Cave Dwellings: "Adventures Are Us...."
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Adventures Are Us...."

  As I stated in yesterday's blog, if we don't find an adventure finds us. Last night we were just settling in for "happy hour", when we noticed two huge Alpha motorhomes pulling down "RV road" toward our area. We also noticed Ray was following along in his white pick up. They were really premium rigs, very intimidating. They were traveling together from California. One pulled in on our right side behind us, and one pulled in right behind us...with Ray's help... you can probably see,the sun had already dipped under the horizon, so the these photos are not the best...but you get the idea....

...a bit blurry, but that is Ray guiding them back.
  Now for the "adventure" part..We thought the big Alpha behind us was all settled, when we heard commotion right behind  us. I swiveled around in my chair and saw that the Alpha to our right had pulled forward about 3 ft. Then we noticed Ray.... up on a step ladder trying to trim branches off the tree with lopping shears...and he wasn't getting very far. He also couldn't reach the highest limbs. Apparently, the slide on the motorhome wouldn't open because of the tree branches...and now it was dark.
 Dennis saw this as an excuse to play with our electric chain saw ..and he jumped to the aid of Ray, chainsaw and extension cord in hand. I saw the need to document this occasion with photos...You had to be there, though. Here are a few shots...

...that would be Den sawing... and Ray holding the ladder..

...that would be Dennis dropping a branch on his head.....don't worry ...he was fine.

Obviously, Ray would never have been able to reach these branches, but Dennis was not vertically challenged at 6'2", so he managed to get the tree trimming finished. The couple in the motorhome were very grateful , and Ray said, "See what kind of people we have staying here?"...I told them "Welcome to the neighborhood!"...As I said before, it seems that sometimes an adventure finds us. I might add that our three children would NOT be surprised at their Dad...they all know their father loves this kind of stuff...getting involved!
We sat outside this morning having our coffee. Our walk was done with about 4 laps around the RV park. I felt that we had our share of desert exercise yesterday finding the cave. We met a very nice gentleman who walked over from across the road. He said he noticed me arranging the 2 chairs and little table like I was expecting someone...He doesn't know how anal I am about keeping things in their place....even when camping.( I really need to work on that.) Anyway, he and his wife were from Missoula, Montana. He said they were "newbies", in that this was their first camper of any kind...  They had never done this before. We reassured him that even though there IS a steep learning curve, you can learn it pretty quick . I chose not  to tell him any of the nightmarish stories, like slides that won't move, faucets that break, leaks showing up anywhere, blowouts, freezing hoses...all of that kind of stuff that makes you want to scream. I'm sure anyone who has ever owned a camper can relate.
 You saw the chain saw massacre of the little tree last night...Now here are the twin Alphas in the daylight, parked right behind us....

..This is all I could fit in..they are both beautiful rigs...When we took our walk this morning I noticed another very high end coach had pulled in across the road. We have seen these only a couple times on our travels. They are called Prevost motorhomes, I believe they are made in Canada. They are custom made, which means you can have it built any way you want, inside and out. Most of them have some trademark stainless steel on the outside, and tandem axles, which mean they are REALLY heavy!..and they can run triple figures to 1 million dollars or more....

....pretty shiney, eh? Suddenly there are mostly big motorcoaches here. We feel like a peewee, compared to some of them. But we do love our HitchHiker!
I seems that Dennis and I had two different ideas of how we wanted to spend our beautiful afternoon. He was feeling very ambitious, so he decided to wash our awning...

...and as if that wasn't enough, he washed our windows. After Thursday's big blow they were bad!...

...I, on the other hand, had a very different plan.....

...Hey, when the truck needs washing , I'm all over it....but I DON'T do windows!!!
  We both came back inside about 2:30PM. I was just exhausted from my day.
  Tonight's dinner is grilled pork steaks. Yellow mustard goes on first, my "rub" next, and back in the refrig till grill time. I hope my "griller" gets re-energized by 7PM, which is our usual dinner time. Unlike lots of RV'rs, we are not early eaters..I'm sure that is bad for our health, but if I ate at 5PM, I would be hungry again by 9...And besides, I'm sure I do many things worse than late dinners!!!
  Well, another busy day in the Sonoran Desert is coming to an end...We really must get back out and see if we can find the desert stone man....Always and adventure awaiting us!! More tomorrow....And again...thanks for playing.

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