Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


 This has been a lazy day for us ...We did take our walk this morning, though...that allows us to eat and drink more later..The temp stayed right at 58 degrees all night long. About 3AM the wind came up out of the South and blew right in my open window, through my ears, through Den's ears and right out his window...whatever.
 There are some low clouds today and they are calling for some possible drizzle, but so far there is none here. We are just far enough North of San Antonio that their weather predictions are somewhat skewed from what we get up here in the hills. The wind is definitely a factor today up here, but it is warming up nicely.
 When we walk we take a few different routes, but always seem to end up crossing this little foot bridge on the North end of Canyon Lake.

  This bridge is made of some kind of metal and can be slippery if there is any we found out.  If you turn around from this point and take pictures back toward the lake here is what you see..

That structure to the right is the boat landing. There were a couple boats out this last weekend, but today is a day of "whitecaps" on the lake, so the smart thing to do is NOT go out fishing.Here is another view of the lake...note the homes on the hillside..They are prevalent all around this lake..

  I took a little bike ride this afternoon...or should I say a bike "walk"..Between the hilly terrain, the wind, and my less than perfect knee, I did a lot of pushing my bike along the way. There were some park workers trimming up some of the Cedar trees along the road..And when they do, they cut it up into nice little pieces and pile it along side the road for the taking...and Dennis has taken his share. The Cedar makes a great aroma in our campfire.
 Our spot here is one of the closer spots to the hillside where some of the nice homes are. Just across the field there is a lovely pasteur with a grazing horse. I zoomed in with my camera and took a few pictures of some of the homes we see on the hill from our camper..

  Tomorrow is yet another laundry day/grocery day all combined into one. We are trying to do both all in one trip so we don't have to venture into New Braunfels on Xmas Eve day...Maybe I'm wrong , but I have a feeling the stores will be full of last minute shoppers and that would make for a crabby Xmas Eve campfire at the "ol RV.
For lack of any better picture, since we didn't do anything very interesting today, here is yet one more shot of our home in the Hills...

.....and now it is shower time....followed by cocktail hour and a campfire..Ah, yes, we have a rough life.

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  1. Love your campsite. We have a small RV Park in San Antonio area ( and I'd love to implement the idea of that picnic table cover and small graveled area for a patio. That winf was crazy wasn't it? Have fun in Hill COuntry.