Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, December 18, 2009


Well, we finally got some great sun and warmer temps. We got up about 7:30AM....OK, I know...we are really lazy butts when we travel in our camper..It was a little foggy and 44 degrees, but by the time we had our coffee, the fog had lifted and we took our walk as the sun appeared. I shot this picture of the tall grass that sparkled like diamonds where the fog made heavy droplets of dew on each blade...pretty as a picture!

   When we got groceries last week I picked up some spareribs for .99 cents a pound, believe it or not. I actually prefer baby backs, but I figured I could trim off the skirt and junk and get down to the good ribs....and that's just what I did. So now I has some junky rib parts and chunks of pork skirt, which can be pretty tough. So, this morning I put the good slab of ribs in the freezer, (for future smoking on the grill), and threw the "junky" stuff in the crockpot with some cream of mushroom soup, white wine, an envelope of soup secret onion mushroom soup mix, garlic and onion powder....and turned it on low for the day. I think I will serve it over noodles. All I know is, it smells damn good in here!
 I decided to transplant my poor herbs to see if they might grow better. I had anticipated this project before we left so I put some good Illinois black dirt in a zip loc bag and brought it along. I remembered that most of Texas is red clay and rocks. After the surgical transplant I watered the poor babies and put them in the sunshine for the day...and I shall pray for them daily.  While I was working on the picnic table with my herbs, this buck came by to see what I was op!

   I couldn't resist dragging my chair out in the sun to do some reading. It was 63 degrees and the sun made the lake glisten and sparkle. I chose not to change into shorts...a little too breezy yet...and I didn't want to expose the neighbors to my white skin with road map veins... Here is what Canyon Lake looked like from my perch on the hill by our camper...

  Tomorrow is suppose to be just like today, with one exception...We could get freezing temps here tomorrow night.  The weather guy on KSAT TV says it is because of the high pressure system sitting over us here in the hill country, which makes for clear skies....hence mild days and COLD nights. I think it best to bring my little herb garden inside...I would hate to  have to have an herb burial ground here.
 About 2PM I went inside and dragged Dennis's butt outside. He had been working all day on our blogsite. He changed alot of stuff on it as far as layout, colors, etc. I did take a look at it and I think I really approve of his changes...Much spiffier. Let us know what you think.. At any rate, I felt he needed to "blow the stink off"...on a nice little bike ride. We couldn;t waste this gorgeous day! And since I am usually the one TAKING the pictures, I am rarely in any, so he caught me on my new bike...

   Our ride was great. We rode over to the "full timers" area. That is the campground area where you can stay up to 3 months, and it is just over the hill from us. The area we are in now only lets you stay a limit of 2 weeks. I really like where we are this year, though.  We are up in the trees and protected somewhat from the winds that can really hawk off the lake. Last year we stayed in the full time area for a month. It is right down on the lake, very pretty, but ALWAYS windy!
 Right now Den is outside getting his nightly campfire ready. The park people have been trimming the Cedar trees and you are allowed to gather wood at this park, so he went down and picked up some that they had stacked up along the road. I love the smell of the Cedar when it burns. We usually take our cocktails outside by the fire and set up the Xmas music on the CD player...very soothing....Tomorrow is "dump the tanks" day for Den..I refuse to get involved when he has to use the "honey wagon". For those of  you who don't know, the honey wagon is a blue plastic container on wheels that you dump all your tanks in and pull it behind your truck to the dump station...This usually takes about 3-4 trips...I don't mind pulling the levers when we dump with our camper, but handling this "stuff" twice is one too many times for my liking...
 OK, time for a the the Hill Country of Texas....Life is great! More later....
P.S.   Pray for my herbs....

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  1. Your herbs may not be welcome in AZ.
    Jim said they don't like anything brought in like that from other states.
    Might want to check on that.
    Lovin' the pics.
    Talked to R. Rogers yesterday, he is doing good, ornery as ever, so that tells ya he is feeling better.
    Stress test on Monday then therapy 3 times a week for a while.
    Jim & Barb