Cave Dwellings: A walk AND a facial…AN ADDED BONUS!. Such a deal.
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, January 9, 2012

A walk AND a facial…AN ADDED BONUS!. Such a deal.

  Right off the bat, I have to say..I KNOW!!! This blog has 2 very different font sizes goin’ on…Chalk it up to Live Writer trying to sabotage my creativity…or…maybe I should change it up now and then, just to see if you notice…Vampire batAt any rate, I am sooooo honked off about it, I am verklempt. I just now noticed that my spacing is off too!!!!  Well, isn’t this a fine mess??? I’m too tired to fight it…Read it and weepSad smile

 One of the things we love about Texas is the fresh fruit…While we are here, we just gotta’ take advantage of the great citrus  grown here in the Rio Grande Valley…ONE PROBLEMO…according to the MD powers that be, those of us who have a cholesterol problemBaring teeth smile, and are taking Simvastatin are NOT to eat grapefruit….SAY WHAT?? It has something to do with how the fruit interferes with an enzyme used to break down Simvastatin in the body….bummer.  Sooooo, we got the nextest bestest thing….



All of those wonderful, juicy Texas beauties for only $5..and we didn’t even have to bargain .  I am having trouble sharing these with my bird friends, but I reluctantly cut a couple up and set up a buffet.  Someone told the Blackbirds there was a smorgasbord at our campsite and I had to chase flocks of those pests away…Not to be deterred, they sit up on the power lines and wait for me to go inside the camper before returning….GRRRR!!

  McGyver dumped our tanks this morning while I cleaned inside.  Let me just say it’s quite a jaunt down the road, around the corner and up the hill to the dump station.  Den DID get a bonus “siting” while coming back from the “dumpster”…He said he saw what looked to be a Bobcat, possibly, go across the road a ways in front of him. It was bigger than a fox and if the old Indian Scout, McGyver, says it was a Bobcat, I’m goin’ with that…They are in this park, as they have photos taken of the elusive felines up at the Rec Hall…Cat face 





Yesterday was quite moist and foggy in the AM…But, I see it as a way of getting your exercise and a facial all at the same time..The thing I love about the fog down here is that any spider webs (that are virtually invisible) magically appear as delicate works of art, supporting tiny beads of moisture….




I found one of these lacey works of art showing up on our HB feeder on our ladder….


And what appears as a dried up Cactus is, upon closer inspection, holding little drops of water like a thirsty straw.

It took Den and I a while to figure out why no one was taking the site just up the road and across from us..Some people would pull in and pull right back out!!




What we have here, Cowpokes, are “Fire Ant” Condominiums…..Some are hi-rise, 4 bedrooms and some are ranch style one bedroom flats, with quick access to bare feet and legs…Trust me, I’ve inadvertently strolled through one of their neighborhoods…The word “misery” comes to mind.

McGuyver and I have decided to stay here until Jan. 30th, which means at the end of this week (our 2 week stint) we will extend for 2 more weeks…We love the weather and the fact that you NEVER know what you will see, and I mean human, animal or vegetable.  After that we will be in Goose Island State Park for 2 weeks and then on to Goliad for 2 more weeks..two of our State Park “favs”.  That will take us through February and then we gotta’ get our ducks in a row for March, too.  March brings out the local Texans for Spring Break ,and most weekends are booked up way ahead.  I have no problem..after all these are THEIR parks, but a smart Winter Texan needs to get reservations ASAP for March…or…find lots of very tolerant Wal Marts to park in.


Got me some turkey chili in the crockpot..This consists of cooked ground turkey and onion, garbanzo beans, black beans, kidney beans,  Roitel tomatoes and green chilies, cumin, chili powder, tomato sauce….And… lots of Rolaids and air freshener for the following morningWilted rose!!!


So, as I ride (on my bike) off into the Texas sunset, I want to thank you all for not snoring through this blog and scaring my birds…They are scared enough when I walk out our Hiker door at 4PM in one of my very seductive and stylish evening ensemblesPunk!

“Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the 'Titanic' who waved off the dessert cart.”
Erma Bombeck


  1. You will see more bob cats right now because it is mating season for them and they are looking for a one night stand.

  2. Great to see you are enjoying the Texas weather, We see Bobcats all the time here, they are white and black and are locally called skidloaders, great for smaller excavating.I know I need a High Life. We got all the way up to 49 degrees today, no wear near you 70's. Be safe out there. And watch out for low leaping kangeroo's those babies can hurt ya. Sam & Donna..

  3. Ha, ha -took me a minute...air freshener :)
    I am going to try that, look at all the protein!!

  4. I'm kinda like you, I don't enjoy those blackbirds at our feeders...when you shew them off and go in, they come right back.
    Love that foggy texas weather.

  5. Donna,

    Hope you dont show that "turkey chili" to any locals. That is a hanging offense in this part of the world. lol

  6. Love your bird header. Sounds like great weather but those ants would definitely not be fun.

  7. I'm getting sea sick weaving back and forth to read the different font sizes. :)

    Beans, beans the magical fruit... :P

  8. On the cholesterol meds and grapefruit -- our doctor said take the meds at night, take the grapefruit in the mornings, and no problem. Minimum time difference of 2 hours, but morning to evening better.

  9. due to my lipitor I also can't eat your pictures...cept the ones of the ant condos...

  10. LOVE the pic of the cactus! Not so much the pic of the ant condos. I would be very upset if I pulled in and had to set up there! Easy on the chili, don't want to scare away all the wildlife, right?

  11. Love the Green Jay header! Coming from Ontario, I have seen Blue Jays and Grey Jays, but never a Green jay! Beautiful bird.

    Mike and Dee White

  12. beans beans the musical fruit the more you eat the more you 'toot'!!..chili looks delicious!!

  13. I can't remember the last time, if ever, I felt "verklempt"!! Does it hurt or is it just uncomfortable.

  14. uh oh watch out w/ the sexy ensembles..kenny/angela said its mating season.
    Fire ants are the pitts, I remember as a kid stooping down going pretty..then the damn thing wrapped around my finger and stung the #$#$ out of me till I smashed it on a rock.

  15. butterbean carpenterJanuary 13, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    Howdy D&D

    I used to sell a 'chili', which wasn't very 'warm', but people UP NORTH complained about the fire in it.. That 'stew' you're calling chili looks great, but IT AIN'T CHILI!!! If you see a Robert Kitty, you are very lucky, as they don't want to see anybody...
    We have'em on the ranch, but never see them, just their tracks.. We'd like to have y'all stop by on your way back UP NORTH and feast on some REAL CHILI!!!
    Enjoy everything except the crowds.
    If you are going to be around Rockport, Joyce has a cousin with RV hookups that may make a hole-up place for SRANG BRAKE!! She's an ex-trucker and you would enjoy her
    and her joie d' fer!!
    Holler if you want more info!!