Cave Dwellings: GOOD BYE 2009..LET'S HEAR IT FOR 2010!!!!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, December 31, 2009

GOOD BYE 2009..LET'S HEAR IT FOR 2010!!!!!

 This will be short and sweet. It is New Year's Eve, 2009, and I, for one, am glad to turn over a new year. This will be our first New Year's Eve in Arizona...a new perspective on it when you are in the desert and the weather is warm. We did our grocery shopping this AM. There was a guy outside the grocery store roasting chili peppers in a big wire turning cage over an open fire and selling them. I tell ya, you see it all down here. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the beef sales were rampant at the IGA. Thick New York Strips were $3.97 a lb., Porterhouse was $5.97 a lb. and very nice looking steaks..I bought 4 big Strips for $10.30 and put them in the freezer. That just doesn't happen in Sandwich, IL.
On the way to the store we followed this guy through Ajo...

"Where", you may ask "is he going with that boat?" I may not have mentioned it , but the road that goes by our RV park goes to Mexico and the Mexican BAJA, Rocky Point. So we see lots of people pulling boats heading down that way. Rocky Point is right on the ocean and lots of people take their RV's down there and park on the ocean.  At least they USED to do that. I'm not sure how the safety factor would figure in now. I was pretty impressed by the 2 boat motors!!
 Last night was another beauty...Our back window faces the sunsets and our front faces the sunrises and the mountains. I took a photo last night out our back window after the sun had set...the picture doesn't do it justice....but you get the idea..

 ...I have yet to catch a sunRISE....we shall see.
As I sit here and do my blog I hear someone singing. They are testing their PA equipment by the campfire area. There is suppose to be music, hot dogs and who knows what else. I asked Den if he thought the New Year's Celebrants were ready for my "outfit" and he just laughed..I guess that means I have to keep my jeans and shirt on till we get back to our own little patio..This means we won't stay really long at the bonfire..I will need my sweats and jammies to get comfy. I will get some photos to post, though.
 Our weather today was sunny and 63. We skyped our kids and had a great visit...The webcam makes missing the kids a lot more bearable when I can see them too....It is 3PM here, which means it is 4PM in Illinois..we are on Mountain Time here, unfortunately our Satellite TV guide is NOT. I have to calculate in the hour difference. This next picture I took just a bit ago..It gives you an idea of our spot among campers...

...that would be our HitchHiker in the middle. We have really nice neighbors here and that is a really good thing! You may notice that there is a blue jug hanging from our Internet dish...That was Dennis making sure the wind didn't destroy our dish and send it into the top of a Saguaro cactus somewhere. The little tree on the right gives a little shade in the afternoon. I haven't done any sun sitting yet...the breeze is a little cool. After all, it IS still December!
 OK, that's enough for now. We are going to take our cocktails by the bonfire later and I will blog to let  you know how it all turns out. I wish you all a wonderful New Year, filled with good health..after all, that's the bottom line, right??? HAPPY NEW YEAR AND SEE  YA TOMORROW!!!!

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