Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Our weather turned South yesterday...or maybe I should say it turned NORTH! The wind switched Monday night and came in from the North, bringing cold temps and a little rain. It is still pretty gray today and we had a high temp of 47 degrees, but I have to say, it's a far cry from 10 degrees in Illinois! We woke up this morning to quite a few deer in our campsite..Den had thrown out some corn last night and they were here for breakfast.

This is grocery day, so we loaded up our coffee and also my camera, just in case I saw something photo worthy. We headed down from Canyon Lake on the winding road taking us to New Braunfels where there is a WalMart and an HEB..(HEB is a like a supergrocery, but it is only found in the state of Texas.. )
Here is a photo I took along the way of some of the hillside homes.

Here is another entrance to a lovely home on the hillside. You can see the home up on the right.
Along the way we saw a Texas steer grazing on the ranch property

We travel along a road that winds past the Guadalupe River. This river is really beautiful. They do alot of tubing on this river in the summer and it gets pretty narrow with limestone cliffs in some areas..I took this shot out the truck window ..the beautiful Guadalupe.

  This area around Canyon Lake is very built up with lots of gorgeous homes and great views. Along our drive we always pass by this area called Hancock. They have built tons of condominiums here which are full mostly in the spring, summer and fall...Here is a shot of the condos....

I think they are pretty pricey..These are built up really high so the owners can see over the road to  Canyon Lake...What a view!!

 We got our groceries....I swear they eat a ton of pork down here! The further South we go, the harder it is to find anything that resembles a thick steak. Everything is cut thin so it can go into a tortilla. We drove the winding road back and unloaded our bounty!!
 Yesterday I decided NOT to take my walk with Dennis. I had injured my knee about a week before we left, twisted it or something..., and it was really bothering me, So I gave it one day rest. That makes me crazy when I can't take my daily walk, so I decided it didn't matter if I did or didn't walk, it was going to ache regardless, so I went with Den today. We walked around to the other side of the camping area and spotted a little woodpecker making holes in a live oak..

I don't know if you can spot him...he has a striped head with a red spot on the top..OK, so I get carried away with the birding! On the way around the  loop we saw a cute motorhome decked out for Xmas so I took a picture..

You may notice if you look closely, they have a little Xmas tree on the left in the cab...
Well, it is almost 4PM and Den went on a mission to find somemore Cedar for a campfire. I think I will pass on the fire tonight...too cold for me...I am a sissy. We have Mexican turkey chili in the crockpot and cheese garlic bread to sop it up, so Den doesn't have to cook outside tonight. Weather tomorrow is suppose to be warmer..maybe 60 degrees and sunshine...that would be lovely. More later....

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