Cave Dwellings: Summer is Here…and..Having Lunch with Friends….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer is Here…and..Having Lunch with Friends….

  Well, it is actually 83 degrees here today as I sit and type this short blog…Supposedly we are in for a couple days of rain, but the temps will stay very Florida-like….All of the plants here are loving this weather as much as we do…


Things are popping out all over…


My Japanese Maple survived the Illinois winter and is thriving…on the right is something called a Wild Lime Coleus….(That sounds more like a drink  with an umbrella in it that you could get on the beach somewhere)…

We finally got our tomato plants in…also some jalapenos and green bell peppers…..


Amtrak comes by so frequently now…hmmm…Maybe I can get them to stop  by and water the garden for me .




Well, so much for attracting the Martins…I can see by that big ‘ol stick hanging out of one of the holes, that the Starlings have moved into our condo…I should have required a security deposit…those birds can really leave a mess!!





Thursday afternoon I had lunch with a couple good friends, Berit and Virginia.  I worked with Virginia at an Optometric office in Sandwich..and Berit was the Gucci frame representative who came in every so often to sell some great Gucci eyeglass frames to the practice..We became good friends, and always went out for lunch when Berit came down from her home in Palatine, IL. Now that we are all “retired”, Virginia and I meet Berit halfway between Sandwich and Palatine and do lunch a couple times a year…The Claddagh Pub is the perfect spot for good friends to share good food..The fish and chips is to die for…


Berit is gonna kill me for catching her “primping” in her mirror…and that’s Virginia on the right… We always manage to have lots of laughs when we get together…

On the way back to Sandwich, “Ginny” and I stopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods….and as you can see, we have gone right from Chicago Blackhawks frenzy into Chicago Bulls hype…

100_9986 100_9987

Tomorrow night is “date night”, and I’m having trouble finding any sexy outfits that will go with my orthopedic black Crocs…Oh well, if ya happen to look at my feet as I come in the door, maybe I can pass it off as a bad wardrobe choice… or maybe I can say Den picked out my shoes…At any rate, I’ll be glad to get this foot fixed so I can get some cool looking sparkly boots like my granddaughter!!! See ya in a couple!


  1. Last week, Friday, I was on one of those Amtrak trains going past your house.

  2. Ya shoulda had them stop...Just tell them to let you off at the Wicked Witch of Center Street's house...They'll know where.:-))))

  3. You always manage to have a great time at whatever you are doing. I admire that!!

  4. Don't how you do it but you got a shot of another rare bird, that Amtrak diesel you shot is one of 5 B40-8wh models before they went to the Ge Genesis models, California paid for 2 and repo"ed them so you have one of only three in Amtraks collections.Gonna have to take you train shooting with me someday. Oh yeah your flowers are nice too. Be safe out there Sam & Donna.

  5. I'm jealous about the tomato plants! :)

  6. Your yard is sure looking nice and that little garden looks great!

    Looks like a nice place for lunch!

  7. The garden looks great! I forget what the "real" color of soil should be having grown up in Florida....white and sandy and then moving to clay!! You all will enjoy the products from the garden this summer!
    Glad you had a great time with your friends!! Nothing like good friends!!

  8. happy date night!..hope you found some good foot attire!!!