grounded...

  5. tall cold one is in the bottom of my stomach!!along with the smoked salmon and cream cheese and crackers...welcome back to think you got nothing..wait till you read my next post!!..I have been concocting it all day!!..that and the 'paralyzers'!!

  6. Maybe it's my eyes or maybe it's my computer but does your printer spacing look OK to you Donna??

    WOW, that living in a cemetery experience must have been a very grave situation. And besides, it's a very popular spot because people are always dying to get in there I hear. It's not everyone who can say they came from the Marble Orchard:))

  7. The idea of you living in a cemetery just leaves me cold!!!!

    I think this weather has given everybody a "blue funk." I have totally lost my motivation to do anything but stay indoors.
    Hang in there....this too shall pass.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  8. In answer to Al about my spacing...I have been playing with my fonts (is that legal?)..and I think they are all goofed up!! I have been known to be "spacey"...but you are right, Al...Why don't you drive down and help me out??? NO??..OK, I will try to fix it on my own...