Cave Dwellings: Foggy Day in the Hill Country
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, December 14, 2009

Foggy Day in the Hill Country

Laundry Day..Oh Yippee! We drove into Sattler and were there by 7:45AM..and out by 9:15AM...only one other person there, so we had most of it to ourselves.No this is NOT our camper all decked out for Xmas...

 .....My daughter, Terrie, asked me if any of the campers decorate much for Xmas...This is the RV just up the hill from us...I took the pic last evening. After dark it is really bright over there! These people are from Oklahoma and their 5th wheel is about 36 feet long with 4 ours really isn't all that big. I was impressed by the BIG plants she brought with them. I snuck another shot of their set up so you could see the plants..Notice there are 2 good sized hanging plants plus a couple on their picnic table bench.

....And here are my 3 plants I brought with us....pretty sad, eh???That would be, from left to right, basil, oregano and parsley..I planted them about 6 weeks ago at home..I put them outside today to get some sun, but it was foggy and cloudy all day..Now I'm worried about the deer eating them! Speaking of deer, they are thick down here....Here are two lying in the trees on our walk this morning..

  We took our walk after our laundry trip. There are a ton of deer hear wandering all over and people throw corn out to them, so they love people...On our walk we go by the Camp Hosts' motor home. They have been here every year since we have been coming here..They have a permanent spot that is totally full of plants and outside decor...This year I think they watered the grass JUST under the live oak tree next to their camper...Here is a pic...note how green it is just under the tree and brown grass everywhere else!

Many times on my posts I say that what we do is NOT is RVing..Now here is a picture of someone who is REALLY camping!!!!!  I took this shot this morning on our walk around the park...Ya gotta love anyone who does it this way!!...I wonder where his "surround sound" is?? Oh, yeah, he has NATURE as HIS surround sound...Holy crap, I'm getting too old for that kind of camping...Once I sat down in the tent I couldn't get up unless Den was there to help me up....which means I could be there a long time contemplating my fate!..
OK, it's time to think about supper...I have a chuck roast marinating in the fridge which Den will grill later, twice baked potatoes too, salad and asparagus. As I said, THIS is not camping...More later....

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