Cave Dwellings: BORDER WARS....ALL AROUND US...
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, January 28, 2010


  We had a pretty neat sunset last night, and since I was in my "uniform", Den offered to get on his bike and go out to the casino parking lot to get a good pIcture. It's just as well, cause I would have been quite a spectacle, bicycling around the casino parking lot in my pj's, balancing a Rum and Coke in one hand and a camera in the other... makes for quite a visual, eh?

...Den did good!!
  It began raining about 10PM last night and managed to drizzle all night long. It was pretty gray when we got up, but soon the clouds cleared enough for some great views....

I have a new Hummingbird at my feeder. I think he is a Ruby Throated , and he is not afraid of Gila Woodpeckers, or bees. We have had them when we were in Texas also....I will try to catch him in a better pose tomorrow. It helps when the sun shines on him to show up his beautiful red throat.

  The Air Force was doing some low level maneuvers around us early this morning, but I couldn't see them in the clouds..We could certainly hear them! When Dennis was online, he pulled up the Ajo weather forecast, and it looks good for the next 6-7 days, sunny and warm. While he was online he saw a headline for the Ajo news, saying that the Border Patrol had seized $1 million dollars worth of marijuana (98 bundles). It seems that some security officers, assigned to the Barry Goldwater Range, contacted Border Patrol agents at their checkpoint on Rt. 85. (This would be the same one we went through on our way to Buckeye.) They had spotted a suspicious car abandoned on the range. Border Patrol went out and they discovered the bundles of drugs. The driver must have known he was in trouble and abandoned the car, leaving the drugs behind.
   Border patrol has been busy lately.  There was another article saying that Border Patrol agents found $400,000 cash following a traffic stop in Ajo.  Ajo Police Officers pulled over a suspicious vehicle and then asked for help from Border Patrol agents, who took the auto to their checkpoint to search it. They were alerted by drug sniffing dogs , so an Xray was used to search inside the trunk. They then discovered what they call down here an "anomaly", and tore up the trunk finding the money....Like I said, a busy few days for Border Patrol...
  We went into Ajo to get some groceries at Olsen's IGA....

  ...They always have some good meat sales, and we got a nice looking London Broil for grilling. They make their own Italian sausage links, which they also sell to a restaurant in Yuma. We had purchased the hot ones a few weeks ago...and they were HOT!!! This week we decided to just get the regular Italian and give our stomachs a break. They also had avocados for 69cent each...yummy...I see guacamole in our future.
 We got back, and after I turned our purchase of spare ribs into back ribs, we did our walk. The air was fairly cool today, with a few glimpses of sunshine.
When we got back, I had just sat down to do our blog when we got "skyped" from our youngest daughter in Indianapolis. We got to see and talk to her and our newest grandson, Aiden. Aiden is 15 months old and beginning to really talk!!

...I really miss him and all our grandkids, but the webcam sure makes it easier. It helps him know who we are, and enables us to watch him grow while we are gone. These two are by far my favorite photos on our blog. I wasn't sure they would turn out , but they are surprisingly good!
 Well , it is time to think about dinner. I picked up some fried chicken at the IGA, and I have some left over spaghetti to go with it...This dinner is known as "family-style chicken" back in Illinois. All I need to do is warm up the chicken in the easy dinner!
  We are hoping to take our walk into the desert tomorrow to see if we can find the stone man. I will, of course, document everything on our blog!....Again, thanks for playing...


  1. I sure wish I knew how to "Skype". I have Grandsons in Texas and I live in Reno, Nevada. I also have my parents and all my other relatives back in Sandwich that I love and miss so much!

  2. I was watching the news the other night and imediately thought of you as soon as I saw the drug bust in Ajo! You be careful walking out there in the desert.

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