Cave Dwellings: FINALLY ON THE WAY!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We are finally making some progress getting to Arizona. We left home Sunday morning about 6:45AM after a frenzied day of packing, shutting off mail, newspapers,garbage, heat, water, etc. on Saturday. Dennis decided at the last minute Friday night, (after finally finishing the harvest!), that we should leave ASAP to beat the predicted snowstorm for Tuesday/Wednesday..As it turns out, that was one of his smarter ideas.
We stayed our first night in Northern Arkansas at Old Davidson Historic Park, arriving about 3:30PM. We like to get in so we don't have to set this rig up in the dark..when we arrive after the sun makes it's exit, that makes for alot of extra stress and some really bad language from both of us. We were the only campers there..imagine that..but we certainly had our choice of sites.
We left there Monday AM about 7:15, picking our way through the woods and little towns to get on I-67 South toward Little Rock. Oh yes, now I remembered this road from a couple years ago...very rough ride..Seems they call it "rock and roll 67"....need I say more? Going through Little Rock was easy, because we went "around" it. Pulling a rig can be a challenge in heavy traffic. If I had to drive we would stay in the right lane, making NO turns, and drive 45 mph...this is why I will never drive when pulling our camper.
At 1PM we were in Texarkana and went to our usual place we stay, Wright Patman Lake. As we went down the road to our campground, Clear Springs, we spotted a sign up ahead unfortunately saying "Road Closed"...oops! "Take a hard right,Den."..We went down a side road we remembered from a couple years ago, which takes us around the park to a different way to enter the campground. Obviously they were flooded again.
This photo was taken today to show where the bridge is ...underwater...You can see where the road comes up on the other side..
It rained most of the day today, but we are all warm and cozy in our camper...Here are a few photos of the interior,for those who have never seen it...Notice my gallery of grandkids on the small wall..

Here is our dresser, pictures and plants...just like home...this is not camping, this is RVing..
We love this park...It always smell like pine needles outside. We have a great spot in the trees, as you can see.

That strange looking dish to the left of the camper is our internet satellite, which we had to reset today. It rained so much that the tripod sunk a little and it screwed up the setting..I should confess that I have no idea how the devil this is done, so forget the "we" part of that statement.
Hopefully, if the weather guys down here are right, it is suppose to be sunny down here tomorrow. (Key word here is "if") Friends of ours from Sandwich, Jim and Mary, are headed down this way and are staying the night just up the interstate from us. I talked to her on the phone about 11AM and she said they were driving through alot of rain....I hated to tell her she would continue doing that..We will be here until Saturday, then regroup and head further South toward Canyon Lake, just North of San Antonio. I will do another blog from here before we leave...Jump in the truck and ride with may have to step over the cases of beer in the back seat..Hey, it's cheaper up North than it is down South!! Later!!!!!

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  1. Dennis and Donna,
    It;s late Tues night and foggy here in San Antonio. Mark and I have a small RV Park in San Antonio and we hear the weather will improve tomorrow. Nice pics of your rig. Enjoyed your trip summary so far and will try to keep up with you so we can retrace your steps when we get back n the road. Maybe you can visit us if you get near San Antonio at Hidden Valley RV Park.