Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


..Up early this morning for laundry day. I peeked outside and it looked pretty cloudy. We trecked on down to the laundry about 7:15AM...We were front row Joe, with no one in the building but us.  Just to show you what a slow day we had today, I took a photo of the laundry..Dennis will think I have totally lost it..

...As you can see, it is very neat and clean...4 washers and 4 dryers. They also have a book and magazine exchange, which I use frequently. This laundry is one thing I will definitely miss when we leave. Speaking of leaving, we just signed up for 1 more month today..Everything here is a plus...great price, clean, full hook up, laundry (and they don't hold you up to do it), great views, walking trails, close to town, great grocery store with beer, wine and Rum, and, if you so desire....a Casino on property.. The locals here call the casino "pennyland". I haven't been inside, but I hear they have penny and quarter slots...If I get there I will take a photo. Dennis won't go with me and I don't want to go alone. I am pretty much a gambling "virgin". When we went to Las Vegas once, I had no idea how to play the slots...I had never done it. When we went to the racetrack in Hot Springs, Dennis sent me to the betting window with $2.00 and said,"Just tell them you want to put $2.00 on whatever  horse you want, to win, place or show." I did EXACTLY what he said..."Put $2.00 on horse Holy Grail to win, place or show". I will never forget the look on the face of the man behind the window...He disgustedly said, "Which one ,lady? Ya gotta pick one!...Win, Place, or Show!!!!!" Thanks, Den. Like I said, I am NOT a gambler!
Now that I have bored you with that story, let me continue on.
Even though the skies were not sunny and the sunrise was less than spectacular, I still found them very photogenic..This was the sky at 8AM....

...looked like we may get some rain today. Over the East mountains it also looked a little ominous, but still awesome..

There was some whispy dark clouds topped with a glimpse of blue sky...I can always find beauty in the never ending skies out here. 
 We took our walk and we walked out by the casino. Our neighbors with the Dobermans were just pulling out and heading toward Rocky Point, Mexico. We wished them well, and I am sure they will encounter no difficulty with their girls, Sofia and Roxanne, greeting all who knock on their door.

  The casino has a pretty big generator out behind the building. Den says it is probably for emergency only, like when the storm went through and lights here went out 5 times. If you just put money in the slots and the lights went off, it would not be good.
  I noticed the Tohono Oodham Police car was in the parking lot.(probably getting a donut). There is some Native American writing that I have no idea what it means on the front fender of the squad car...Here it is...

My son-in-law is a detective in Glenview IL, and I know some squad cars have "To Serve and Protect" on the side...maybe that is what this says...interesting....
I don't know what the diesel fuel is back home, but it is pretty expensive down here..

....The price hasn't changed in the month we have been here. We did find it more expensive in Ajo, the cheapest we saw there was $3.16 a gallon, so $3.02 doesn't seem so bad. When we went up to the WalMart in Buckeye, we filled up for $2.76 a gallon..Now THAT was a bargain!! The problem was, you had to drive 90 miles to fill up...unless you were going that way.
  I decided to do a quick clean job on the camper, dust and vacuum..We do get a lot of dust. The sun peeked out briefly after lunch and then the clouds moved back in . Right now it looks like it could rain to the South. Tonight is cheeseburgers...grilled if it doesn't rain, fried if it rains. Believe it or not, there is a Chinese Restaurant in Ajo...go figure...We talked to another couple here in the park and they said they have really good food and they do have "carry outs". We may have to stop and pick up a menu when we go to town . 
  I want to walk back out into the desert soon to see if we can find the "stone man". I have seen pictures of it and it looks like a large stick figure on the desert floor,( made by I don't know who).  Apparently, it has been there quite a while..I must research the mysterious "stone man". One of the times we walked out through the desert I found an intriguing piece of cactus skeleton and brought it back with it is...

It is really bleached out from the sun and is pretty fragile . I will have to be careful where I pack it away to travel. I want to put this on our fireplace mantel at home.
 Well, it hasn't been a very eventful day, but....the day isn't over yet. It seems anything can happen here. Tomorrow is grocery day and I need to make my list. I can go online and find the ad for Olsen's Marketplace, and that helps a lot!  Tonight is shower night, and if you are a regular visitor, you know how I LOVE my showers!!We will talk more tomorrow....


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