Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Last night it got down to 32 degrees. Actually it hit that low about 5AM this morning. We had a crystal clear evening out by the campfire with Xmas music, but it got a little chilly for me so I came inside by 7PM...Dennis followed shortly..(He is hardcore!)
 Yesterday afternoon we drove into Sattler, Texas. I had researched online to find a good pizza place and thought I had hit paydirt with a place called Canyon Lake Pizza...Hey, they even had a printable online coupon. I also thought I knew approximately where it was located, so I printed the menu, address and phone number, and the coupon, of course! We got to Sattler and looked for my little pizza "find" restaurant...OOPS! I saw no such thing at the address they had given. Not to be dissuaded, I got out my cell phone and called the number...Then came my worst nightmare.."The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected". DAMN! OK, so let's go find a beer and wine at the VFW.. I knowTHAT place is still here. And.. Here it is...

 As is usually the case, they were pretty crowded on Saturday afternoons...After all, this is the only "drinking" game in town...AND it was shuffleboard tournament day! We walked in amongst the cowboy hats, boots and jeans in our baseball caps and sneakers, not at all apprearing like what they call "Winter Texans". I forget when I am out of Illinois what a blessing it is to go into a joint and not have a blue haze of cigarette smoke...Well, Texas hasn't gotten to that law yet...probably never will..remember the Marlboro Man?? I rest my case.
 We had a great bartender, nice young man, who was running his butt off behind the bar..Did I mention this is a beer/wine bar..If you want a mixed drink,  they will provide the bring in the booze..(Lots of little flasks and paper sacks on the bar.) I also noticed that they had a little pizza oven, so we decided that this would also provide us with our pizza carry-out..a "one stop shop" , so to speak. And now the great part...our bill. I had 2 glasses of wine, Den had 4 draft beers (in frosty mugs!), we took home a cooked supreme pizza, Dennis left a generous $5.00 tip to the frazzled bartender aaaaannnnndddd our entire bill was,(drum roll please)...$17.00. It just doesn't get any cheaper than that...I take back my smoke complaint.
 Today is a beautiful day...We took our walk around the park about noon. I spotted this little...and I do mean TEENY boat someone brought with them...probably carried it inside..ha ha...You couldn't get me on that thing ...probably I wouldn't fit anyway..You certainly couldn't land any kind of fish but a minnow!! Here is the "mini" craft...

When we got back from our walk,Dennis drained his cooler to refill with ice and discovered an Amstel Light and a stray Coke at the bottom of a TOTALLY segregated Busch Lite cooler!!! HOW DID THOSE GET THERE??  Must have been a couple left overs from Thanksgiving. Here is through the cooler.

 We are keeping a close watch on the weather forcast next weekend around a town called Balmorhea, Texas..That is where we are headed next Saturday on the first day of our 3 day mecca to Arizona..Balmorhea is in what they call the "high plains" desert..By HIGH, I mean that the town is at an elevation of 6000 ft., which also means that rain quickly turns to ice and snow...Sure don't want to be stuck THERE for longer than overnight. Trouble is that there are not many spots to camp between here and El Paso in Western Texas that are what I would consider safe...and El Paso is out of the question....We check the weather for next Saturday at that town daily..
 OK, Den is outside basking in the sunshine...I need to go help him with his crossword puzzles..The man is a genius with sudoku, but I win with crosswords!! More later

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