Cave Dwellings: Another Beautiful Sunset gives birth to another Beautiful Day!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Beautiful Sunset gives birth to another Beautiful Day!!

I just cannot quit taking photos of sunsets here....Last night was another "Award Winner"...and here it is...

...See???How could you NOT take a few pics??? Click on each photo to make it even more unbelievable!
OK, so today's adventures didn't turn out too well. We drove over to the Why Rec Hall, which we found with no problem...You couldn't miss, with all of the out of town license plates in the gravel parking lot. It was a definite flea market.... They had a lot of stuff, but nothing really special the Den and I couldn't live without.
So, we drove back to the RV park and did some crosswords. About noon, we had a little lunch and I decided I was gonna get outside in the sunshine for a while. The temp was now 70 degrees with a light breeze.
When we took our walk this morning I saw some flowers up by the casino..I have no idea what they are, but any flower here is a big surprise...

.....There was also a very cool cactus which we have never seen wild in the desert. They must use these special as landscaping cactus because we took this picture right in front of the convenience store and I have seen them growing in yards in town....

...Pink Cactus, right?? I have no idea what makes them get pink..It looks like a pink Prickly Pear to me, but then, I am certainly no authority on the Sonoran flora. I noticed on our walk that there was a "Food" sign up by the wickiup again about 10AM. This looked like a different group than yesterday. There were two young Native Americans, a guy and a girl and they actually had a sign with prices on it ...Here is the menu....

 I noticed that this group charged a dollar more for their taco...but they called theirs an Indian Taco and the one we had yesterday was a Mexican Taco...I must find out what the difference is..All I know is , the smoked pinto beans on yesterday's taco made for an "interesting" evening ...
 I took my shower about 2PM and actually put on a little make up to "go to town" ..I know....I really try to keep myself up even though nobody knows who I am. I made up my mind that this year on our trip I would at least put on hoop earrings and lipstick everyday to deter Dennis from wanting to leave me in the desert. Sometimes my outfits don't quite go with my look, like my sweats and nightshirt for instance. At any rate, after my futile attempt at "foxing up", we got in the truck and headed into Ajo.
  We drive this way every time we go into Ajo and it's hard not to notice this shrine along side the road where some unfortunate person lost their life in an accident..... many of them along the roads here...and so sad.
Well, our quest for a cocktail was just as futile as my attire...We stopped at the VFW, Den asked if they were open to the public...NADA! The Elk's Lodge is for that particular animal only, and anyway,they were not even open...on a Saturday night!! We swung into the parking lot of the Ajo Bowling Alley which advertised cocktails. After a quick survey of the place Dennis vetoed that idea himself. OK, so now we are going to at least get a Pizza Hut pizza and take it back to our little camper...and Hey!..I had a coupon I got gotten online for any kind of pizza, any size , for $10.00..such a deal!!! I called from the parking lot of the grocery store on my cell. (I needed to run in here and get some milk). Thought we could pick up the pizza on the way out of town..Wrong Again!! "No, I'm sorry ma'am, we don't honor that coupon. What we do have is 2 pizzas for $20.00". Crapperss!!! We certainly don't need 2 pizzas and I don't have room in my meager freezer for one anyway..I said thanks and hung up.
 OK, I am determined to get a pizza, so when we went into the grocery I saw frozen Palermo pizzas were on sale...with a coupon. I rembered they had flyers in the check out area with in store coupons, so I sent Den to the front to get the flyer and he carefully tore the coupon out ...Finally!!   OOPS!..small print on the coupon,"this coupon only valid with a $10.00 purchase"..My milk didn't qualify..and in the words of Dennis,"Get the damn pizza anyway and let's go!"...was he getting testy?? The only good news in this adventure is that when we checked out we were only charged the sale price , even sans coupon...I like this store!!
  We headed back to the campground and there were a plethera of Sheriff's patrol cars on the highway...and a lot of Border Patrol also. We pulled into our spot and mixed our cocktails at  home.What a day!!
  Time to watch yet another sunset. Before I leave you, I have to show you where you can play a game of desert badmitton ...or desert volleyball...Just watch where you run!!!!

More tomorrow!!!

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