Cave Dwellings: There’s Just Something About The Rio Grande Area We Love.…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

There’s Just Something About The Rio Grande Area We Love.…

  My new camera isn’t behaving properly, but I managed to get a slightly passable photo of the full moon Monday night from our Hiker door…





There was just a slight little film of clouds overhead, which helped make this photo better than it could have the tops of the low trees didn’t hurt either!…FYI…we are on the verge of sending our camera in for some repair work when we get back…OR…I might just “kick it to the curb” right here!!!!



Yesterday evening I heard some very loud engine noise , so I pulled up our shades (we had them down to keep the sun off the back end where we sit)….Lo and behold was a pretty long fiver trying to get into a “pull through” site from the wrong direction…WHAT THE ----???  He only had his wife for help, (OK, ladies, we’ve ALL been THERE!) and he seemed to be stuck between the trees  at the back end and the bushes and wood stakes at the front of the site…After watching his wife put her hands to her head in a frustrated manner, McGyver changed into his cape and body suit (in my dreams) and went out to help..


What a dilemma! HELLO!! are suppose to enter a right side “pull through” FROM THE RIGHT SIDE DIRECTION!!!!

It took Dennis, and another gentleman from one of the other sites working with the driver and his wife… and finally, after about 20 minutes , they had him “in the hole”..Den told me he had scuffed the front of his truck a bit, too!! YOUCH!..I couldn’t believe it when we looked out this morning and they were GONE!…All of the for just one night..sheesh!


There is a little  bit of color beginning to pop in the desert scrub brush.  I took a walk by myself on one of the trails INSIDE the camping circle…Don’t worry, I wouldn’t venture outside of the campground without my trusty scout, McGyver ..and his ability to see over the tops of the brushy prickery stuff. 


These twin Yuccas will be getting huge blossoms soon…Right photo is some of the “prickery stuff”  I tend to walk into.

I walked up to the Rec Hall to sign up for another ‘bout  with the washers and dryers this Friday.  It really stinks that they only have 2 of each and we always seem to have 3 loads of laundry…Plus, they don’t open the doors until 8:45AM!..Heck, by then we’ve been awake for almost 3 hours..This makes my imitation of a laundry attendant last until 11AM…I hate being inside on a beautiful day.  Ahhh, the smell of softener sheets wafting though the laundry room and how I love fighting to get the damn lint out of those “lint catchers” without leaving huge dust bunnies on the floor…Do you do what I do??…lick your finger and run it around the catcher…. then try to get the wet lint off your finger and into the wastebasket???? LOVE THAT LAUNDRY!




Let me see, which trail goes to the Rec Hall and which goes into the deep and endless brush and prickers???  The formidable “fork in the road”…Never fear, I chose the right one and blazed a trail right up to the main road into the campground…






I am standing on the road directly in front of the Rec Hall.  The turn to the right goes into the Hall, and also continues on toward some day use areas and cabins you can rent.  Waaaaaay in the distance , do ya see the orange roofed building????Well, that is the gatehouse where you pull though and check in before finding a spot.  From the top of that hill you get a great view of Falcon Lake and the bridge to Mexico…


This morning McGuyver and I took a walk on one of the trails that goes around the camp loops and dips almost down to the lake. If you take the trails all the way around the park, it is 3.1 miles.  This morning we did about 2 miles.

We noticed some tire tracks along the trail…There are no ATV’s allowed by campers in this park, but the Border Patrol has some and it looked like they occasionally use them here…

101_1295 101_1297

McGyver isn’t sure but he suspects the paw print on the right may be a Bobcat..But, keep in mind that he is an OLD scout and might need to brush up on his tracking skills…


While we were walking along the trail, suddenly a huge bird flew up from the ground under a tree right beside us…(I KNEW I should have bought some Depends!)…No kidding, we both jumped a foot.  It was some kind of Hawk and he had apparently been having breakfast under a tree when we scared him.  I tried to get a photo …GRRRR…but by the time I take the lens cover off and turn the darn thing on, the Hawk was, of course, long gone…#@%*$#@&!!





Well, it is almost cocktail hour and I have to put some of my world famous rub on my chicken thighs..Wait a minute..Did I really just say that???MY chicken thighs?? I’ve been accused of having Thunder Thighs, but NEVER chicken thighs..At any rate,  Chef Dennis is grilling them tonight on our Smokey Joe..Tomorrow is grocery day in Rio Grande City, fighting the WalMart crowds..Thank goodness that all of those lovely Hispanic cashiers speak English, because the only Spanish I know is “much denero” and “gracias..but I suppose that’s all you really need to know when shopping for groceries…I don't know smile

Thanks for tolerating more bird photos…I’m still trying to hogtie the Roadrunner for a close up…AND….. Den saw an Armadillo lumber across the road last night…YES!! MORE FLORA AND FAUNA THAN I COULD EVER DREAM OF!!!

“The desert, when the sun comes up...I couldn't tell where heaven stopped and the Earth began.” 
Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump


  1. I love the bird pictures. The colors are just incredible. More would be good. I use my dryer sheet to get the lint off the screens. Works pretty good for me.

  2. The pictures of the birds are good and I have no tips for the laundry..sorry

  3. The picture of the moon is nice, but I remember a Full Moon as being able to get your butt up to the back window of a 52 Mercury as you blasted by your High school before classes, Now that was a Full Moon.Better keep you Scout with you if birds taking flight cause that reaction in you.He y have fun and be safe out there. Sam & DOnna.

  4. Great pictures and writing style....We too love the area......jealous....

  5. Nice oriole. I won't comment on the mooning stuff...

  6. Did you REALLY take those bird photos? LOL.....great job. Keep up the good work.

  7. Yes, Nan..I did really take those bird photos..and I swear on a glass of wine that I did...You would NOT believe the great birds that just fly into your campsite...Truly..I did take them and am looking forward to more before we leave...

  8. adios amiegos is all I know for spanish!!..have fun at Wallyworld!!

  9. I love your writing style :)..great pictures..and yes they need more washers there for sure...and I also lick my fingers and pull the lint round...:)

  10. Tolerate the bird photos??? Love them, so beautiful!!

  11. I just love your bird photos.

    Looks like quite a remote campground. How far are you from civilization?

    Mike and Dee White

  12. Your camera seems to be working pretty good to me judging by your camera photos.

    Sure glad you explained that the 'rub' was for the Chicken's Thighs!!!

    Ya just gotta wonder about how some RV'ers ever get their rigs on the road without totally destroying 'em!!

  13. I like all the colorful birds and wished we had those kinds over here in our area of Arizony.