Cave Dwellings: A “Gnatsty” Morning Walk For Treasure..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A “Gnatsty” Morning Walk For Treasure..

  Our weather finally dawned with the hope of sunshine, not fog…



I took this from our Hiker door..Yep, that looks like ‘Ol Sol just beginning to peek above the cloudbank to the East…Yea!!!



At one point in time, when we had our Cougar, Dennis was heavy into “geocaching”…A.K.A. finding useless containers of useless stuff left by other people who have caught the “geocache bug”…But, first ya gotta get on the computer and find out exactly WHERE these useless prizes are stashed according to the global co-ordinates…We headed out this AM, McGyver clutching the hand held GPS tightly..(this poor hand held GPS thought we had given it up for our Tom Tom in the GMC…(well, we kinda did forget about this little bugger.) 

Our first “cache” was hidden in a big mixed nut container (did they know us?)hidden under the ramp to the bird blind…(explanation of bird blind to you home gamers..It is a place where you can stealthily hide behind camouflage netting to watch the birds and they won’t see you…yet another stupid humanoid trick that the birds have figured out..)

We still had one more“cache” to find and that took us on one of the trails around the perimeter of the campground…and that’s where we were suddenly accompanied by swarms of “Gnatsty” the eyes, ears,nose and stuck between our teeth…irritating little #@*#@#@!’s…  The only thing to make it worse is finding out that they are fattening.

101_1567  We were only yards away, according to Mr. Hand Held , who, by the way, does NOT talk…He’s very have to LOOK at him to see where the H--- you are!.. McGyver was not to be thwarted by insects the size of an a pinhead,  so he dove into the underbrush to come up with….




McGyver opened it up and it contained your typical geocache treasure… a zip lock bag with the usual pen, paper, and little dumb prizes like you get from those gumball machines at the Laundromat…Dennis signed our names, (cause that’s what ya do when finding a geocache), and returned it to it’s hiding place.  All the while , I watched from the trail, expecting to hear Border Patrol helicopters hovering over us at any minute…

So much for our geocaching adventure….But, rest assured we will do this again at Goose Island..(bet you can hardly wait..) I may consider calling our son-in-law, Detective Heiser Glenview IL PD to get a bail bondsman card..hmmmDisappointed smile

Apparently we hadn’t eaten enough gnats for the day, so we took a bike ride that same afternoon.  I let McGyver lead, and he led us down a very bumpy, sandy road to the edge of Falcon Lake..Guess who has the dirt bike?? It ain’t me!!


Hey!!! WAIT UP!!! Sheesh, you would think he’s trying to ditch me or something….I have no idea why..After all, I am my usual stunning vision of loveliness while riding my bike…




Ahhhhhhh, the wonderful wind…Suddenly my hair was all on one side of my head..making me look like Don King in drag…


(and I wonder why McGyver always wants to lead, and does it waaaay out front!)



The flowers are beginning to pop out, here at Falcon Lake…I know that they won’t be in full “Hay Fever” mode until the middle of February, and we will be gone..So, I will post some photos we took February of ‘09 . This is what it will look like ..Don’t get too close to the computer screen if you have allergies..

Hard to believe all this beauty from some prickly brush along the road. (It really is beautiful in person)..AAAAACHOOOOO!!

OK, I’ve succeeded in blabbering my way to the bottom of this blog , which has turned out to be about pretty much nothing…Oh…I forgot…I did get a very pretty sunset photo last night..




“Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.”  ~ Maxine


  1. Congratulations on the Cache Finds!
    Probably been a thousand people found those since we signed in ;-) I'd like to be there to see those flowers in bloom... they make me feel like Spring is here.

  2. I don't have a hand held gps, maybe I can trade one of my hand held scanners for one someday on down the road,it might also be good for finding something in my garage after my son uses it, like tools. Hope you had a good day and a Happy hour. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. Do you ever find any Bush Lite? Now that would be worth looking for.

  4. congrats on the great hunting day...minus the gnats that the pics...

  5. great work on the geocaching! get pedalling..he is leaving you behind!!

  6. Thanks for the blog on geocaching. It reminded me once again of what a really dumb thing I think it is. But, of course, not everyone agrees but you really gotta wonder what the attraction is in looking for junk!

  7. I'm not a geocacher but I have friends who are totally dedicated to finding those wonderful prizes.

  8. I think it might have been the bright orange shirt...the gnats thought you were a son and samantha do the geocaching sometimes, especially in downtown, no gps just computer directions...
    Your bike is the kind I want, Sam bought an ugly green thing for a yard sale for me...has all these gears and things...dont get me wrong I love a stick shift car, not that you can find one of those anymore, but I dont want a stick shift bike!

  9. Although not Geocache people ourselves I do understand the concept & positive side of doing it. I don't think it is so much about what is contained in the Geocache as it is the fact it gives a lot folks a purpose to get themselves outside with the challenge of finding something with the aid of a fun electronic device. It's about the exercise and the fresh air with the purpose of finding something a person is interested in. In my book, I don't see anything wrong with that at all........

  10. Thanks for the heads up on when allergy season begins. I'm sure we'll spend at least our first year on the road trying to avoid the different seasons in different states. As long as you're going to be eating so many gnats, maybe you can find a way to make them taste better!