Cave Dwellings: A Blog is just a Diary, made public….so…..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Blog is just a Diary, made public….so…..

Dear Diary…Thursday we drove into Rio Grande City and did our shopping.  You have to go through the town of Roma on the way.  Roma has some very historic buildings, but you miss some of the historic parts on the highway.  Here is  one old building on the main drag, and I will post some photos of “Historic Roma” later . 


Left pic, a very old building on the corner…Right is the street taking you to the “bridge to Mexico”…

There is a brand new International Bridge to Mexico in Roma, taking the place of a very old worn out one…

Left is the old bridge..  In the photo on the right, you can see the old one , left,  next to the new one, right. We walked across the bridge into Roma once, and ONLY once, on our first trip here in 2006.…We were the only Gringos over there, and looked it… in our white sneaker, shorts, spiffy polo shirts and cameras around our necks.  Talk about feeling like all eyes were on you!! We walked up one block on one side of the street, crossed and walked right back to the bridge to the US …What a couple of dumb asses..Lucky we didn’t get rolled.!!

The Rio Grande is VERY narrow here in Roma…swimmable if you are desperate…or just wanting to spend some time getting to know the local Border Police…

The town of Rio Grande City has an old section you have to drive to on your way to the big box stores…There are some very old buildings here..



Yesterday was laundry day, so I loaded the backset full of OUR “dirty laundry”, and took the truck up to the Recreation Hall, armed with Spray and Wash, Wisk, Softner Sheets, coffee cup and Harry Potter book..Sorry about having to make an already crowded back seat worse, but somehow you all managed to make the ride without killing each other..yet.


They have 2 washers and 2 dryers…and I had 3 loads…hmmm. You have to sign up ahead of time, which I had done, and each load is $1.50.  They use the honor system to pay, which consists of a padlocked box on the wall with a little slot in it…If you don’t have the correct change, I guess you’re screwedAnnoyed.

Our weather has been just divine this week, and we have had a couple great sunsets…


I took this sunset from the empty site across from ours… just had to get a photo of the Cave Dwellings.  The birds are everywhere here, but I had been bitching (no, REALLY?) because I  hadn’t seen any Javelina or Roadrunners  yet…I love spotting them both, but the wild pigs do scare me… and they smell terrible..The Roadrunners I  REALLY LOVE, because they are so cute…AND…they dine on snakes.. Well, yesterday evening I was sitting outside reading and heard some rustling of branches…Lo and behold…


“Yeah, your Mama’s a PIG!!”..(He actually made me very nervous)…and then the rest of the “herd” walked through our backyard…YIKES!!!..REINFORCEMENTS!  ALL I ASKED FOR WAS ONE!!!!  I wasn’t too sure if I should move or not..Then, the big one yawned and displayed some pretty scary tusk like teeth and I nearly wet myself.  They, however, were not impressed, and apparently had better things to do, like scare a few more tourists.  They continued on and  left through the underbrush..

I got my other wish yesterday too..but he was in a hurry and didn’t stay long…




This is Mr. Warbler..I don’t know his first name yet, it’s a big family..but he likes oranges,  isn’t fond of sitting for a photo…and likes to give me his backside.




The Mockingbirds are everywhere, copying every other bird’s unique call and making it their own..They have a regular repertoire of songs, from Green Jay to Cardinal…better imitations than Rich Little..( I DARE you to remember who that is!)





We are sooo enjoying our stay here and hope to extend it 2 more weeks this weekend…that would make it a total of one month here, and that’s about as long as we light in one place.  We  hear the Coyotes here every evening and sometimes they wake me up in the night..Don’t get me wrong..I LOVE that’s soooo lonesome and sad sounding .  One Coyote usually starts with a solo, and then the others join in the choir…YOWWWWWWLING into right into the dawn. 

By the way, I have changed up my evening wear ensembles to accomodate the warm weather…My black fleece cardigan has given way to a very lovely little number rose print nightshirt…And my Tweety Bird flannel pants are on the shelf, and OFF the shelf came my gray lightweight pants ala Goodwill Store…Did you notice my Disney Xmas mug has been replace by an “I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC” one???…AND I DO LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC. 


So, thanks for reading my diary, and for following the Crazy Caves as they try not to embarrass themselves along the route…Sometimes it’s hard not to look the idiot..Wait..I just looked at my photo and know full well that I cannot possibly NOT look the idiot in THAT outfit!  Oh,’s cocktail hour  and I am now dressed for the occasion…


Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos. Before a brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish in the crowd.”~haven’t a clue.


  1. You are a fashion statement that's all I can say..

    I have a question do your kids read your blog? I never see a commit like o mom how could you..

  2. Guess you haven't ever read the kids book entitled: : "Don't Call Me a Pig!".

  3. Spend some time getting to know your local Border Patrol. ha, ha... those guys did NOT look very friendly when i had to go thru their check points. Don't think i presented much of a threat tho :)

  4. Kenny and Angela...Our kids read it..but never comment on it..We keep more communication on Facebook...and by the way, they are use to me embarrassing's how I am and they are use to me...

  5. from one diary writer to another!..Cheers!..hope you enjoyed your happy hour in your summer ensemble!!!

  6. I used to keep a journal (pre internet days) and I love writing on my blog as I can always go back and see what we were doing on any given day. As you say, it is a public diary!!

  7. Not sure I'd want to see those pigs walking thru the back of our site but we don't mind the Roadrunners.

    Glad to see you keeping up your fashion style while RV'ing!

  8. Looks like you have all kinds of neighbors at your site.Of the 4 legged and avian type. Don't matter what you look like at Happy Hour it's what you look like after that counts.Have a ball and stay safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  9. Boy you're funny! Serious - I love how you write Donna! I don't make it here all that often - a mom is a mom even on the road - but enjoy myself when I get here.

  10. Which Harry Potter book are you reading and how many times have you read it? I've read them all so many times I've lost count! ;) Have any author recommendations for me? I've run out of new authors to read. I'm going out to look at Kindles today. Sometimes the ink on the pages is too fumy or the books are dusty/moldy.