Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, January 23, 2010


In the last few days I have learned NOT to anger the weather gods. I WOULD prefer it a tad warmer, but I am content not to have to lash myself to the chair to eat dinner.
 Late yesterday afternoon we had a knock at the door. Apparently there was an Indian family in the town of Hickiwan (not to be confused with our RV park of the same name) who lost their home in Thursday's storm.  One of the local RV couples here was going around to see if anyone had something they could donate to the family in need. Hickiwan Ray and his wife were going to ride up there later, and hoped to deliver some food, clothing, towels,...whatever anyone could spare to donate to this family. I certainly had a few things here I could send, so I bagged up some towels and washclothes, a couple prs. of sweats, canned goods, bread, lunchmeat and cheese, and walked them up to Ray's so they could be put with the rest of the donations. It was starting to rain again, but I met quite a few people along the way who were also taking bags to Rays. It is amazing how people come together all for the common one hope...
 This morning I noticed a definite chill in the air when we woke up. We had turned down our heater and the temp had dipped a bit cooler than expected. Den went outside and fired up his icemaker...Did I forget to mention we have a portable icemaker?? At any rate, it has certainly paid for itself in the 2 years we have had it. Sometimes we are 40 miles from the nearest ice, so we purchased this one on ebay, and it travels in the back seat of our truck when we are mobile...When we land, Den stows it just inside the compartment outside our door. This thing is slick, I'll tell  ya!! I highly recommend one.
I noticed that the birds were loving the few remaining puddles here in the park..They were all gathering around the few still left before they evaporated entirely...

  If I had any ideas about taking my book outside today, they were dashed when the clouds showed up. But, the clouds made beautiful shadows on the distant mountains and I couldn't resist a I don't have enough....

The desert was still very wet yet, so we won't be striking out into the Saguaro today. I have missed our desert walks...We haven't had one in almost a week, ever since the wind and rain appeared. The only good day here last week was Wednesday, when we drove up to Buckeye..So I totally missed my window of opportunity to bask in the sun...Hopefully next week will improve. As I looked across from us I noticed this group who were trying to pretend it was warm out there....

I really admired their spunk, but I am not that hard core..However, I think my evening "uniform" could use the addition of a lap blanket...And this dude had the right idea today...

  I was really tempted to drop in and share a bit of warmth with him, but I thought it best to worship from afar..I am sooooo jealous of that campfire!! We have one almost every night back home in Illinois!!
 We skyped our grandkids in Sugar Grove, IL, had lunch, and I was tired of being inside, so I took my camera out and about. There were a couple big rigs up front checking in. This place is beginning to get busier, and we have to go up soon and re-up for another month. Even with last week's weather, as far as we are concerned, it just doesn't get any better than this!
  I thought this was a pretty plant..not sure what it is..I do think it is some kind of succulent by the thickness of the leaves..It almost looks like Aloe Vera, but then again, maybe not...Botany and I were not big buddies in school!

..Even the foliage had a tint of coral on it...

I would love to grow one of these at home, but somehow I don't think the climate is right..
I finished my "walkabout" in record time. The wind was downright cold! This next photo is of the rig just down from us who have 4 cats with them. They are usually all outside , lawnchairs pulled up, drinks in hand, basking in the sunshine...Today they looked like "Hey! What happened to the warm weather??? Let' so back inside!"

 ...I just got a big kick out of how they are all "hunkered" down today..
Well, I have managed to make a pretty lazy day with absolutely nothing happening into a pretty lazy blog, with absolutely nothing happening. If you have read this all the way to the end, you deserve some kind of award..But, this is our life...sometimes pretty wild.....sometimes quite even keeled..Today was a slow day, but after feeling like we were living  in a pin ball machine all day Thursday, I'll take the calm.....See you tomorrow....


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