Cave Dwellings: In A Fog…Not Unusual For Me
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, January 23, 2012

In A Fog…Not Unusual For Me

Confused smile

This morning we awoke to a gray, damp and dreary day with fog turning into light “facial spa” mist.  McGyver got the spa benefits while taking visits to “the dump”, when it really should have been ME getting the facial! We have had a few foggy mornings here at Falcon lately.  The other day, while “feeling our way” on our walk, we suddenly heard the howl of one lone Coyote somewhere ahead of us near the roadside…oooooh boy.  It is unusual to hear just one of these soulful cries.  If one begins the serenade, others usually join in..but no one was singing with this dude..and I wasn’t about to try my skills at Coyote calling…We kept hearing him in the fog, and we were getting closer.  Now, as McGyver was forging ahead, I was falling purposefully behind, and really getting nervous.  I thought maybe he was injured…or rabid…or a serial killer…The Stephen King movie Cujo was doing flashbacks in my brain.

Suddenly, barely discernable in the fog, we spotted him loping across the road ahead of us, stopping right in the middle to look leeringly at these two tasty looking humanoids coming at him…QUICK!..CAMERA…ON…ZOOM…FOCUS…..WAIT! WHERE’D HE GO?? CRAP!!! He was totally onto me ,trying to catch a close up, and my camera lens couldn’t keep up with his ghostlike figure slinking off into the underbrush…I’m a little slow on the trigger finger, thus…no Coyote photos..I repeat, CRAP!

The birds here, (get ready to take a nap, bird- weary followers), are still very entertaining..but then, Dennis and I are easily entertained..


This is a Yellow Rumped Warbler (no,I did NOT make that up)..Right is an American Goldfinch..(at least I THINK that’s what they areRolling on the floor laughing.   Of course, we still have the cast of “usual suspects”….easily identifiable to a “Jr. Bird Nerd”..(love that title!..Thanks, Judy!).




…And while we are on the topic of birds, I must confess my ignorance in the fine art of Bird Feeding.  After getting the feeling that Judy was disapproving of my marshmallow frenzy, I Googled it to see if I was amiss in my choice of bird treats…DARN RIGHT I WAS!!..Correcto Mundo, my bird blogger friend…and here is the Wikipedia  PROOF  AND TRUTH..AND I CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH!! I can also hear my mother saying “Just because everyone else is doing it, does NOT  make it right!”…no truer words..So, now I’m trying to find a troop of Cub Scouts and add my bag of marshmallows to their ingredients for S’mores… Angel

I will now quickly segue into the ever blossoming shrubs and brush around us…More and more every day!!


Don’t ask me to identify the flowers, I already flunked “birds”..Thinking smile


……I think this is NOT a butterfly, but a moth of some kind…Think I’ll just call him “Orange Eater”..see how I roll?  It’s no wonder my Biology teacher wanted me out of his class…He passed me just for his own mental health.Confused smile

We really don’t like to make definite plans, but when in Texas during February and March, it is wise to have some firm reservations set up..and by that, I DON’T mean Wal Mart parking lots.  So, we got online to the Texas State Park reservation system (which can be a challenge in itself) and made reservations for 2 weeks at Goose Island State Park, in Fulton…and then 2 weeks at Goliad State Park, in Goliad.  From there we will jump back into the Army Corps parks so we can actually get a perk for being old and crabby..HALF PRICE CAMPING!….This means 2 weeks at Lake Georgetown, in Georgetown (duh), and then 2 weeks at Lake O’ The Pines at Jefferson, TX….OH YEAH…LOVE THIS ITINERARY.  We have stayed at all of these parks and they are definitely on our list of Texas Favorites.

Well, McGyver and I are enjoying our last full week here…We do our daily exercise,  …..


…take our daily bike rides…..                                    ..and have our daily “Happy Hour”…

Oops…I don’t wanta forget to welcome a new rider to the GMC.  Michael Kane has decided to give up his extensive movie career and come with all of us  to take a break from fame..…OH OH…OOPS AGAIN!.. I guess that was Michael “C”-aine…Sorry, Michael with a “K”, and NO “I” …Just jump into the back seat,  kick the candy wrappers aside, and explain to the crew already there why you are NOT signing autographs…Embarrassed smile

“Early each day to the steps of St. Paul's, the little old bird woman comes... In her own special way to the people she calls, come buy my bags full of crumbs. Come feed the little birds, show them you care, and you'll be glad if you do. Their young ones are hungry, their nests are so bare; all it takes is tuppence from you. Feed the birds, tuppence a bag. Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag...”  ~Mary Poppins


  1. Don't worry Donna Coyotes are pack animals so you are safe, unless you here about six of them barking back and forth and then they pop up around you in a circle, like Velica-Raptors.Do they have any of those down there. Oh yeah have fun and sit outside after dark enjoying the fire. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Oh I got so excited... I KNOW what butterfly that is... just let me grab my Kaufman's guide... OOPS... I seem to have traded off some of my field guides for books like "500 Thing to Eat Before It's Too Late" and books like that...(hey, we all have our priorities).. I'm still struggling with that ^%$#* blog... wish we'd had more time to visit with you folks. Your plans sound good to me... Hope to see you down the road.

  3. So, how did the Odd Essay know it was a butterfly? By the two knobs on the end of its antennas. :) That's how you tell them from moths...

    You done good Junior!

  4. heres what I know..birds fly, flowers grow and butterflies I'm no help to you in that for Happy Hour??? count me in I'm experienced and am permanently signed up :)

  5. we are all in a fog at some time or another!..cheers!..enjoy your happy hour!!

  6. Your blog is always so colorful...and your pictures aren't bad either!

  7. Your blog is definitely becoming very 'birdy' but that's o.k. because your photos are darn good.

    Nice socks!

  8. I'm with Elaine. and as usual Judy has given us some new knowledge...Just think of coyotes as ill tempered dogs..if they get to close tell them very firmly to
    Sit and Stay...then make sure you can outrun Den.