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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Home Improvement ...the RV way!

Well, I wasn't going to blog today, but it was such an interesting day I couldn't let it go by without a comment. You know, when you own an RV it is a second home. And when you drive this second home down the highways and byways, especially after letting it sit for 7 months, it needs some repairs along the way. Well, first of all, when Den was hooking up all of our computer equipment, he discovered he forgot the electric cord to hook up our printer. He has about 3 at home, so he refused to buy another one. He dug an old extension cord out and retrofitted one..The kids don't call him "McGyver for nothing.
I neglected to mention that we were also unable to get any of the local stations here when we put up our antenna...After saying a few choice words, Den realized that when everything went digital...our TV's in the camper DID NOT!(Yes, we have I said before, this is NOT camping). We forgot about those two...and we could have gotten the converter for free last spring...Alas, now they cost $59.99 at Radio Shack, as we soon found out. Yes, we got one.
One more little glitch...our bathroom faucet was leaking. The rough drives can loosen anything! Another problem for a now crabby McGuyver. He couldn't bring this one back to life, so we headed to Home Depot today for a new faucet. Did I mention that our temp did a swan dive last night from 51 degrees at 10PM to 34 degrees at 6AM this morning?...thank God for the down comforter. Anyway, we brought our new faucet home ( I refer to our camper as home now, which it is!), and Den took the old one off and proceeded to install our new one. This involves going outside and turning on and off water. I was left inside to make sure there were no leaks..I hate that job...I always end up in trouble!!
At any rate, Dennis turned on the water and as it was blowing water all over under our bathroom sink, I was screaming to shut it off!!!..Den's response I cannot type online..If you have ever seen the movie Christmas Story, with Darrin McGavin,as Ralphie's Dad, spewing expletives throughout the show, then you have a sense of where I was coming from. After a few towels well,let's say three large ones, and Dennis trying to fit his rather large body under the sink, he found the problem and our sink was saved.
I have to share a few photos I took this evening....It is 38 degrees, but the sunset was glorious enough for me to wander outside in my nightie, sweatpants and Crocks to take a picture( you have to have been there)... And here is my McGuyver after a long day of fixin'...he as become intimately involved with our HitchHiker...I am officially jealous..
If I sound like I'm complaining, believe me, I am not! This IS our second home, except no mowing, no snow shoveling..and it is good to remind us of what began this 40 year adventure called marriage...Dennis and Donna...and we love it!! Life is good...until next time...stay in touch!!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like quite a day. We're heading south tomorrow. I had surgery Dec. 1 but we are good to go now.
    We're really enjoying your blog!!

    Harald and Judy