Cave Dwellings: Waiting For the “Martin family” To Rent a Condo..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, May 2, 2011

Waiting For the “Martin family” To Rent a Condo..

  McGuyver has been patiently awaiting some Purple Martins to fly over our yard, signaling that it was time to put up our brand new Martin house…  We have been reading about them online (Judy would be proud), and they say that “scouts” are seen in the neighborhood first..(Those birds  must be watching  waaaay too many old Westerns in their nests)..At any rate, we got tired of waiting, so Den and our good neighbor, John, got after it…





This sucker weighs 50 lbs, and I just KNEW that not only was I not strong enough, but I wasn’t tall enough to be of any help at all!!! It is pretty neat, eh??  The Martins have all these rules about their homes…They cannot be very near any trees, they have to be within a certain height…Next thing you know they will want us to repaint and carpet!! That’s when we will raise their rent!…Funny thing though..Just after the house went up, we spotted some Martins zooming around overhead…checking out the neighborhood..I hope they decide to move in or we will end up with those darn Starlings…and there goes the neighborhood!

Sunday we went to a musical at Taylor’s school..The Wizard of Oz…This was put on by 6th, 7th and 8th graders…and they did a great job…It was as good as any high school performance I’ve ever seen…


The main characters were the older kids, and they had fabulous voices…very impressing.



Taylor had a small role of one of the Munchkin Barristers…and she did great…She is a “little bitty mutt” and looks much younger than her 12 years… We never had plays when I was in middle school (called Jr. High School back then), and even in High School our sets were not very elaborate..That was back when your tickets to get in were carved on rock tabletsSarcastic smile.

  More good news about the birds..We had our first Hummer today. He was too fast for me to get a picture, but it was a Ruby Throated one….I was busy today and I  got all the flowers weeded, cut some of my home grown asparagus for dinner, and cleaned out a closet…Boy, it doesn’t take much to get me excited…a few well placed birds, a new birdhouse, fresh veggies and a clean closet….That’s just how I roll….And just about now, it is cocktail hour….

Oh, and there is more news about my foot, but I will save that for another “excitement filled” blog!!!


  1. The Martin Condo is beautiful. That'll be one family of birds that will be the envy of the 'hood.

  2. Dennis did a great job building the 'Martins' a new house!!..pretty nice!! you just have to wait and see if they decide if it is 'worthy'!

  3. Sure hope you get some martins to move in...but I would have put that house up a month ago...sorry :( On the brighter side, it seems spring has taken a while to get to you, so perhaps you'll be lucky!

    Guess I could of had the part of the bad witch of the North! :)

  4. If the Martin's don't want that house, then to heck with them. Let 'em fly around homeless for the rest of the summer. What do they expect a patio and a pool too?

  5. Now that is a nice condo for the Martins...

  6. Just like our bird motel, Taylor is getting to be quite the actress, can't wait to see her on the silver screen. Let us know if you are going to be in town around the 17th of June, Donna & I would like to stop for a visit with you guys, we also want to see our cousins up in Naperville which is up the road from you and then will be going up the Wisconsin to visit Karen & Steveio, that's the vacation plans so far. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.