Cave Dwellings: Got Our Good View Back!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, January 15, 2010

Got Our Good View Back!!

  This morning after our peanut butter toast, I felt the need to dust and vacuum this rig.  You can imagine how dusty it gets with the desert blowing in the doors and windows...and no rain since we got here. They are calling for rain next week though and at least it will settle the dust. We noticed the 3 rigs who parked behind us, (blocking our sunset view),looked like they were packing it up. They were all traveling together...Three couples, one in a 5th wheel from Oregon, and the other 2 couples each in a huge motorhome, and both these couples were from Alaska...a long, long, way from home!! Nothing against them, but Den and I were hoping they were leaving today, giving us back our great view...(now we ARE getting greedy!)
 We took our walk around the park this morning. I may have mentioned that Hickiwan Ray and his wife live in a modular home at the front by the gate. They have a huge front porch and you can usually find Ray sitting on it at various times of the day.. Today when we walked by, he wasn't there...but here is where he sits...

   Many times he has had someone sitting with him sharing a cup of java, or whatever. The people that own this park have an open door policy. Anyone is welcome anytime to sit on their porch or just stop in and say "hi". That is one of the reasons we like it here...and this morning about 10:30AM, Ray knocked on our camper door and delivered our mail!!
If you remember the photo I posted of my "restricted" view from yesterday...well, I did get my view back...The three big rigs pulled out while we were taking our walk.... I can see across the park again....for how long, I do not know, but I hope for a few more good sunsets!  Speaking of our walk, I took this shot looking Southwest from the parking area of the casino...

...such pristene beauty everywhere!!
We had a good visit with our neighbors to the South. They live in a park model (like a small house, but really a permanent  RV). The live there in the summer months.  It is cool then, because it is up in the Burro Mountains, altitude of about 6000 ft. North of Demming NM, near Silver City, for you Atlas home players. At any rate, they travel all around Arizona in the winter months. They have gone many, many times across the border to Mexico to visit a border town in Mexico called Palomas. What brought this up was the great pottery candle holder on their picnic table...I wanted to find one like it is.....

..They said they got it at a small Mexican border town called Palomas..which is straight South of Demming NM..Then they proceeded to tell us that they quit going when the Mayor of Palomas was murdered by the drug cartel, and the guy who owned the store they frequented, ( and they knew this guy), was kidnapped..also the police chief was threatened and driven out of town and across the border to the US...Now, I no longer thought I had to have this little trinket...NO THANK YOU! I think I heard this story on the news when we were home!  ....damn! is cute, no?
 While we were talking to them, I asked them if they knew where the cave in the hillside was (out in the desert) and they pointed it out ,(kind of), for least I think I got the general direction..Tomorrow, Den and I are taking our walk out into the desert to see if we can find it..
While I was sunbathing ,yet again...(hey, it's suppose to rain for a few days starting Monday!), I saw a 5th wheel pull in across from us ..He had 3 big solar panels on top of his rig...Here it is...

...He and his wife drove in with the panels UP!..I figured they couldn't have come very far with the panels up. Then I heard them tell someone that they were hosts of an RV park on BLM (Bureau of Land Management), just South of Why. They were just here to dump their tanks and do laundry..They did those things and left after about an hour and a half...Here they are pulling out of the park...

...a different back window than I have ever seen.
  I told you about the guy with a huge fancy freightliner, pulling a nice 5th wheel..Well, here is his freightliner from the front...check out the fancy wheels on this thing!

Well, Dennis needs a haircut and he travels with his own hairdresser..ME! I also cut my own hair. I have figured out a way to cut the back...I rigged up a big handled mirror I found at Dollar General, I tied a piece of twine to the handle..and I hang it on the inside of our bathroom door. We have a big mirror on the wall next to the toilet and if I stand facing the hand mirror, I can see the back of my head in the big mirror..and trim the old hairdresser trick...and I AM and old hairdresser...More tomorrow..hope to find the cave!!

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