Cave Dwellings: Walking With My Foot In My Mouth….It Ain’t Easy.
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, January 27, 2012

Walking With My Foot In My Mouth….It Ain’t Easy.

  This morning McGyver and I went up to the Rec Hall because we were running out of clean clothes. I put on my stunning “Lighthouse fleece jacket” as it was only 55 degrees this morning.. Den helped me carry the duffel bag and basket of our laundry in, then he took off for his walk.  I put the $9 in the little box on the wall,  proceeded to fill the two washers and get the laundry show on the road.  Then, I struck off in another direction to walk on my own, knowing I had a full 30 minute wash cycle to get back...I guess I should never be allowed to strike out on my own.

  Just zooming along, minding my own business, I noticed I was coming upon a couple walking their dog off to the side of the road.  As I did my Jackie Joiner pass (huffing and puffing), the lady said, “I love your jacket”..and I turned and said “Garage Sale”..She laughed, and her hubby said “My garage sales are all tools” which I responded over my shoulder, “I call those Man Sales”…Keep in mind I had passed them, and this conversation was being shouted at this point…His response to me was, “That was a pretty sexist remark, are you one of those “Feminists”?  Do I really need this abuse?..He didn’t leave it at that.  He was shouting again, “I tried to open a door for one of you once  and almost got my head taken off!”..NO..REALLY?? ONE OF US?? Thankfully, I was almost out of screaming range..almost…I couldn’t resist  shouting back over my shoulder, “You could hold the door for me ANYTIME!!”  and I threw my arms up in the air in exasperation and began power walking …and talking to myself…Now, I ask you..Did I provoke that exchange?? OK, maybe a Man Sale wasn’t a good choice of words…Maybe I should have said a “Man-Stuff Sale”..and maybe my last words should have been “EAT MY DUST!”Nyah-Nyah




Remember my stove light that McGyver installed so I could see what kind of “mystery meat” I was cooking??


…Well, it looked like a airport runway landing light, not to mention it lit up the whole inside of our camper ..and was exactly at my eye level.  This was blinding me and causing me to overcook food and make meals that were terrible.. (Hey, shut up. ..that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!) Well….McGyver..being McGyver.. made me a great invention to shield my eyes AND to direct the light DOWN  upon my cooking area…You’re gonna love this!!!


…Oh, the things you can do with an empty Busch Lite 30 pack box….I was wondering what he was so intently working on at our picnic table…No, this is NOT permanent…THIS, dear friends, is what McGyver calls a “prototype”..When we get home, McGyver will put his sheet metal skills to use and make me one just like this one…only prettier…and sturdier…and painted black…Don’t worry, this one doesn’t’ “catch fire”, it’s too far away from any flame..McGuyver is WAS a Fireman, after all !!  I’ll bet NONE of you have a light like this at home or in your camper..they are a  “one of a kind”..I think we should patent it…LADIES, EAT  YOUR HEART OUT!!



I know there are a gazillion animal lovers out there…Well, Dennis and I discovered a fabulous new TV show called Blue Collar Dogs, on the National Geographic Wild channel…It showed how they train rescue dogs, police dogs, drug sniffing dogs…fabulous, fabulous show..Click the link to find out the channel and times in your won’t regret it…

Before I forget it, we have a new brave follower.  I want to welcome DarnJoe to the land of the Cave Dwellers..Jump up into the GMC, DarnJoe..Don’t let all those crazy people in the back seat intimidate you…I didn’t see a blog site for ya, DarnJoe,…so come along with us…Can I  just say that you and I have something in common?..Your name is DarnJoe..and very frequently mine is DammitDonna.I don't know smile

             “One way to prevent conversation from being boring is to say the wrong thing.”  

                                                                                           ~ Frank Sheed                 


  1. I love it when I find a "find" at the thrift store! But I can never keep it to myself. I just got a new pair of walking shoes for $5.00 at Goodwill. They look like they have never been worn! Just my size!

  2. What a good way to recycle and what a sacrifice he had to do for you by drinking all those..

  3. I have several High Life Light 30 packs if he needs more prototypes.I surely would mind emptying them for a worthy cause like that.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Wow, sounds like that guy was a little crabby. Nice light deflector. I also did some power walking yesterday when my stuff was in the washer.

  5. So how did that shoe taste? I'm thinking he needed a swift kick in the asparagus! Who-ah!!

  6. What a jerk! That guy sure has a problem. Hopefully, you ruined his whole day!

  7. I think you handled him just right!!!! Hopefully you meet up with him again..and maybe hold the door for him? sounds like hes a non rver..cause rvers are all so nice :) love the light good one

  8. Speaking as "one of those feminists" your comment wasn't sexist, it's not like you were trying to provoke or belittle him. Some people are just crazy. I sold some stuff on Ebay this month, had to authorize a return with a buyer, and she was all over me every chance she got and accused me of trying to "trick" her when she found a flaw on an item. The story ends with an email I opened when I got home from work that said "I see you received the return today but I don't see the refund in my account yet." I replied that Ebay didn't require me to wait by the door for the mailman and run right to my computer instantly. You got to wonder what is wrong with some people to make them so antagonistic, right?

  9. You should have asked Grumpy Gus if his tools were not all working like they should be. Perhaps that was what was making him cranky.

  10. That feller needed a good slap in the yap!!

  11. Ha ha. Maybe that guy had a burr in his underpants.

    Mike and Dee

  12. Sorry you had a run in with Mr. Happy on your walk. Someone must have pe..d in his oatmeal this morning. I too can't resist a good bargin, as demonstrated by my latest acquisition of a brand new down filled parka for $6 from a thrift store. Just what a fella needs in FL.

  13. Love your new lampshade! Kind of made me think of that line... "You might be a redneck if". Next template I'd insist he use the cardboard from a nice tasteful boxed wine ;-) Too bad we'd already left Falcon... would love to have heard that confrontation, opps,sorry.. conversation.

  14. I agree w/ Judy, but then I have a tendency to put more than my foot in my mouth. When Sam would get calls at work from another department, before they said a word his query was "What did she do now ! Sorry I grew up w/ all boys in the country.
    Good solution on light...but I'd be hitting my head on it all the time, I have just the opposite problem I have to stoop to see whats on the back burners.