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Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, July 9, 2010


  I am feeling a slight bit foolish for complaining about my”hitch itch”..I realized (DUH!) that some people are not so fortunate that they get to leave for 5-6 months of the winter and ditch the snow shovel.  I also realized that some of you are counting the YEARS until you can pack up, hook it up , and hit the road full time….I bow my head humbly to you…I promise to just suck it up…get over it….fegetabodit…get real…AND SHUT UP!!  (But thanks for cheering me up!)

Today our daughter, Chris, (the one who lives in Indy,) her husband and our youngest grandson, Aiden, will be here briefly.  They are coming in about noon for lunch and spending the night with our son, Kelly , and his wife.  Also, THEIR friends (and ours) from Indy will be  here later today…THEY are staying the night with us…and the whole crew are leaving early Saturday morning for Hayward ,WI.  Did you catch all that?  Good, now explain it to me please….All this Hayward talk gives me a reason to post some photos of our last trip there…..


Awesome bird at Treelands Heron on the swim raft Jordan Eisenberg

Hayward has been the summer family vacation spot since Den’s Mom and Dad were alive…The resorts they go to have changed over the years..and now they stay at  Treeland Resort.  We have gone up a few times, but it is not our “mecca” every summer. Den and I did lots of traveling before we started RVing..LOTS..all in the US and Canada, and most by car..When our kids got old enough, they would sometimes go to Hayward with our niece and nephew and the extended cousins.  We are not people that like to keep going back to the same destination year after year…after year…Den’s workplace, Caterpillar, always shut down for 2 weeks in July…When our kids were little, we used that time to visit Disneyworld , Florida, Colorado..

As the kids got older and we could escape by ourselves, we branched out to other states…There are only 4 states we haven’t been in..Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey..and Hawaii.  (I HATE flying, I get nauseous thinking about .  This is a bit strange, since Dennis used to have his own plane and pilot’s license.  I flew with Den about twice…I was extremely uncomfortable…I kept looking for the PILOT….This means that Hawaii will only happen if I can drink myself into oblivion before boarding the plane, and wake up as it lands…FAT CHANCE!

More Hayward at one of the cabins there…lots of family…

Den, Fluff and Brenda at cabin 12  Jess, Papa, Chris, Aiden, John(hidden) Joe and Joce  Chris, John,Mark, Tom and Joe

…Chris, John and Aiden arrived about noon….We had some lunch and Aiden took a little nap up stairs in “his room”..the one with the crib. I have trouble keeping Papa out of the crib…he wants to get in touch with his inner child.

100_7357 100_7361 100_7365

  100_7366 100_7368


Our house today is full of diapers, sippy cups, trucks, wipees….very reminiscent of our trip to Indy for babysitting duties.  Shortly before 3PM, their friends from Indy showed up with their two kids, age 3 and 3 months..more diapers, baby carriers, pacifiers and rattles…. By the time our son and his wife show up, I could be sneaking upstairs for a nap in the crib myself. 

100_7355 …See ya soon!!!


  1. I say complain if you want...we have rving friends that complain about hitch itch. I think we all do from time to time. If you love travel and rving its a REAL thing. But I do understand what you were saying.
    There is nothing better than the sounds of small children in a house. It gives it such life and energy. Have fun!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. have fun with all the 'kidlets'!!..they grow up fast!

  3. Beautiful family!!! Enjoy your time together.

    I'm totally with you on the flying stuff. We always had to fly for vacations prior to 1988 (RV time). Now I figure if we can't drive there in the RV....we ain't going!!

    Have a good weekend.

  4. That's a whole lotta kids!! Forget sneaking into the crib... Tell them you're going to play hide and seek, and sneak off into the HitchHiker. They'll seek for hours, and you can hide out and get a nap!