Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


  No, I do NOT mean the Hiker.. I mean myself falling off the last step of the Hiker…Here is the short version:

--We got set up at Goose Island in an unlevel site. Needed to pull it up on blocks on RV door side.

--McGyver puts 2 wood pieces after the last step to help me, (since I have really short legs)…but it’s still quite a step at to the ground. (bad omen)

-- I go to dump out some yukky dishwater last night after dark….forgetting the big step off…

--I do a great half gainer followed by a perfect 6 point landing..feet being the first to hit (painful, especially my bad foot), knees next(more pain) , and finally hands(no pain, just mud)…

--My “ensemble” was dripping  dishwater and mud, and after looking to see if anyone witnessed this maneuver, I pulled myself together and sat on said steps wondering if I  had broken both feet (it sure felt like it).

--Enter McGyver at the door, looking to see why I was taking so long outside.  “What the Hell happened?”

Well, Dennis helped me inside.  I could walk , and McGyver held on.  I figured if I HAD  broken anything, walking wouldn’t have been possible.  I assessed the pain in both feet, took 3 Ibuprofen, and went to my recliner.  I’m really good at hobbling around after my foot surgery last Spring, so I fell right back to it very easily.  This morning,after doing my “old lady” walk out of the bedroom, I put my good “walking shoes” on (yeah, right….)..and when McGyver went for his 2 mile walk, I jumped on hobbled over to my bike , knowing darn well from past experience, the walking will have to wait a while.




I got some really neat photos on my bike ride this AM….


Deer…(see, that wasn’t hard)…                            ….Great Egret???? ( I am thinking)…  


….Great Blue Heron??                           Snowy Egret???? (now, I am faking it)


Northern Pintail???….. (I cheated, McGyver told me)           Got this one…two….ducks??


A Mystery bird…Looks like Father Time to me..(having a bad hair day!)

He was far away on some wooded snarl…..just watching me.



This bird was very big..and there were lots of them early this AM…After diving back into the Bird Book, I’m saying this is a Black Crowned Night Heron..and if he isn’t, he is probably wishing he was…Hey, I just NOW got my Jr.Bird Nerd badge!!!



According to this sign on the above boardwalk, the Goose Island marsh restoration has now attracted one pair of the rare Whooping Cranes..They weren’t here 3 years ago when we were last here, but did hang out South of here at Aransass Pass.. Since  they have really been enlarging the wetlands and marshes here at the park they have a pair now …and…..Now that I know there are a couple of Whoopers that just moved into the area, I will make it my mission to meet them, and take them over some dead fish brownies.

I want to welcome old/new  followers, Barb and Jim Otto.  Barb has been following our blog since the beginning , 3 years ago..but she didn’t know how to actually “FOLLOW” officially until now…Barb and Jim are some of our best friends back in Sandwich, and Barb is the one who takes care of our mail…OK…those of you already “in the GMC”, don’t go saying we are playing favorites if we let Barb and Jim sit by the window next time..and  Kenny and Angela, ya gotta move your beer over..Jim wants to bring his beer along too!!

WOW, that was lots of photos for my first blog here…Sorry to those who are not into birdsSleepy smileGET OVER ITSmile with tongue out!!


“Pirates do not cry, except in the case of the loss of a shipload of rum.”   ~ a Pirate


  1. Thats fine as long as Jim drinks Bush Lite and shares..

  2. butterbean carpenterJanuary 31, 2012 at 3:07 PM

    Howdy D&D,

    If I could I'd bring you a little something to ease the pain; about a gallon!! Do the DAMP warsh rag in the micro-wave thing and it WILL HELP A LOT!! Thatz why I have a motorhome instead of a HIGH 5r; not far to fall, when you miss the step.

    Hope you get to feeling better and Dennisgives you lotz of hugz!!

  3. Great pictures! Looks like a place we should visit one of these days. Hope this doesn't set you too far back in the triathalon training ;-) I can relate to your friends not knowing how to follow a blog... me and the gadgets aren't doing so well....

  4. Sure glad you don't seem to have injured yourself, which is quite amazing. Hope the hurts go away sooner rather than later. Great pics. You have one of the most delightful blogs to read. Someday I will figure out how to be an official follower.

    Bev in NS Canada

  5. Today must be the day for klutzes! I also fell cleaning out the barn. Can I bring wine instead of beer?

  6. Don't know what it is about that last step! I fell off mine twice at xmas!! Rolled around on the hard, frozen ground, geez, nobody saw me, wonder how long i would have layed/lain/laid out there b4 i was missed?? Hope u are feeling better soon & this is no long term disability. LOVE the header picture!!

  7. hope your feet and legs are feeling better tonight..but I'm thinking you will hurt more tomorrow :( hang in there...

  8. Donna, send us an email at
    We want to get together for lunch or something. While you can still walk!!!!!!

  9. I believe that your 2 ducks are redheads. The mystery bird? Perhaps a Great Blue Heron with a bad feather day? You really need to get closer to advance beyond junior bird nerd. Just put some rubber boots on those aching feet and slosh through it all!

    So, was that a "swan" dive you did out of the fiver?? :)

  10. it's not the step that is the 'killer' it's the sudden stop at the bottom!..good thing no one saw you do your 'faceplant'!..glad that you are basically unhurt!!

  11. Your feet must be wondering what you have against them:) Here is hoping for a speedy recovery this time!

  12. Ouch..why is it whatever part of our body is injured, bruised or cut is always the place we fall on, bang into or in general batter. Love the header photo.

  13. Sure glad you made it through that fall without having to go to the hospital. Sounds like it was pretty dangerous and you could have easily broken an arm or leg - Yikes!!

  14. Oh my goodness...that sounds like quite a tumble you took. I have fallen out of my motorhome door and it's not fun. Take care and hope your foot/feet feel(s) better in a day or two.