Cave Dwellings: Making plans for March...Finally got some reservations!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Making plans for March...Finally got some reservations!!

  I feel the need to report that our Juevos Rancheros I made this morning were restaurant quality...thanks to the Indian Fry Bread. I chose to leave off the beans..Neither one of us were ready for beans at 9AM...
...I could not begin to finish it all. I will use the Fry Bread again...Maybe for a huge taco....You could do a number of things with it...At our county fair in our town they serve something very similar to this , but it is called Elephant Ears and they put cinnamon and sugar on it...I like this stuff better.
  It was a beautiful full moon last night. I woke up and it seemed like someone had a spotlight on outside, but it was just the moon. It lit up the sky and the entire park. It would be really hard to "stargaze" with a moon this bright.
  After breakfast, we decided we should make some plans for traveling through Texas in March...It is always a big challenge because of Spring Break weeks...and they seem to fall at various times throughout March, depending on where you are. The local Texans love their camping, and they really fill up the parks early. We found that most of the parks we usually stay at were already booked solid.
 After some researching, we found only 1 spot left at Canyon Lake, Potter's Creek. The date wasn't exactly what we wanted, but if we were going to stay 2 weeks, we had to take a later date. We booked that last spot for arrival March 14th. That means we have 2 weeks to burn  getting there. We may even rebook for one more week here. You just cannot believe how hard it is to get across Texas in March, especially at the Army Corps and State Parks!! We quickly booked our last 2 weeks at one of our favorite places to spend Easter, Wright Patman Lake, Clear Springs, in Texarkana, TX. You can book site specific at that campground, and we booked our favorite site for arrival March 28th for 2 weeks. That should give us about 2 nights and 3 days to get home. Whew!! I feel better having reservations for our "waltz across Texas" in March.
 We sat out in the sun this afternoon and there was not one cloud in the sky. The temp hit 71 degrees. I noticed the guy across the way put his "bird" back up on his pole. I like this bird....He shows me what direction the wind is from and he doesn't poop on my head when I walk under him...
..Actually he is like a wind sock, flying from a string attached to a pole...I think he adds class to the campground.
  The twin Alpha Motorhomes pulled out together this morning about 10AM. They were headed to Rocky Point Mexico, which is about 1 1/2 hours from here. They were really nice folks and good neighbors...but we WERE glad to get our view back through our big window...

...Those hanging things are crystal prisms..I have a thing for prisms....I have them in every window of my home..and this is like my home, so I brought some with me to hang up....It all started with the one and only chandelier I own....totally put together by my great neighbor, Deb.  Deb has got , oh...probably 40 chandeliers in her home...Some are complete and hanging up..and some are in pieces in boxes. She gifted this to me and I shall take it with me if we ever move...This chandelier does NOT go with the house...It is a deal breaker...
All real Swarovski crystals....It is, if I do say so, fabulous!
Well, this is a pretty short blog. We didn't do anything to get into trouble today....yet. I am in pretty bad need of a shower, after basking in the sun. We are hoping to head toward Casa Grande this week to the WalMart there....The weather shows some rain maybe for the middle of the week. All this rain could force an early desert bloom...I would LOVE that!!!
Dinner tonight,(like you care,) is back ribs, potato salad, cottage cheese and Mexican corn ..No, this isn't some great Mexican dish I cook up...I just open the Green Giant can and put butter and salt and pepper on it...More tomorrow!

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