Cave Dwellings: The Man In The Maze
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Man In The Maze

OK, here are some articles I copied and pasted about the circle of stones...I did find out it is called The Man in The Maze.
The “man in the maze” was originally created as an illustration of the emergence story by the Tohono O’odham or Papago Indians of the Central Valley in Arizona. The “man in the maze” is a visual representation of the Tohono O’odham Indians belief in life, death and the life after death. From family to family, interpretations vary slightly. The human figure at the top of the maze with seven concentric circles with the seed pattern in the center represents birth and the center death. The maze is our journey through life and the roads we choose, the many turns and changes. Through all of our struggles and lessons, we grow wiser and stronger as we progress towards the center of the maze. The center represents death and becoming one with Elder Brother, I’itoi, the Creator. As one approaches death, one is able to look back on the completed journey with its many twists and turns, and finally be pure and in harmony with the world, death and eternal life are accepted. The right choices lead us to a point of harmony. The Gila River Indians, the Akimel O’odham, believe at this point that death is the beginning of a new journey and, thus, the cycle repeats itself.

Here is a more detailed version of what they call Himdag
walk in balance

(him-dug) n. Native American. O’odham ñiok language of the Tohono O’odham Nation in Arizona and northwest Mexico.
Himdag is a gift from the Creator. It describes the culture, values, and general way of life of the Tohono O’odham people. Embracing the individual and the communal, Himdag becomes a life-long journey nourished by maintaining strong family relations; respecting self, others, and nature; engaging in cultural rituals (storytelling, music, games, crafts, ceremonies, hunting and harvesting); and celebrating the uniqueness of the four seasons. Through these activities, spiritual, emotional, physical and relational health is maintained. To embrace Himdag is to walk in balance, alone, with others, with nature, and with the Creator.
The Man in the Maze labyrinth, an archetypal symbol of the Tohono O’odham Nation, describes not only the path to wellness and wholeness, but identifies life as a spiritual journey that invites one to find deeper meaning in life. That deeper meaning is Himdag.
In the beginning there was only darkness, inhabited by Earthmaker and Buzzard. Earthmaker rubbed dirt from his skin and held it in his hand, from which grew the greasewood bush. With a ball of gum from this bush, Earthmaker created the world. As Buzzard created the mountains and rivers with the passage of his wings, the Spider People sewed the earth and the sky together.
In time Earthmaker brought about a race of people in the desert. They lived for several generations, but they all became sinful except for one, Iitoi, the Elder Brother. Earthmaker saw that Iitoi was true and told him that a flood would kill all the people. The Creator placed Iitoi high on the sacred mountain Baboquivari and let him witness the disaster. Afterwards Iitoi helped create the Hohokam peope, from whom the Tohono O’odham descended. He helped teach them the right way, and they lived in harmony for many years.
But in time some of the people turned on Iitoi and killed him. His spirit fled back atop Baboquivari, where he remains to this day. From time to time Iitoi’s spirit, in the form of a small man, cunningly sneaks into the villages and take things from the people. Despite their attempts to catch him, the twisting path he takes returning to his home always confuses them. Thus in the labyrinth one can see Iitoi on the pathway and trace the mysterious and bewildering turns he makes on the journey back to his mountain home, Baboquivari. 

I'm sure most of you were bored out of your minds with this, but maybe one person found it as interesting as I did..Here is the Man in The Maze rock formation in our park,yet one more time...

You can't see the "man" but he is at the top in a "pie slice" space in the circle.

Today we went and got groceries...We were out of ink for our computer printer and the nearest WalMart is 90 miles. They do have a Radio Shack in Ajo.  It is ,we found, more than that. It advertises appliances, computers, DVD players...lots of stuff. We stopped in to see if they carried printer cartridges and lo and behold they did!!
We got our groceries and headed back to our camper..The temp was 64, but the wind was out of the North and COLD! I tried to sit outside and read, but the wind was just too fierce. We have had a lot of RV's pulling in this past week . I used to be able to sit outside and get a, this is my view...

It is a nice rig, though, no? Quite a few big rigs pulled in here lately. Here is another one...this one is a 5th wheel...pulled by a freightliner....

..I took this photo from my chair in the sunshine...trying not to be to obvious, but I just had to have a shot of this duo...And when we walked today, I took another one of his freightliner..custom job....nice!

Check out the artwork ...There is some on the other side too.
Well, it's time to think of supper...They must have been doing some training in explosives today at the Air Force Range...We have had about 8 huge "Ka-Booms!" here..The lase one positively shook the camper, I kid you NOT!!! Hope you learned something about the Man in The Maze...a Tohono O'odham belief that I think is really neat! More later....


  1. There is actually an RVing family with a blog called "The Man in the Maze".
    They are also the creators of the Airstream Life magazine. Perhaps you've heard of them already. Thought you might enjoy the blog. Have a great day!

  2. A lot of those big fancy rigs stop at Hickiwan sometimes on their way to or from Rocky Point in Mexico.

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