Cave Dwellings: Donna Being Compliant …Hard To Imagine..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Donna Being Compliant …Hard To Imagine..

This AM was very foggy when we walked.  The fisherman apparently don’t mind the fog, there were a gazzillion of trucks and empty boat trailers down by the launch.  They must do something like “combat fishing”. With all those boats zooming around in the fog, and almost no visibility to see where  you are, how do you keep from ramming another boat?..My luck, I would get lost and end up in Mexican waters..not advisable…Surprised smile


This fog did give me an idea…an idea about cleaning our truck, which hadn’t been washed since we left..YUCK!

Well, after doing my research about what you can and cannot WASH here at Falcon State Park, I was still totally confused.  The rules say you can wash your body, wash your dishes and wash off your picnic tablecloth..oh, yes,  you AND the birds may drink the water.  I asked up at the Rec Hall about washing our truck, and the powers that be who are “in charge” told me , and I quote, “Oh, you can wash your truck, just don’t make a lot of mud around your camper”. AAAAAAAllrighty then…that could be hard to do if you do a thorough and nit picky job, which I like to do..So, …what to do?? Should I take a chance and get out the hose, throwing caution to the wind and my ass on the line? 



I ask you,…Do you see a hose anywhere in these photos?..Nope.  I just used the foggy moisture running down the GMC and added to it..I know..ingenious!. I could now write a book on how to wash a piggy dirty truck using a bowl of hot water, a chamois, 2 rags, a towel, and lots of sweat equity. (I know, I know, this is yet another of my fabulous ensembles from my collection…Socks and Crocks, now there’s a special look.)


Before…and After….and it only took me 2 hours, 2 wet feet, and one bump on the head from walking into the bedroom slide…(That’s when I put on my Official Steve Erwin Crocodile Hunter cap..A woman cannot accessorize enough!





That last one was taken 1/15/09 when we were here and it was flooded..OK,"Birdlady of Blogland"..What the Heck is this????

Tonight I am making a homemade pizza for dinner (with the help of Chef Boyardee)…The dilemma with this plan is that I like to prepare dinner by 4PM, so that I am in my “Happy Hour” apparel and can relax to enjoy a cocktail without donning an apron and slaving over a stove at the last minute..My problem?? If I assemble my 12” pizza ahead of time, it will be a challenge to find room in my refrig to stash it until oven time.  Not to worry, I resolved it .. after moving all unnecessary items like butter, milk, eggs, and being careful NOT to disturb my Wine decanter (Sterilite plastic pitcher), I found room for said pizza…

Had to tape a sign on the refrig door saying “OPEN CAREFULLY, SLOWLY!”..If this thing rolls out,we will be having Pizza Casserole!  The fact that I had to put a sign on the door with only McGyver and me in the Hiker is self explanatory.

Pizza Hut Ain't Got Nothin' On ME!101_1496

I don’t wanta forget to welcome our  new found friends and lurkers/followers,  Sharon and Bill, and also another brave new soul who jumped into the truck, Jackie.  Sharon is new at blogging and you might want to check her out,  she is doing great.  Also, for those who have dogs and cats, ya gotta go to Jackie’s blog from today and check out the Dog’s Diary,and the Cat’s Diary..I laughed my butt off at the Cat’s…

OK, now… when all of you get in the truck to leave here on Jan.30th, please save all beer and pop cans for recycling, and try not to embarrass us again by giving obscene hand signals to the truckers as we pass!..10-4.


“Why is it when you want a nice souvenir, you find a great shell in a gift shop, but some yo-yo has affixed a ten-cent thermometer to it?” ~Erma Bombeck


  1. Hey great job on the truck..maybe you've missed your calling. If you ever decide to 'unretire' there's a job waiting for you. LMAO....

  2. The last bird is a tri-colored heron. Used to be called a Louisiana heron. I like the old name better, and call them that when I'm in Louisiana! Hey, I'm a wild woman. :)

    My concern is that you appear to be feeding the Altamira orioles marshmallows?? What's up with that?

  3. Everybody feeds them marshmallows down here..They are in the tree branches that NOT good?? If it isn't, I've got a lot of S'mores to make on the way home.

  4. Good job on the truck you need to get some of that waterless car wash stuff and try it. If we don't eat by 4 we might forget to eat..

  5. Looks like you've been really busy since we left Falcon.... guess I forgot to mention how badly our car needs washed ;-) I'm still trying to find gadgets and widgets... whatever... gave up and just poured another glass of wine....

  6. Could sure use some of that energy on getting our SUV washed! Usually I just run through the touchless machine here in town for $7. Good for you for investing yourself in the job -- there's more satisfaction in that than in putting your credit card into a carwash machine!

  7. Great looking pizza!

    The truck looks good too. I never thought at 'waterless' car wash would work until I tried The Solution but it comes out perfect. It's a great 'solution' for parks where washing rigs is not allowed.

    Glad to see you're following the rules though!!

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  9. I had too many typos. I was trying to post that the Tri-colored Herons also run through shallow water in a zig-zag pattern like they are tipsy.

    And I commented to Hub about the marshmallow eating birds. I'd never thought to do that, but I guess all creatures have a sweet tooth!

  10. excellent job on the truck :) and the pizza have a super week

  11. I feel totally incompetent... has NOTHING to do with whether that was a butterfly or a moth... but because I can't even figure out how to send you a message without going into your last blog. There MUST be someplace that shows this. Anyway, I did another blog today that just disappeared before I could post... AND... as soon as I figure out what I'm doing I'll be glad to send on that shrimp recipe. It is SO difficult... takes hours! okay... yeah, right.... a can of Hatch green chiles, a bag of shrimp and a package of bacon... Hey... I'll work on this. Great hearing from you... believe me, I need all the help (and encouragement)I can get.