Cave Dwellings: THE AGONY OF “DE FEET”…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, February 2, 2012


You may have noticed that I have a blogsite link on the sidebar of our blog… “Terrie Heiser Designs”…this would be THE Terrie Heiser who was Terrie Cave, our oldest daughter..She has always had a knack for decorating, and decided to try out a small business helping others who want to decorate “on a budget”…Let me just say, Terrie is the Queen of budget!! Check it out…she has some great ideas..


These pelicans are all lined up hoping that those men cleaning their fish will throw some left overs their way…Looks like the chow line at an “all you can eat” cafeteria to me.






I notice we got some new followers, Dean and Valerie who have a home base in the Southwest and zip around on lots of RV trips in their retirement…Welcome to the insanity of the Cave Dwellers…and don’t be scared..OK, be scared.

We have had some pretty foggy mornings here on the Gulf Coast.  It is like riding through a light misty carwash on my bike rides..


Usually this fog burns off by noon.  I have been riding my bike instead of walking jogging along side McGyver every day.  We also take a bike ride in the afternoon, and yesterday we rode outside the park into the residential area on the bay..I took the camera as an afterthought…and boy, am I glad I did…As we were riding along by a small inland lagoon, I spotted something pink ….



JUDY, JUDY, JUDY!!!!! I spot a Roseate Spoonbill…WHAT A SCORE FOR A JR. BIRD NERD!!!!! Sorry the pictures aren’t better,..and no, he is NOT standing on a duck, he is behind a duck..AND WOULD YA JUST LOOK AT ALL THOSE GREAT DUCKS, TOO!!






While I was jumping up and down and screaming at Dennis to come back, (he was ahead of me as usualConfused smile), I happened to see this dude about to fluff up his wings and I just managed to “squeeze one off”..No, all you kids with Jr. HS humor in mind, that is NOT what you think. I squeezed off a PHOTO, A PHOTO!!!…and a fairly good one too!


I could have stayed there all day and watched this beauty…Rest assured we will be riding our bike that way in the future, too!




Thanks for all the kind words about my swan dive off the camper step…I am sore, but nothing is broken…and now I am beginning to see some swelling and bruising….WARNING! If you don’t like feet, especially with blue toenails, close your eyes as you move down…


Left foot damage top of foot, over the big toe….Right foot is a bluish puff ball along the right side….Hey, bruising and swelling + limping = sympathy…Oh yeah, I am milking it for all it’s worth…(Yes, that is a tattoo you see..and I have one on the other leg, too…Should come as no surprise to most of youPunk)…

Dennis and I are very excited to meet some bloggers who are here in) Rockport/Fulton area…You may also follow  Dawn and Denise, they are fairly new to full timing and we really enjoy reading about their adventures and mis adventures…Well, we are meeting them for a “Happy Hour” at Alice Fayes’ On The Bay tomorrow afternoon….



OK, I have sufficiently grossed out 90% of my followers with “feet fotos”, and alienated the other 10%, I’m sure, with the “squeeze one out” joke…Sorry, but that’s how I roll…See y’all soon and a big thanks to our family members for  probably being the only peeps have read this far..…










“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” ~ Gore Vidal



  1. This little piggy went to market and this little piggy stayed home..Sorry could't help my self!!


  2. Your feet can't be as sore as mine, mine feel like I am walking on hot coals all the time. Hey I thought the definition of gross was when you threw you underwear against the wall and they stick. Personally I like the outfit and you are comfortable that's all that counts,I know that will be good for a cold one next time we meet. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. Nice score on the spoonbill even if it seems to be standing on a pintail!

    Hey, at least you have toenails big enough to paint any color...

    Personally, I wouldn't give Sam a beer for his definition of gross...yuck!

  4. Love the spoonbill, there are two in the pond in front of my RV. Haven't been able to get a good pic, so I borrowed a pic from the internet.

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  7. Ouch, those feet look painful! Hope it doesn't take long to get back on your feet, so to speak.

    Mike and Dee

  8. nice Happy Hour ensemble!!..sure can tell it is warm where you are!!

  9. I really enjoy riding over there on the Lamar area. The loop around to and back from the Big Tree has always been fun. Most of the neighborhood can be ridden safely.
    Another good ride is highway 361 between AP and Port A, then cross the ferry and have your way with the Port A area.

  10. I don't give a damn! I wear clothes because I would get cold without. Oh and arrested too!

  11. Your feet sure look pretty sore. As for outfits - I'm a poor one to talk about that.

  12. butterbean carpenterFebruary 3, 2012 at 1:27 PM

    Howdy Donna,
    Doesn't pedaling the bike hurt your feet?? It takes LONGER for feet injuries to heal, so THE OPERATIONS may NOT be completely healed YET!!
    Be really careful, you've got a LOTTA years to go yet, we hope!!!
    You are so lucky with your pic subjects; not everyone can just take off on a bike ride and come up with FABULOUS SPOONBILL pics!! Pure Donna luck! What tootat?? All I saw was swelled flesh and blue toenails.. Hurting for you!!!

  13. I hope you at least had one xray.....and are not guessing they're not broken...something still could be mom took a fall yrs ago..thought nothing was broken and found out 4 weeks later her foot was broken and fractured in 3 places and she was walking on it for that month....I truly hope that is not the case with the bird pics...:)

  14. Those pelicans look a lot more polite than some I have seen waiting to get to the buffet line:)