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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Taking Care of Business..Important Business!

  Monday I took a look at my calendar and saw that I had a mammogram scheduled at 1PM…I realized this AFTER I had my coffee.  For those of you who DON’T schedule yearly mammo’s ( and for most of you men), they tell you  that they prefer NO caffeine before you have one..I have never been one to live by the rules, but I did refrain from a second cup.

  Took my shower about 11AM…let’s see…NO powder…NO body spray…NO deodorant….Again, these are the rules you must follow before this test.  This cannot be fun for the technician who is stuck in a small room with the door closed, and a very nervous person who is not allowed any personal hygiene products.

100_7404 100_7405

I used to work at this Hospital back in 1967,8 &9…I was a Nurse’s Aide (why are you laughing??) I earned $4.50 an hour.  What really blew was that I  had to work the first 2 weeks for free to be trained “on the job”..Since the time I worked there, they have renamed the hospital, taken it to a higher level of trauma, and put a huge new addition on it…I learned more about the human body at this job than I ever did in 2 years of anatomy and physiology class in college! WHAT AN EYE OPENER!!!



…Kim must  have drawn the short straw at the front desk, or else they all ran when they saw me walk in with my camera.  WHY is it all of the health care workers look like they are 12 years old???  Kim was a real trooper…She proceeded to stick little mini, multi colored “markers”  on every flaw the “girls” had, (you ladies know what I’m talkin’ about) ,so none would be mistaken as a “bad spot”. I looked like one of the scary attractions in a carnival tent. I really need to get serious here for a brief moment…As much as we women despise this process, it is a small imposition compared to the possible consequences if you DON’T have the test!  A Mammogram is some of the best life insurance you can get, next to a colonoscopy (don’t worry, I won’t expose you to that one!)

Mission Accomplished….

….Now just let me get home and get this stuff OFF of my body..OR….I could play an evil trick on Dennis…hmmmm…better not.

On my walk this morning, I discovered a new species of tree growing just down the street from us in the neighbor’s yard…I had never seen this one before, but I loved the foliage!


…I know for a fact that I could cultivate a tree like that for our yard in no time, and it would be 4 times as tall!!

100_7402 100_7401

I know this scenery is not remotely comparable to Rick and Paulette's, The Warners , or The Bayfield Bunch.  Actually, these pictures are pretty boring compared to most of you blogger’s great pics…but it’s what I got here in Sandwich, IL.  This next one is for Sam .  


…Sam’s favorite things are my nemesis…the dreaded trains…at least this one goes through town pretty fast…AMTRAK.

I have a few more photos to share with you….I found the one on the left when we were at our son’s house last Friday..I forgot I had given it to Kelly to keep, seeing as he was in the Navy too…. The one on the right Dennis found in our basement….

100_7386 scan0003

Den’s Uncle, Clarence Bark, Jr., on the left and right..when he was in WWII…and today (middle)….85 years young. Actually, the photo on the left hung in the Sears & Roebuck store in downtown Chicago during the war. The store picked a picture of a young man from each branch of the military who were from the Chicago area.  Then they blew them up, making them very large, and had them all together on the wall as you went down the stairway of the department store .  We were lucky enough to find this picture in Den’s mom’s stuff after she died.


100_2551 100_2567 100_2568

These last 6 pictures were taken at Midway Airport after Honor Flight Chicago flew in with the Veterans who spent the day in Washington D.C. in August of 2008.  Uncle Jr. was one of the WWII Vets who made the flight.  We took his wife, Jeanette, up to meet the flight and surprise him…They were met with an honor guard at the airport…Not a dry eye in the place!

Below center is Hershel, his guardian and a Vietnam Vet , who was assigned to Jr. to push his wheelchair and keep track of him..Every vet had a guardian. On the right and left is one of the Honor Flight Vets who wore his Navy uniform for the occasion.  He and Jr. became good friends on this Honor Flight.

100_2582  100_2574


I am now a complete “wet mess”, so I gotta stop….Thanks for following.


  1. I want to thank Uncle Jr. and all the veterans for there service to this country.

    Hope you visit to the Doc come's out good..

  2. I also honor our WWII vets!! My father was a WWII vet and he was so proud. Mike's father also. That was such an incredible generation of men and women.

    I certainly hope all things are good on your mammogram. Your post made me true! You didn't mention the squish squish part. LOL I got called back last year and almost died from the fear and the wait. They really know how to scare a person to death. I almost needed a cardiologist after they got finished.

    I think your pics are great!! I especially like the bottle bush! Quite unique.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Hey Gerri...I was trying to avoid mentioning the "squish squish" part...I thought it might scare some poor thing who had never had one..and was considering one...It does make you realize how it must feel to have a mack truck run over your breasts...

  4. As for making any comments about Mammograms - I'm not going there!! Great picture of that bottle tree too and the one of the train tracks going down past the grain elevators is nice too. It's really amazing how young those kids looked in WWII - because they were!

  5. You have evry right to be more than proud of Uncle Junior's service, When I think of men like him and my Dad and what they experienced in WW2 it makes what I experienecd in the Viet Nam era pale by comparison. I would always be embarassed when my Dad would take me to the VFW for a beer and brag about me, because I knew in my heart that those WW2 guys had really had it tough. We both hope your Mammy-Gram came out okay, that sounds like getting a telegraph from Grandma. to me. Hey thnaks for Sam's train picture. Amtrak is going to speed up it's service to Chicago by making that part of the route a part of its High Speed Service, you may have a change from 79 miles per hour to 100mph. At least they will get through town quicker for you. By the way don't you love their 5 chime horns, just like down south on the Norfolk Southerm. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  6. If I don't lose some weight soon I am going to be needing one of those Slammo-grams myself!! Your pics are every bit as good as anyone elses........& getting better I may add:))