Cave Dwellings: Why We LOVE Falcon State Park…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why We LOVE Falcon State Park…

  We are all tucked in here at Falcon State Park.  In fact we are in exactly the same site we were in 3 years ago, the last time we were here.  The park is not even half full, but we did run into some old friends who have been coming here for years, Harold and Judith Paeltrow from Minnesota.




Here is Harold, waving from their motor home…..He is originally from Germany and also is a gifted wood carver.  He carves canes and walking sticks.  I ‘ll see if he will let me take a pic of one while we are here….




Here are some of the reasons we love it so much here..


..The sites are all “pull through” and we have a covered picnic table..AND this year they have paved the sites.



Nice roads to drive and bicycle…and we have a large backyard in our site..Great for the wandering Javelina, Roadrunners and deer here. Wish we had a swing set for them to play on..Rolling on the floor laughing


Sooooo many different birds here…I finally got this female Pyrruloxia to come into the sunshine and pose…



I’ll be you are wondering why we tie WalMart bags  on our truck mirrors… Well, these birds here either HATE their reflection, and think there is another bird looking at them in the mirror…or they have a serious ego problem..  Either way, they like to peck at the mirrors and they can scratch them up pretty good!..We thought we had won the “pecking order” contest, however…


…they are finding something else shiny on our GMC to see themselves in…I can’t help it, I do love the nerve of these birds…naughty…hmmmm, maybe because I ‘m just like them?.Nyah-Nyah


This is a photo of a Green Jay.  I promise I will get a better one soon.  You may be able to see that his head is bright blue and his body is bright green…very tropical looking, and there are quite a few around this year.


(We also spotted a couple Orioles on our walk this morning, but didn’t get a good photo.. This means I will be putting some orange slices in the trees around our site to attract them into my personal  “aviary”….LOVE IT HERE!!)



NOT so fond of these huge-ass red ants roaming around outside…That ant on the right pic has a piece of something half his size and is taking somewhere…hopefully somewhere FAR FROM OUR RV!!! (I may have to drag out the ant spray!)…But, even these little darlings cannot damper my excitement for the wonderful wildlife we can see here…AND…


…they have a Butterfly Garden to walk through!! My camera oughta be smokin’ by the time we leave.


Did I mention that our bikes are finally off the rack for the first time on this trip?? Oh, yea, McGyver had to lube them both up..The chains had begun to rust from all the rainy weather we came through, but they are greased up and “ready to ride”…

You may be able to tell that the weather is MUCH better…Temps are to be in the 70’s all week..I may even get a chance to add to my wrinkles (if there is anymore room) by sitting in the sunshine!!  I will be posting more pictures soon.   I am hoping to get some very different bird shots than my normal boring stuff…


This is the free bridge to Mexico, just 2 miles outside our park entrance.  If you look closely, you can barely see the mountains of Mexico in the background.

We won’t be venturing across the border on this way, no how…

Ok, so we are settled in for at least 2 weeks, and very likely we will stay longer because you can extend your stay more than 2 weeks at this park… Obviously , people aren’t beating down the doors to get in, which is a shame..This is one of our favorite places.  Thanks for checking on us.  As you can see we are happy as pigs javelina in sh—mud.!!

“There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before.”  ~Robert Wilson Lynd


  1. Looks like a great spot , paved and all, mighty civilized,I hope the temps stay up a cold wave is heading your way, we are cold here today a high of 35 is all. Plenty of sun though.Tell Denny to get a good fire going in case the temps drop. be safe out there, we miss you guys. Sam & Donna....

  2. Pyrruloxia? Ha Ha! A bird nerd in the making...

  3. welcome to the valley - we might have to cruze that direction and meet you guys.

  4. Well, way to go on those bird shots!! With the camera of course... Keep up the great work and enjoy yourselves to the max (notice that's not mex)!

  5. Please be careful there. It can be a dangerous place. It looks like a great place just be careful

  6. looks like a wonderful your crack me up..your blog is always uplifting :)

  7. enjoy your little piece of paradise!!!..looks like heaven!!!..have a great time!

  8. Great bird pics!! Such a variety!. What town are u near? Warm weather?

  9. Love the bird picts. Our eastern Cardinals also like to pick on their reflections.

    Falcon is definitely on our go-to list when we start full-timing.

    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Say, could you box up some of those Green Jays and mail them over our way. My cameras would enjoy seeing a little extra color bouncing around in the trees.

  11. Ummmm...I think the bridge to Mexico is free cause...Mexico looks pretty empty there!!!

  12. Love the bird pics, especially the Green Jay..he is beautiful.
    Your campground site is really good...paved and covered patio, nice.