Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, December 11, 2009


 Today is our last full day here...We watched the temp fall from 39 degrees at 9PM to about 34 this morning about 6AM. (We have one of those great little clocks that projects time and outside temp on our bedroom I said...not REALLY camping!) At least it was a tad warmer than last night. I turned on the TV in our bedroom a little after 6AM and realized we were watching TV on the antenna last night, lying horizontal in our bed. This means that if we want to watch satellite this morning lying horizontal,(of course, I do..I don't want to miss Imus in the Morning), one of us needs to do the "birthday suit run" into the other room and move the swith over from antenna to dish. I might add that the other room is not very warm yet..brrrrr...!! This is one of the only lousy jobs one of us must do if we want to switch from local channels to dish first thing in the AM in our bedroom ...and I just happen to sleep on the closest side of the bed to do it! And, because I am totally farsighted, I need my glasses to see the numbers...and I usually forget them and have to go back and get them...also, I usually forget that I need the satellite remote. This makes for a few frigid runs before I get the job done.
We watched TV until it started getting sunshine this morning, just clouds. After finally kicking Dennis out of bed about 7:15, we started the coffee pot, got dressed and took our walk.
The water had receded enough to be able to get across the previously flooded road to the campground we stayed at last April for Easter. I took a photo of our campsite..(remember you can double click on the photos and make them larger)

.As you can is entirely underwater except for the top of the pole where we hung our bird feeder. This is the highest we have ever seen this lake.
Here is a photo of one of the camp roads that is just starting to be crossable.

The flooded woods does have it's advantages, though. We startled a Blue Heron fishing in some of the flooded trees as we were rounding a curve in the road. I didn't get a picture. He startled us as much as we did him and he spread his big ol' wings and took off.

We usually take this abandoned old roadway through the pines when we walk. Here I am...reveling in the smell of the great pines. Note my much for global warming..THIS IS TEXAS, PEOPLE!!!

We drove into the little burg called Nash to get a few things from the WalMart and Den fueled up the GMC at a Valero for $2.74 a gallon..When we pull our rig it gets thirsty every 200 miles or so...We are going to Waco tomorrow for the night. It is about 450 miles to go all the way to Canyon Lake, and that is farther than we like to go in a day, pulling our house behind us. We will be in Canyon Lake, just 40 miles North of San Antonio, Sunday...probably by noon. Plans are to stay there until Christmas. The day after Christmas we hope to jump on I-10 and head West.... Arizona "here we come!"...I probably won't blog again until Sunday or Monday. Gotta have time to set up the internet dish!.....Stay warm and keep shovelin'....just kidding!

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