Cave Dwellings: We are on the Texas Coastal Birding Trail….OOOOOH YES!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, January 5, 2012

We are on the Texas Coastal Birding Trail….OOOOOH YES!

First of all, a big HOWDY Y’ALL to new brave readers Pam and Wayne!!  Right now our GMC is a little crowded, but that’s because everyone wants to sit by the window …If y’all aren’t careful, I’ll strap ya into car seats and feed you cheerios like we did our kids…and BE NICE to the new people!!!

  Dennis and I finally have our bikes off the rack, so we took a bike ride down around the lakefront here at Falcon Lake.  There were quite a few fishing boats out there, but they were staying pretty close to the shoreline. DUH.  There is an invisible line between Mexico and the US that would be easy to cross unknowingly.  There is still some trouble with the Mexican Pirates stopping fishing boats, but no more shootings of Americans anyway…yet.


That would be Mexico just across the lake..


We rode our bikes up by the boat launch where some of the fishermen were unloading their catch….


As we were leaving, a young Hispanic man was holding his catch up for his friend to take a photo.  I commented on the size of the fish and smiled, and he held it up for me to grab a shot…


What you see here is a Large Mouth Bass weighing 8 1/2-9 lbs (so he told me).  We had a bit of a communications problem…but I am prett sure he said that his family would like this, saying “we eat good tonight”..Almost makes me want to throw a line in the lake…and in Texas State Parks, you don’t need a fishing license.!!

Monday evening, when Dennis was outside after dark, he heard some helicopter action over the lake…Border Patrol, no doubt..As we sit in front of our computer, we can just make out a “blimp” in the air waaaaay out there..I took a photo, but you have to look hard to see it..That little white dot is the “Big Brother” Border Patrol cameras..always watching…Thank you very much.


  This is some kind of high flyin’ camera surveillance being  done by the Border Patrol.  This blimp like thing was out there 3 years ago when we were last here.  It isn’t manned from the air, it’s  all done from the ground.

I gotta tell ya, if you don’t like bird photos, we  won’t want to read my blog for the next few weeks…It will be a  BIRDAPALOOZA.. Here are a few shots I took while sitting outside having coffee yesterday morning.



These 2 Green Jays were thinking they could be Karl Wallenda, and hang from this little feeder.  Hey, you two, this is for little “perching” birds, NOT big desparados like you two!!



I believe this is the male Pyrruloxia…(I call these birds the “pyromaniacs” cause it’s easier for me to remember.)



Isn’t this the cutest little bird EVER"?? He is a Black Tufted Titmouse..I think. I’m sure  Judy will correct me if I am amiss.

There are some very interesting campers here …To each his own, I always say…yep, travel vehicles take many forms down here.


I’m thinking these folks are still reliving Woodstock and the Magical Mystery Tour…(A few of you will understand).



Above is the Falcon Lake Dam and the bridge to Mexico..That is a Border Patrol tower to the right of the bridge..The photo on the right is a barbed wire fence which marks the boundary of the park..You may be able to see that the wires have been separated many times for someone to climb through..



As you can tell, we spend lots of time outside and NEVER leave the door without our camera.  Today we got groceries in Rio Grande City which is about 35 miles from here.  At least we don’t have to leave the park for laundry..They have 2 washers and dryers up at the Rec Hall…I’m not too sure there are any Laundromats I would want to wander into in town..just sayin’.

OK,…..long blog….not much talk…probably too many photos…But, Hey, that’s how I’m gonna roll down here..Thanks for hanging on this long and getting to…..THE END!!!

“He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.” 


  1. Woodstock and the Magical Mystery Tour…?????? What??

  2. A titmouse, Sam's been known to look at a few of them especially of college age.Looks like you guys are having fun, Unfortunately I was flying in the Navy when Woodstock went down or I probably would have been there, My home Base was in new Jersey only a few hours drive, I remember when I got back talking to some guys that actually made the trip and they said it was awesome.Stay off the Lake and BE SAFE OUT THERE.. Sam & Donna...

  3. This is great! Have never seen so many different birds! That green jay is really pretty!!

  4. Green Jay is so pretty...I'm envious of all the beautiful birds you are seeing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Haven't seen a hippy-dippy van like that in a while!

    Maybe you should be wearing helmets and flak jackets when you ride your bikes near the shoreline?

  6. Great header and titmouse shots! Keep the bird photos coming. :)

  7. Those are some kinda colorful the pictures.

  8. I love all the beautiful birds there. Take and post all the pictures you want....I for one will keep coming back :)
    Betty and Joe

  9. Great photo of the Green Jay. I love birds, so bring on the picts!

  10. Yep, I remember all that great hippy stuff alright....Groovy:))

  11. Love the bird pics. Now I have a request, yes its getting crowded back here, but would you please tell Sam, I'm suppose to be sitting on HIS lap , not the other way around.

  12. I definitely remember Woodstock..altho I was too young to partake...which is probably a 'good' the bird pictures...

  13. Thanks for the welcome! I really loved all the pics you posted this time. From what I've seen on everyone's blogs Texas looks like it has some nice sized sites at their state parks and we can't wait to make our way down there 4 years from now. Keep all those pics coming, I had a hard time seeing out the window with all the people crowded in with us!