Cave Dwellings: Cloudy Day....Lazy Day....
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cloudy Day....Lazy Day....

....Last night's sunset....every one is different, depending upon the clouds in the evening. If there are no clouds we still get a horizon "on fire" after ol' Sol lies down behind the mountains...So if you get tired of my "horizon" photos, oh well,....learn to like it...I simply cannot get enough of it.

It looked like clouds when I peeked out my window on my side of the bed this morning, but it also could have been my bad vision..Upon peeling ourselves from under the covers I realized it wasn't just my vision...clouds were here and to the West...

...Looked ominous, but we never got one drop of rain!

I woke up about 3AM this morning and I was feeling quiet cold, even under the down comforter..I remembered that I turned our fireplace off last night. Hey, the temp was 57 degrees at bedtime.. I should add that we don't have a real fireplace,obviously, but a heater that looks like! It is in our entertainment slideout, under the desk and the TV. This is a really great set up except for one thing we sadly discovered..Our DVD player/home theater system sits right on top of the heat..NOT GOOD! .This explains why our surround sound for the TV shot craps somewhere in Eastern Texas..We have yet to replace it...I really think the engineers of our HitchHiker never gave a thought to the consequences of putting electonic components right over a heating device...Here is the set up..

....That's it just under the desktop...and just ON TOP the heat!! Gotta get that fixed somewhere...or buy a new one!

My Hummingbird/Woodpecker/Bee feeder was empty, so Den went out and brought it in for a refill. I get a little aggravated when those big Gila Woodpeckers hang on it and dump sticky sugar water on our ladder steps and splash it on our back window..Yuck!! Not to mention, someone should tell them they look ridiculous hanging almost horizontally to get a drink! I had a different little bird in it after Dennis hung it back up full of fresh food....He was grayish with a light yellow face...Here he is....

...Haven't figured out just what he is yet. I have to get my bird book out. At least he's small enough not to pull it over and dump the feeder on it's side, like my nemesis' the Gilas do.
 A couple days ago we heard the loud sound of planes and looked up to see 3 A-10 WartHogs flying over head. Dennis said he thinks they are British attack planes. They were really impressive and I just get a thrill from military aircraft of any kind. When our son was in the Navy, he was stationed onboard the USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier. We were fortunate enough to attend parent's day, which meant parents of the sailors were allowed to spend the day on the carrier. (about 1 month before Desert Storm began, and he was deployed to the Red Sea.) We sailed out from Norfolk, Va. and into international waters where the airwing did launches from the flight deck right in front of us..We all wore ear plugs...and I absolutely loved the experience!! Anyway, I digress...(.I truly love the aircraft that protect our skies.)
  About 1PM the sun peeked out, so I plopped myself in my usual spot with book, water, cell phone and camera. (The camera is becoming an integral part of my wardrobe). There is a really big fancy motorhome parked down the road from us, called an Allegro Bus, and I think I am in love....It has 4 slide-outs....great colors and graphics..really sharp!...

...of course we would have to sell our house and still mortgage a rig like this to the hilt, so we will never  have one..but I can dream can't I??
  I think I mentioned before that you can only have a campfire here if you have a raised outdoor fireplace...(like the one we left at home...duh...) The people across from us just brought in a load of wood and I will be really jealous when they are sitting by their campfire under the Arizona stars....

  ..Maybe I could put on my Wild Burro disguise and just hang out ....

My sunning didn't last long. The sun ducked under a huge cloud bank coming in from the Southwest. That is where our rain is supposedly coming from this week. I took this shot with a little spot of sunshine on the mountains behind us, looking toward Phoenix.

The Sonoran Desert at it's finest....
  Well, since it is going to be cloudy and supposedly cool tomorrow, we are driving into Ajo and doing a little sight seeing...maybe some shopping, if I have my way. Keep in mind there are only about 3 stores to get anything remotely resembling a souveneir...including the tourism office. This could be the shortest shopping trip on record for me. We are hoping to take a hike back into the desert and find the little cave we seemed to walk right by yesterday. We got some more info from Al and will try our luck again at getting lost...As for now, time to shower!!!See ya tomorrow!


  1. Those A-10 Thunderbolt ground attack Warthogs are all American & likely based out of Yuma. Hickiwan is a great place for aerial military planes, especially at night as the fighers twist & turn amongst the stars.

  2. I read your post with envy when I saw the picture of the Allegro motor home. They are one of the finest units ont he market today. Years ago when all Allegro RV's were beige with oragne and brown many people fell in love with the craftsman ship that went into them. However, they were manufactured in warm weather of the deep south and would not handle any kind of cold weather.

    Another thing you might enjoy knowing about the history of Allegro motor coaches is just how much of a stand up guy the owner is. There are two things that come to mind.

    One is the small window you will always see in the lower part of the passenger door. That window was designed into every one of their products after a customer was killed when they didn't see a vehicle in the lane just to the right of their vehidle. Hence a small window was designed and installed so that each driver could now see a vehicle in that very dangerous blind spot.

    The second story is about a customer that bought an Allegro motor home and had difficulty with it after they purchased it. I believe it had something to do with the windows shattering or popping out but my memory isn't what it used to be and I can't be sure of that part of the story. The upshot of this story is........The owner of Allegro Motor Coaches delivered a brand new unit to the family! The story goes that this family lived somewhere way up in the northern states and no where close the Allegro manufacturing plant but the new coach was freshh off the design line and was personally delivered by the owner of Allegro RV's.

    As for you dream of owning one of these big, beautiful Allegro rigs you might be surprised at all the different otions you have at being able to afford one of these beauties. If you would like to discuss this further just contact me and we will have a long chat.

    I love reading your blog each day. I attempted to email you in a rather lengthy email but that was about 3 weeks ago and I have yet to get a response from you or Denny. Perhaps the email link I found was not the correct one?


    Your cousin, Eileen Fitzpatrick