Cave Dwellings: Thanksgiving at the Caves
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Caves

This last weekend was full of fun, family, friends and food....I am tired of cooking. We started eating Thursday and continued right through breakfast scramble yesterday morning. Taylor came in her PJ's.
It was fun to have all the grandkids together. All of our kids were actually here and together on Saturday. This rarely happens, due to work schedules. Also Den's Aunt Jeanette and Uncle Jr. from Montgomery came down, his Aunt Juanita from 2 yards West stopped by, niece Leanne and hubby Tom (with dog, Maggie Mae), nephews Scott and Steve, brother-in-law Ronnie. Needless to say...quite a group! Den, Chris, John and Aiden started with "kegs and eggs" at Conveyor Eddie's about 9AM, and when they came back I joined in with Bloody Mary's....whew!!

Here is Aunt Jeanette, Uncle Jr., and Aunt Neenie..ages 94,86 and 90, respectively. Quite a trio!

And here are the stragglers who remained far too long at the campfire...

This is our nephew Scott..obviously a huge Bear's fan..

....and of course the grandkids...Peyton, Taylor and Campbell..

...and here is Taylor holding Aiden...

We had a great time! So much fun..we are sooooo lucky and soooooo blessed to be able to get together. We are also very fortunate we still have some of our "elders" to remind us of what is really important....
I hope my next blog will be when we are "on the road" in our camper....IT BETTER BE SOON!!!!

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